Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623

Lin Mo waved his hand directly, “Wan Zifeng, save your breath.”

“There are so many people here, don’t lose what little face you have in the Wan family.”

“You don’t want to lose face, but the rest of the Wan family still wants it!”

Wan Zifeng was furious: “What did you …… say?”

“How have I lost the face of the Wan family?”

Lin Mo sneered, “What do you think?”

“After listening to Qian Yong’an’s one-sided words, he decided that I was a petty thief who stole the secret recipe.”

“Even, not even letting me say anything, what does that mean?”

“What kind of times are these, even if you catch someone in flagrante delicto, you must at least let the person concerned say a few words, right?”

“But you don’t even have any evidence, you listened to him make up a few random words, and you won’t even let me say anything in rebuttal?”

“Wan Zifeng, did you take money from Qian Yong’an or did you receive some kind of benefit from Qian Yong’an to speak for him like this?”

“Aren’t you disgracing the face of the Wan family by being so brutal and unreasonable?”

Wan Zifeng instantly stuttered and said indignantly, “When did I …… ever stop you from speaking?”

“I just think that the words spoken by a petty thief like you are also deceitful and meaningless!”

Lin Mo: “Whether there’s meaning or not, we won’t know until I finish.”

“You’re so sure I’ll lie now? It’s not too early, is it?”

Wan Zifeng was completely unable to refute, and could only look at Lin Mo indignantly, “Fine, then you say it!”

“I’d like to see who else you can fool!”

Lin Mo disdainfully skimmed his mouth, then looked at Qian Yong’an and said aloud, “Divine Doctor Qian, you’ve said so much.”

“I would like to ask you one question, do you have any evidence?”

Qian Yong’an said in a cold voice, “Haven’t I made it clear enough?”

“You destroyed all the data in the first place, and the research and development staff were also killed.”

“Where else do we have any evidence?”

Lin Mo laughed and suddenly turned his head to look at the Ten Families, “Qian Yong’an, have you noticed a situation.”

“When you talked about this matter, none of the people from the Ten Great Families of Su Province spoke up to help you.”

“The people from the ten major families seemed to be very bewildered and even, a bit flustered.”

“Could it be that the Ten Great Families, who are the shareholders behind Wanchun Hall, actually didn’t know about this incident back then?”

When this statement was made, the whole room was in an uproar.

Just as Lin Mo had said, after Qian Yong’an had told the story, no one from the Ten Great Families had said anything at all, which was too abnormal.

According to reason, the Ten Families were all victims of this incident, so they should have been more excited than the people there.

However, why were the people of the ten families indifferent?

Could it be that Qian Yong’an was lying about this matter, and that the Ten Families didn’t know about it at all?

On the stage, Wan Zifeng’s face had also changed.

Just now, he had supported Qian Yong’an in a high profile manner, and even scolded Lin Mo like that.

If it was proven that Qian Yong’an had lied, he would lose face!

The Ten Great Families were in a bit of confusion, as they looked at each other, their expressions all a bit confused.

At this moment, Zhao Tianyuan suddenly said, “Among the ten great families, not many people know about this matter.”

“Back then, that incident was too involved, so we didn’t dare to investigate, we didn’t dare to look deeper, and we didn’t dare to let the members of the Ten Great Families know about it.”

“So, at first, this matter, we announced to the public that it was just a failure of research and development.”

“And the only ones who really knew about this matter, among the Ten Great Families, were the heads of the Ten Great Families!”

“Everyone else, didn’t know about this matter at all!”

Qian Yongan breathed a sigh of relief, that lie he had just told was an impromptu fabrication.

If all the Ten Great Families said that they didn’t know about this matter, then they would be directly exposed.

Now that Zhao Tianyuan had spoken up, it was like the Ten Families were backing him up.

With the support of the Ten Families, his words would have more credibility.