Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1620

The moment Qian Yong’an said this, the whole room fell into a dead silence.

After a long time, He Qianxue laughed out first, “Divine Doctor Qian, you really have the face to say that!”

“Lin Mo’s formula was stolen from your Wanchun Hall?”

“Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to say that yourself?”

“Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s rejuvenation pills are tens of thousands of times stronger than your Wanchun Hall’s.”

“Who are you to say that Lin Mo’s formula was stolen from you guys, huh?”

“What? Is this out of the blue and better than the blue? Hahahaha, you’re so funny ……”

Everyone else followed suit and roared with laughter.

The people from the ten great families also looked at Qian Yongan indignantly, and even the people from the Qian family were frowning.

In their opinion, Qian Yongan was completely flustered.

How could such words be said?

Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Rejuvenation Pill was far stronger than Wan Chun Tang’s.

Even if someone stole the formula, others would only a*sume that Wan Chun Tang stole Xu’s formula, how could it be that Xu’s Pharmaceutical stole Wan Chun Tang’s formula?

It would be better to say such things than not to say them, it would only embarra*s people.

Duke Wan skimmed his lips and said in a low voice, “Stupid!”

Wan Zifeng also frowned, “This man is crazy?”

He was planning to give his full support to Qian Yong’an, but he couldn’t help Qian Yong’an when he spoke like this!

However, Qian Yong’an did not feel the slightest bit of shame.

With a solemn expression, he waited for the crowd’s laughter to fall before he said in a deep voice, “I know you won’t believe it!”

“In fact, if I hadn’t seen this data on Lin Mo today, I wouldn’t have wanted to bring this up.”

“However, this Lin surname is really bullying people too much, and I really can’t stand it anymore.”

“Today, I will make all the facts known to the public right here!”

When the crowd at the scene saw Qian Yong’an’s expression, they were all amazed, could there be any hidden truths in this?

Qian Yong’an cleared his throat and said aloud, “As you all know, as early as ten years ago, we, Wan Chun Hall, had already started the research and development of this rejuvenation pill.”

“However, everyone does not know that more than ten years ago, our Wanchun Hall’s Recreating Pill, had already made a breakthrough.”

“At that time, we were only one step away from success. The data from that time was also the most perfect version we had ever developed, the most perfect one.”

“However, just one night, our R&D centre was suddenly broken into and all the data, at that time, was stolen.”

“Not only that, several of our most important R&D staff at the time were also a*sa*sinated.”

“Such a tragic case caused the entire R&D work, to come to a direct halt and could not continue!”

The crowd at the scene were all shocked, they didn’t expect that there was such a thing before the Wan Chun Tang ah.

Yuan De hurriedly asked, “Then what happened afterwards?”

“Did you guys find out who actually stole the data?”

Qian Yongan sighed and shook his head, “We investigated for a long time, but never found any traces.”

“Seriously, over the years, we had also given up on pursuing this matter.”

“But, to my surprise, just today, I actually saw those familiar data again.”

Speaking here, Qian Yong’an looked directly at Lin Mo and said in a deep voice, “General Lin, I would like to ask.”

“Why are these data you provided so similar to the batch of R&D data that was first stolen from our Wanchun Hall?”

At these words, the whole room erupted.

The crowd burst into a cacophony.

This kind of R&D data, if it appeared similar, could only be plagiarism.

Could it be that it was Lin Mo who stole this batch of data in the first place?

The crowd looked towards Lin Mo, and Yuan De and the others were even more excited.

“In that case, back then, it was Lin Mo who stole this batch of data?”

“Divine Doctor Qian, in that case, you’re right!”

“Xu Pharmaceutical, it was the one who stole the formula from Wan Chun Tang!”

An agent yelled out loud.