Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1601

This man’s words immediately led to a commotion all around.

The eyes of those people at the scene immediately changed as they looked at He Qianxue.

The women looked at him with contempt, while the men looked at him with mockery and a bit of salivation, as if He Qianxue was really a bad woman who could be used as a husband.

The prince was standing not far away, his face couldn’t help but be chilly, he was just about to speak up, but was stopped by Huo Hua.

“Don’t be in a hurry, just wait and see what happens!”

The prince also stopped speaking, he knew that Huo Hua must have a plan in mind.

He Qianxue’s face was swollen red and she was so angry that her body was shivering.

“Don’t you make up nonsense!”

“I’m not used to seeing Wan Chun Tang steal Xu Pharmaceutical’s secret recipe and still shyly hold a launch here, so …… that’s why I’m here to demand an explanation for Xu Pharmaceutical.”

He Qianxue said sharply.

The man beside Yuan De sneered, “What are you, what qualifications do you have to ask for an explanation for Xu Pharmaceutical?”

“Do you really think that because you have an unclear relationship with Lin Mo, you are qualified to represent Xu Pharmaceutical?”

“I’m telling you, Xu Pharmaceutical is always owned by Xu Hanxia.”

“At best, you’re just a shameless mistress, you’re not qualified to speak at all!”

The crowd around them all followed suit.

“Oh, are all girls nowadays so shameless?”

“Being a mistress, you really think of yourself as a first wife? Does she want to be in charge of other people’s family affairs?”

“Heh, this kind of woman has been reduced to being a mistress, what else is there that she can’t do?”

“I can’t believe it, she’s quite pretty, but how can she be so bottomless?”

“This kind of woman is just a b*tch, she likes people’s money.”

“Are you serious? If she’s so pretty, I’ll give her some money later?”

The more the crowd spoke, the harder it was to hear, and He Qianxue was so angry that she was on the verge of tears.

Lin Mo frowned tightly and was about to stand up and say something.

At this moment, Qian Yongan spoke up, “You are He Qianxue, the granddaughter of He Jinyan of Guangyang City, right?”

“I remember you, when your grandfather brought you to Su Province, he even paid me a special visit.”

“Ai, what a naive little girl at that time, how did she fall to this state now, it’s really lamentable!”

“However, even if you are He Jinyan’s granddaughter, you still have to speak with a bit of discretion, right?”

“Today is the launch of our Wanchun Hall, you came up here and directly said that our Wanchun Hall stole Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s secret formula, this is simply a slander against our Wanchun Hall!”

“I made it very clear before, for those who slander my Wanchun Hall, we will definitely pursue his legal responsibility!”

When he said the last sentence, Qian Yongan’s voice turned cold, as if he was truly enraged.

The crowd around followed suit once again, “Right, she should be held legally responsible!”

“What’s wrong with He Jinyan’s granddaughter? Can she just talk nonsense?”

“Young people, they don’t know how high and mighty they are. Relying on their fathers’ reputations, they’re acting recklessly outside, simply ridiculous!”

“Hmph, what is He Jinyan now? He only has a reputation in Guangyang City. Who knows him when he leaves Guangyang City?”

“How dare you slander Divine Doctor Qian, you should make her grandfather come and kneel and kowtow!”

The crowd was in an uproar, and at this moment, people from the top ten families in Su Province even directly gathered around.

One of the men looked coldly at He Qianxue and said in a deep voice, “Miss He, we respect your grandfather, He Jinyan, and that’s why we let you into the launch site.”

“But your repeated disruptions and slandering of our Wanchun Hall is something we absolutely cannot tolerate!”

“We have already called the police, please also leave the venue and wait for the police to deal with you, don’t affect the normal conduct of our launch!”

He Qianxue’s face swelled red as she exclaimed, “I am not slandering!”

“What I said is true, you guys …… What gives you the right to let me out?”