Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1608

When Lin Mo said this, all those agents around them froze.

The crowd looked straight at Lin Mo, their faces full of disbelief.

You know, Wan Chun Tang’s launch had been so successful.

Everyone was celebrating the success of Wanchun Tang’s Re-Creation Pill, which, after all, was something that would benefit the whole world.

The Re-Creation Pill, that is really a gospel for cancer patients, there will be countless people who will be cured by this drug.

Qian Yong’an’s development of this drug will also be immortalised in the history books and become a master figure respected by everyone in the world!

However, under such circumstances, Lin Mo had outright said that Qian Yong’an’s reconstructive pills were useless and useless, was this not going against everyone?

Especially since Xu Pharmaceutical and Wanchun Hall were in competition, Lin Mo’s statement would be taken as a slander of his rival, which would only make everyone think that he was a sore loser and was jealous of Wanchun Hall’s success!

Therefore, a moment later, all these agents burst into laughter, as if they had caught a clown, and began to mock Lin Mo in unison.

“Aiyo, Mr. Lin, look at your sour grapes. What, you can’t sit still when you see that other people’s Wanchun Tang’s R&D capabilities are better than yours?”

“When you do something, but anyone who can’t see the good in others is usually a narrow-minded person. Such people will never achieve great things in their lives!”

“Mr. Lin, you are an adult, you have to be responsible for talking nonsense, oh, hahaha ……”

The crowd roared with laughter, and everyone else pointed at Lin Mo and laughed loudly.

On the stage, the corner of Qian Yongan’s mouth wiped over a cold smile.

He knew that as long as he made this launch a complete success, it would be meaningless for Lin Mo to say anything else.

Even if he didn’t retort, these people on the scene would help him accuse Lin Mo, and this was the result of success!

Because, the interests of many people at the scene, were tied to him.

Even if there were some people, who were not agents. However, seeing Qian Yong’an develop such a miracle drug, the crowd would only be filled with admiration for him.

At this time, if someone came out to denigrate Qian Yong’an, they would only be asking for trouble!

From afar, the crown prince could not help but be filled with anger when he saw this scene.

“f*ck these b*****ds, how dare they speak like this!”

“I can’t spare them!”

The crown prince cursed and was just about to speak up when a person suddenly ran in from the doorway.

This person ran straight over and whispered a few words into Fire Hua’s ear.

Huo Hua’s face suddenly changed as he fiercely clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, “Yun Shao, don’t make any rash moves!”

“I have something important to do, I must go out.”

“Whatever the matter is, wait until I return!”

With those words, without waiting for the Crown Prince to speak, Huo Hua ran straight out of the hall.

The crown prince froze in place, as Huo Hua ran away at this time, and told him not to act rashly, he didn’t know what to do for a while.

On the stage, when Wan Zifeng saw Huo Hua leave, a cold smile immediately wiped across the corner of his mouth.

Without Huo Hua to back him up, the Crown Prince would have little say here.

And he, too, would be able to properly cleanse himself of his earlier shame!

He gave a wink to Qian Liangwen, who was standing behind him, signalling him to act first.

Qian Liangwen had just been ruthlessly beaten up by the Crown Prince and had long held his anger.

And after he saw Lin Mo, he also recognised that this was the same person who had helped Chen Baiyu to injure him before, which made him even more furious.

With his old hatred and new hatred combined, plus the fact that Huo Hua had run away and he had Wan Zifeng to back him up, he of course stood out immediately.

Qian Liangwen stood on the stage and sneered, “Where did the wild dog come from to bark at our Wan Chun Tang’s launch?”

“What, do people come out to walk their dogs without leashes nowadays?”

“Is it you who has no quality, or is it your owner who has no quality?”