Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1612

The data shown on the screen is the survival data of normal cells after the cancer cells have been killed.

These data, which are also available at Wan Chun Tang, have been published before.

The main effect of the Regeneration Pill is to kill the cancer cells.

But because of the medicinal properties, it will kill normal cells along with it.

After all the cancer cells have been killed by Wanchun Tang’s Re-Creation Pill, all the normal cells in the vicinity will be killed as well.

The survival rate of normal cells is less than 30 per cent.

The survival rate of normal cells in Xu Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pill is now over 95%!

This figure was terrifying.

If one were to follow Wan Chun Tang’s figures, after their reconstructive pills had cured the patient’s cancer, the patient’s body would have suffered a lot of damage, after all, a lot of normal cells would have been lost.

It can be said that even if Wan Chun Tang’s reconstructive pills cure the patient, they will still leave some after-effects, and they are the kind of after-effects that come with permanence.

Therefore, Wan Chun Tang’s reconstructive pills only preserve the patient’s life and are not considered a cure.

However, Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Reclaim Pill, that is the real cure for cancer.

By killing the cancer cells but not affecting the normal cells, the patient’s body would not be damaged and would not have any after-effects, allowing the patient to return to normal completely.

When the rats helped Lin Mo bring in the experimental data from Wan Chun Tang before, he had discovered this problem.

The reason for this problem was that the secret formula obtained by Wan Chun Tang was not complete.

Several of the key steps were still in Lin Mo’s hands.

And the absence of these steps would lead to a heavenly difference in the medicine that was created. And this difference is fatal!

The others did not know the secret of this, however, seeing this, everyone was also stunned.

Wan Chun Tang’s rejuvenation pill, which was able to save the lives of patients, was already enough to shock everyone, and it was definitely a great invention that could shock the world.

But now, Xu Pharmaceutical’s Reconstructive Pill, instead of just preserving life, could also restore the patient to normal.

This invention was far beyond Wan Chun Tang’s Reconstructive Pill!

At this moment, the crowd finally understood what Lin Mo’s words really meant.

Compared to Xu Pharmaceutical’s Rejuvenation Pill, Wanchun Hall’s Rejuvenation Pill was really rubbish!

Imagine two kinds of medicine, both of which could cure diseases.

However, one medicine will leave irreversible after-effects, while the other has no after-effects whatsoever.

What would the patient choose?

They will definitely choose the second medicine!

Therefore, once Xu Pharmaceutical’s reconstructive pills came out, Wan Chun Tang’s reconstructive pills became obsolete!

The scene fell into a dead silence as Yuan De and the others were completely dumbfounded.

They were all experts in the field of medicine, and naturally they could see at a glance which was more valuable, Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pill or Wanchun Hall’s Recycle Pill.

With Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pill, then Wanchun Hall’s Recycle Pill is a waste, a piece of junk.

Whoever can represent Xu Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pills, will definitely gain huge profits!

And they were the agent of Xu Pharmaceutical in the first place, but as a result, they specifically went to break the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, and even had a falling out with Lin Mo, getting to this point.

Originally, they thought that by doing so, they would be able to please Qian Yong’an and get a bigger share of the agency rights from Wan Chun Tang.

Only now did they realise what an opportunity they had missed!

Originally, they had spent so little money to get so much agency rights from Xu Pharmaceutical, which was already a huge advantage.

As a result, just because of their lust for profit, they had come to this point with Xu Pharmaceutical.

The profits that were already in their hands have been tossed away by them.

These agents are now feeling remorseful.