Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626

“If a single hair of my family is missing, my family will not spare you!”

“If you dare to touch us, my Wan Family, will make you mother and son die a horrible death in the streets!”

The poisonous spider sneered, “Don’t worry, I won’t let a single hair out of your head!”

“When you catch them later, don’t kill them yet.”

“Clean all the hair on their bodies, then chop them into pieces and feed them to the dogs!”

The poisonous spider’s men shouted in unison, “Yes!”

The voice was so loud and aggressive that they completely surrounded the few members of the Wan family in the middle.

Wan Zifeng was completely dumbfounded.

He used to go out and rely on the name of the Wan Family to run rampant and no one dared to mess with him.

Unexpectedly, this time, in front of the poisonous spiders, the name of the Wan Family was not good enough to be used.

Those consecrated experts and bodyguards of the Wan Family were also pale, and several consecrated experts quickly rushed up to protect Duke Wan and Wan Zi behind them.

One of the consecrated experts said in a trembling voice, “Second Master, we’ll break the back here, you guys retreat first!”

Wan Zifeng opened his mouth, unable to utter a single word.

Duke Wan frowned tightly and said in a deep voice, “There’s no need to waste your strength!”

“How can we possibly run in such a situation?”

Wan Zihua said urgently, “Then what should we do?”

“Second Uncle, I see this poisonous spider, I’m afraid it will really kill!”

Wan Zifeng’s face was so pale that he could not utter a single word.

He usually could only rely on the name of the Wan Family to scare people, but now that the other side wasn’t afraid of his Wan Family at all, he could only wimp out!

Seeing that the melee between the two sides was about to begin, at that moment, a person suddenly ran out from the crowd and stopped in front of the poisonous spider.

Lin Mo fixed his eyes and saw that the person who came out was none other than Wan Chongshan.

With a humble face, Wan Chongshan arched his hand and said, “General Zhang, please calm your anger!”

“I am still somewhat related to the Wan family members.”

“Where the Wan family has offended, I am willing to say sorry to General Zhang, on their behalf.”

“I also hope that General Zhang will be lenient and spare them!”

Lin Mo couldn’t help but be surprised, Wan Chong Shan, actually knew the Poison Spider?

However, from this matter, it could also be seen that this Wan Chongshan, I’m afraid, had some real relationship with the Wan family.

Wan Chongshan’s own surname was Wan, so could it be that he was also from the Wan family?

The poisonous spider and Wan Chongshan should be old acquaintances, she gave Wan Chongshan a glance, “So it’s Little Wan!”

“Since you interceded for them, then I can spare them from death.”

“However, Wan Zifeng insulted my son in public, so he must apologise to my son!”

Wan Chongshan looked embarra*sed, “Mr. Zhang, this ……”

The poisonous spider waved his hand directly, “Shut up!”

“I can spare the Wan family’s people, it’s considered giving you face.”

“If you stop it again, you are making an enemy of me!”

Wan Chongshan was suddenly helpless and looked towards Wan Zifeng.

Wan Zifeng’s face was cold as he said in a deep voice, “Want me to apologise? Dream on!”

The poisonous spider sneered, “If you don’t apologise, then die!”


With a command from the poisonous spider, those men in black once again surrounded Wan Zifeng in an aggressive manner.

The Wan family members, were gradually surrounded into a ball.

Wan Zi Feng, Wan Zi Zi and the others, were separated by these black-clothed men and blocked from the crowd.

In the end, it was just those consecrated experts who were left to protect Wan Zifeng in the middle.

However, under the siege of these hundreds of people, these consecrated experts of the Wan Family looked extraordinarily weak.

Wan Zifeng’s face was pale, but he still shouted sternly, “Poison Spider, I warn you. If you dare to touch a single hair on my head, my Wan Family will never ……”

The poisonous spider didn’t even wait for him to finish his sentence and waved his hand directly, “Kill!”

Those men in black got Poison Spider’s order and immediately roared and rushed up, battling with those consecrated experts of the Wan Family.