Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1602

A cold smile wiped across the corners of the man’s mouth, “The police will naturally make a judgment on whether there is slander or not.”

“Miss He, you are not a child anymore. In the future, if you want to make up rumours about others, you should at least show some evidence, right?”

With that, the man waved his hand and shouted, “Ask them to go out!”

The man was followed by people from the ten clans, who had long been watching He Qianxue and the others intently.

Hearing the man’s angry shout, these people immediately rushed up, ready to drive He Qianxue and the girls out.

One of them, a lecherous-looking man, reached out to grab He Qianyue’s white wrist.

He Qianyue was so frightened that she immediately took a step back.

The man, on the other hand, took a step forward and tried to rub himself against He Qianyue’s towering bręąsts.

He Qianxue had never been bullied like this before, so she was so angry that her face turned red and she raised her hand and slapped the man across the face.

This slap made everyone around her freeze.

The man’s face changed and he said angrily, “b*tch, how dare you hit someone?”

The others were also furious, and one shouted, “How dare you even hit someone from my ten clans, you are simply looking for death!”

“Drag them to the back, this matter today, their blood must be used to wash away the shame of my Ten Great Families!”

“Take them away! Take them away!”

The crowd cajoled and shouted, before they were just pushing and shoving, but now they simply rushed straight up and pushed all those people around He Qianxue to the ground.

He Qianxue also had a few bodyguards with her, but her bodyguards were no match for the strong men of the Ten Families.

In just one glance, all of He Qianyue’s bodyguards were knocked down.

The man from before had a fierce look on his face as he rushed towards He Qianyue.

He had already made up his mind that he would drag He Qianxue behind him later and have a good time.

He Qianxue did not expect things to develop into this scene, and she was so frightened that she was at a loss for words.

She was about to be grabbed when a hand reached over and directly clasped the wrist of the man from before.

With a casual twist, the man’s wrist was directly dislocated and the man let out a miserable scream, clutching his wrist and wailing desperately.

When the people around saw this, they turned their heads to look.

He Qianxue turned her head and saw a man wearing a duck-tongue cap standing beside her.

She first froze, then her face changed and she said in surprise, “Lin …… Lin ……”

The one who stepped forward was none other than Lin Mo.

He smiled faintly and blocked He Qianxue behind himself.

Although He Qianxue’s appearance had disrupted his original plan.

However, Lin Mo was still grateful to He Qianxue in his heart.

It wasn’t easy for this girl to risk so much and just run here to get an explanation for herself!

Those from the ten clans around them were however annoyed, and the leader was a middle-aged man.

His face was gloomy as he stared deadly at Lin Mo: “Who is your Excellency?”

“How dare you do this to the people of my Ten Great Families, could it be that you want to be an enemy of my Ten Great Families?”

This middle-aged man was also sinister enough to come up with a big hat, dragging all of the Ten Great Families into it, trying to scare Lin Mo.

That man also covered his wrist and screamed loudly, “Ninth Brother, Ninth Brother, avenge me!”

“How dare he injure me, this …… is not putting our Ten Great Families in the eye!”

“He’s not beating me, he’s clearly beating our entire Ten Great Families, you mustn’t let him go anymore ……”

The people from the ten great clans around were all filled with righteous indignation, staring at Lin Mo with rage.

Looking at that stance, as long as this Ninth Brother gave the order, the people of the Ten Great Families would strike together and surround Lin Mo.

However, Lin Mo was not the least bit frightened.

He glanced at the middle-aged man, “Are you sure, that person just now, can represent the Ten Great Families?”