Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1609

When Qian Liangwen said this, the whole room burst into laughter.

Everyone looked at Lin Mo in mockery.

With these words, Qian Liangwen was clearly insulting Lin Mo as a dog!

The prince could not hold back any longer and said angrily, “Qian Liangwen, do you f*cking deserve a beating?”

“I didn’t hit you just now, so I’m giving you face?”

“You dare to talk to my brother like that, are you looking for death?”

Qian Liangwen looked at the prince, who was still a little frightened.

Just then, Wan Zifeng stood out and said in a cold voice, “I’ve long heard that the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, acts in a domineering manner, today I see that his name is really true.”

“Just allowing your brother to insult Wan Chun Hall, but not allowing others to retort, what kind of reasoning is that?”

“Crown Prince, do you really think that with your uncle Huo Hua backing you up, you can be lawless?”

“I tell you, today, with me, Wan Zifeng, here, you will not be able to do anything arbitrary!”

With that, Wan Zifeng waved his hand and shouted, “Someone, keep an eye on him for me.”

“If this son of a b*tch dares to say another word of nonsense, I’ll knock his teeth out!”

“Hmph, Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, I’ll make you a waste of Hai Cheng!”

As the words fell, two old men beside Wan Zifeng immediately walked down and looked straight at the Crown Prince.

These two men, the consecrated experts of the Wan Family, were both quite strong.

If Huo Hua were here, he would naturally not fear them.

However, the Crown Prince was far from being a match for these people.

The crown prince was so angry that his face turned blue, and he angrily said, “Wan Zifeng, if you dare to touch me, my uncle will definitely not spare you!”

Wan Zifeng sneered and waved his hand directly, “Fight!”

One of the old men, with his backhand, threw a slap at the prince’s face.

The prince hurriedly dodged, and several bodyguards around him quickly rushed up to help him block it.

But the old man was really strong, and within a few rounds, these few bodyguards were knocked down by the old man.

Before the prince could run a few steps away, he was grabbed by the old man’s collar and carried back.

The old man swung his arm and slapped the prince in the face.

The prince could not avoid it and saw that it was about to hit him in the face.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the side and clasped the old man’s wrist.

The person who struck was none other than Lin Mo!

The old man immediately used his grappling hand and instantly exchanged a few moves with Lin Mo, but was unable to break free.

Lin Mo pulled the prince away, and then, with a snap of his wrist, he forced the old man back two steps.

The old man’s face was chilled and he could not help but look deeply at Lin Mo, his face filled with shock.

The strength that Lin Mo had displayed was far above his, which shocked him.

He had to know that Lin Mo was only a young man who was not known to the public.

To have such strength at such an age was really difficult!

Seeing his clan’s consecrated expert being forced back, a hint of shock flashed across Wan Zifeng’s face as well, but it quickly turned into a grimace.

He already regarded Lin Mo as his enemy, and the stronger his enemy was, the more unhappy he was in his heart.

Looking down at Lin Mo, Wan Zifeng had already made up his mind to look for an opportunity to settle Lin Mo once and for all.

Otherwise, if he allowed such a person to grow up, he would definitely become a big problem in his heart in the future!

This Wan Zifeng, who had always been narrow-minded, was even more so when it came to matters like this.

But whenever he met a young man with some talent, he would try to ruin him by any means possible, so that he could not rise to the top and threaten himself.

Lin Mo didn’t pay any attention to Wan Zifeng’s expression, and after he had saved the Crown Prince, he directly said aloud, “Mr. Wan, I know that you were not convinced in your heart when you were defeated by Senior Huo Hua just now.”

“But, as a senior expert, if you really have the ability, go and seek revenge on Senior Huo Hua.”

“Inviting a family-supporting expert to bully a junior, aren’t you afraid of losing the face of the Wan Family?”

Wan Zifeng’s face changed and he said angrily, “What did you say, surnamed Lin? Say it again if you have the guts!”