Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631

At Qian Yong’an’s proposal, the heads of the ten great families nodded in agreement.

The Ten Families of Suzhou Province had been coveting Wu Zhai for a long time.

If they could swallow Wu Zhai, the ten families would definitely be able to share a lot of benefits!

At this moment, at the launch site, the surrounding crowd was also constantly talking about this medical competition.

The attitude of the crowd was almost overwhelmingly in favour of Qian Yong’an, thinking that Lin Mo was no match for Qian Yong’an.

This was especially true of Yuan De’s group, who were particularly vilifying Lin Mo.

One agent said in a graphic voice to the people next to him, “I was an agent of Xu Pharmaceutical before, do you know why I broke my contract with Xu Pharmaceutical?”

“I can tell you, I have long seen that this Xu Pharmaceutical is not good at anything else, but is the strongest at falsifying.”

“Just like this Lin Mo, he is just a son-in-law of the Xu family, he has no skills, he only knows how to kiss and kiss and eat soft rice.”

“I don’t know how he managed to pat Nanba Tian on the back and actually got him to step in and help him win this Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting.”

“Hmph, but something like medicine is something that has to be about real skills.”

“Fudging is something that will eventually be discovered by others.”

“I also found out that this son of a b*tch is a fraud, that’s why I had to cancel my contract with Xu Pharmaceutical even though I had to shell out a lot of money for breach of contract!”

“I’m a person who can’t rub sand in my eyes, and I definitely won’t condone this kind of falsifying business!”

This agent spoke righteously as if he was very great, causing the crowd around to shout in approval.

Of course, after hearing him say this, the people around had even less good feelings towards Lin Mo.

“A trash like him who fudges and fakes still has the face to compete with Divine Doctor Qian’s medical skills? This is simply an insult to Divine Doctor Qian!”

“Heh, this isn’t Guang Province, and there’s no Nanba Tian to help him arrange it. I’d like to see how he can compete with God Doctor Qian in a moment!”

“He wants to make a fool of himself, no one else is to blame!”

“Let’s just wait and watch the joke, hahaha ……”

On Lin Mo’s side, Prince He Qianxue only listened to the flames.

If it wasn’t for being pulled by Lin Mo, the Crown Prince was afraid that he would have already made a move to cut someone down.

The poisonous spider sat opposite Lin Mo, her long legs folded together, with a flirtatious smile on her face.

“Little Linzi, do you want me to shut them all up?”

Poison Spider asked with a light smile, her tone still carrying a slight hint of flirtation.

To this Sea City Poison Spider, Lin Mo could only smile bitterly in response.

“Many thanks.”

“After the competition later, these people will naturally shut up!”

Lin Mo said back.

The poisonous spider laughed lightly, “You’re quite confident!”

“I just like confident boys like you.”

Lin Mo was speechless, he couldn’t talk to the poisonous spider at all.

He Qianxue whispered, “Lin Mo, don’t care what others say, I absolutely believe in you!”

“Don’t pay any attention to these people, read the medical records first, the medical competition will start later!”

Lin Mo shook his head and tossed the medical records aside, “There’s no need to read them.”

He Qianxue couldn’t help but stare, “Why?”

“Lin Mo, this …… how can you not read the medical records when you are treating people here?”

“I know you are very good at medicine, but in this kind of competition, knowing yourself and your opponent is the only way to be more sure!”

Lin Mo shook his head with a faint smile, “Qian Yong’an is such a cunning person, would he give me the real medical records?”

“The contents of this medical record will, on the contrary, influence my judgment!”

He Qianxue drew a breath of cold air, she hadn’t thought of that!

An hour pa*sed in a flash, and the members of the top ten families in Su Province walked onto the stage.

Qian Yong’an looked at Lin Mo playfully, “Young man, it’s still too late to regret!”

“As long as you admit your mistake now, I can let bygones be bygones for what happened before!”