Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1606

Looking at the image on the screen, He Qianxue’s hands that were gripping Lin Mo’s arm could not help but exert themselves.

Lin Mo glanced at He Qianxue and noticed that beads of sweat had actually appeared on her white jade-like forehead.

Her expression was tense to the extreme, her eyes staring straight at the screen, and her mouth was chanting something, as if she was praying.

At this moment, Lin Mo’s heart was warm to the core.

This matter had nothing to do with He Qianyue, but she was much more nervous than Lin Mo.

Lin Mo knew that He Qianyue was nervous for him and worried for him.

This girl really thought of Lin Mo as the most important person in his life!

It was a pity that Lin Mo already had someone he loved.

This love of hers was destined to be unacceptable to Lin Mo.

Ten minutes later, the simulation on the screen came to an end.

As Qian Yong’an had said, everything was perfect and successfully completed.

A deafening applause rang out from the floor, especially from those agents who were simply thrilled to the core.

The effect of the Regeneration Pill was perfect, and it was indeed able to kill cancer cells, which was a life-saving miracle drug for cancer patients.

Being able to represent this drug, next, they could all make a fortune!

Therefore, the mood of the crowd was much more joyful than even those from the Ten Great Families.

Of course, while some people were happy, there were naturally some who were sad.

He Qianxue was full of disappointment, and her grip on Lin Mo’s hand was unconsciously loosened as she lowered her head and her eyes were a little red.

Lin Mo saw this look on her face and said softly, “What’s wrong?”

He Qianxue first shook her head, and then said with a sobbing voice: “Lin Mo, this …… is your heart and soul, how can you let them snatch it away?”

When she said this, He Qianxue’s voice was trembling, as if it was her own most important thing that had been snatched away.

Lin Mo felt in his heart, He Qianxue really loved him to the core!

He smiled at He Qianxue and said softly, “Silly girl, for this little matter, is it necessary to cry?”

“Don’t worry, what belongs to me, no one can snatch it away!”

He Qianxue froze for a moment and looked at Lin Mo blankly, “You …… have another method?”

Lin Mo smiled lightly, “As I said, Wan Chun Tang’s rejuvenation pills, and our Xu Pharmaceutical’s rejuvenation pills, are not the same thing!”

“Since we are not making the same kind of medicine, then how can they snatch my stuff?”

He Qianxue was even more confused, and really couldn’t understand what Lin Mo meant by this.

Right in the middle of the cheering scene, Yuan De walked up to Lin Mo with a smug face and said smilingly, “Mr. Lin, I really didn’t expect that you would also come to this launch today.”

“How about it, what do you think of Wan Chun Tang’s rejuvenation pills, and your Xu Pharmaceutical’s rejuvenation pills, how do they compare?”

These words, seemingly greeting Lin Mo, were actually murderous and heartbreaking.

Yuan De knew best that Wan Chun Tang’s Recycle Pills were stolen from Xu’s Pharmaceuticals.

And by saying this now, he was clearly giving Lin Mo a hard time!

This Yuan De, too, saw that the situation was already settled, so he came to Lin Mo to say these few words and mock Lin Mo.

Those other agents around also gathered around, all of them with mocking expressions on their faces.

“General Manager Lin, how do you feel in your heart when you see someone else’s product is so excellent? Will you be angry?”

“Cough, you’re wrong to say that. Mr. Lin came to this launch with an attitude of learning, how could he be angry?”

“Oops, sorry, I made a mistake. Nowadays, there are not many young people who are as open-minded and good at learning as Mr. Lin.”

The crowd roared with laughter, as if they had finally trampled Lin Mo under their feet.

He Qianxue was shivering with anger and said angrily, “You few, don’t go too far in your actions!”

Yuan De smiled lightly, “What did we do that was too much?”

“Mr. Lin, your R&D capabilities are inferior to others, are you still not allowing others to speak?”