Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1607

He Qianxue was furious: “You …… are saying who is inferior to others?”

An agent bristled, “Is it wrong to say that?”

“Xu’s Pharmaceutical previously claimed that Wan Chun Tang stole their secret formula, but now what?”

“Other people’s Wanchun Hall has already released the drug, and Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s rejuvenation pills, haven’t even been produced yet.”

“This gap, how can you compare yourselves to Man Wan Chun Tang?”

He Qianxue was at a loss for words, not knowing how to retort for a moment.

Yuan De looked at Lin Mo with a smile, “General Lin, you didn’t say a word, are you resigned to it?”

Lin Mo gave Yuan De a deep look and said softly, “Yuan De, you were the first person to go to Xu Pharmaceutical and place an order, and you were also considered the first person to help me.”

“In fact, in my heart, even if you chose to cancel your contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, I still have a debt of gratitude towards you.”

“It’s just a pity that you don’t have much of a befriending interest in me.”

“Since that’s the case, then you can’t blame Lin for being ungracious to you!”

Yuan De’s face changed slightly as he stared at Lin Mo for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Lin, why are you still angry?”

“What do you mean by being ungracious to me?”

“This is the launch of Wanchun Hall, even if I break the contract with you Xu Pharmaceutical, it’s just that the deal didn’t work out, you wouldn’t lay hands on me and kill me because you’re so powerful, would you?”

It had to be said that this Yuan De was really an old fox.

With a single word, not only did he pull in the top ten families in Su Province, he even directly mocked Lin Mo for not having the decency to deal with him over the contract.

Lin Mo smiled faintly, “How would I kill you?”

“I just want to say to you that from now on, I, Xu Pharmaceutical, will never seek you out as an agent again!”

Hearing this, a cold smile wiped across the corner of Yuan De’s mouth.

Those agents around him even laughed wildly.

“General Manager Lin, are you still living in a dream?”

“You haven’t even developed Xu Pharmaceutical’s reconstructive pills, so why are you asking us to be your agents?”

“And you’re scaring us? Do you really think we’re afraid of you?”

“Now it’s not that you won’t let us be your agents, it’s that you want to beg us to be your agents, and we won’t agree!”

The crowd laughed loudly and mocked Lin Mo unscrupulously.

He Qianxue stood by the side, shivering with anger, yet she couldn’t say a word.

Although the He family was strong, these agents, however, were not simple either, and were completely unafraid of her He family.

At that moment, a man walked in at the door, and it was Wan Chongshan.

When they saw Wan Chongshan, these agents laughed.

One agent walked directly in front of Wan Chongshan and laughed wildly, “Chief Wan, you’re just now coming?”

“Wan Chun Tang’s launch has been a complete success, this rejuvenation pill, it’s ready to be fully launched into the market.”

“You’re so late, how else can you sign up as an agent with Wan Chun Tang?”

Another agent immediately said, “Hey, how can you talk like that? Aren’t you rubbing salt into Mr. Wan’s wounds?”

“You know that if Mr. Wan hasn’t cancelled his contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, he can’t sign a contract with Wanchun Tang.”

“Even if Mr. Wan had come earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to sign the contract!”

The agent from before was immediately full of apologies, “Oops, really? I’m really sorry.”

“Mr. Wan, it’s my fault, my mouth was incoherent, you mustn’t be angry!”

“Oh, speaking of which, why do you have to be so angry, Mr. Wan?”

“We agreed to break the contract with Xu Pharmaceuticals together, but you turned back halfway.”

“Now, even if we wanted to put in a good word for you, we can’t do anything at all!”

All the people around also laughed, and the faces of those looking at Wan Chong Shan were also filled with mockery.

At this moment, Lin Mo finally spoke, “I do think that it is the right decision for Mr. Wan to cooperate with me, Xu Pharmaceutical!”

“Only you short-sighted trash would choose to represent this useless waste of medicine!”