Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632

Qian Yong’an’s face was cold as he said angrily, “Lin, since you are so stubborn, don’t blame me for bullying the small with the big!”

“Comparing medical skills with me? Humph, I’d like to see how much real skill you really have!”

With those words, Qian Yong’an waved his hand and shouted, “Invite those patients out!”

It didn’t take long for a dozen patients to be brought to the stage.

These patients looked to be in different conditions.

Some of them looked sickly, while others, on the other hand, looked not much different from normal people.

These patients, all of whom had come from all over the world to seek medical treatment, were also carefully selected by Wan Chun Tang.

Their conditions varied, however, they were all rather specific and difficult to treat.

If they were ordinary doctors, they would be at their wits’ end when they encountered these people.

Qian Yong’an was worthy of stealing from the Lin family, his medical skills were superb and he was not at all at ease in treating these people.

These patients had all been seen by Qian Yong’an beforehand and, moreover, he already had a complete treatment method in mind.

Therefore, he didn’t need to think or anything like that, he could just start treating them.

Of course, on the surface, Qian Yong’an still put on a generous face and said aloud, “Lin Mo, you and I are competing in medical skills, naturally someone needs to be the judge.”

“I’m from one of the top ten families in Su Province, so having the top ten families in Su Province be the judge would be unfair to you.”

“So, I have a proposal.”

“We find eight judges on the spot, and at the same time, ask the Wan family to come up with another judge, as well as the Poison Spider side of Haicheng, to come up with a judge as well.”

“In this way, the judges, who are all on the spot and have no involvement with you and me, will be able to guarantee fairness, what do you think?”

Hearing this, the surrounding crowd burst into a cacophony.

“Divine Doctor Qian is greatly benevolent and righteous!”

“Why should Divine Doctor Qian care so much about such a petty thief?”

“Hehe, this is the broad-mindedness of a great man. Tsk, it’s simply not something those petty thieves can compare to!”

“Lin Mo, do you still have the face to stand? If I were you, I’d be so ashamed that I’d just admit my mistake!”

An imperceptible sneer wiped across Qian Yong’an’s face, the harder the crowd insulted Lin Mo, the happier he was in his heart.

Lin Mo ignored the shouts of the crowd around him and nodded calmly, “Feel free!”

Qian Yong’an: “Good, then it’s settled!”

Next, the crowd selected eight judges from the scene.

It was said to be fair, but in fact, most of these people on the scene carried hostility towards Lin Mo.

These judges were all looking at Lin Mo with contempt, so what fairness was there to speak of?

On the Hai Cheng side, Poison Spider directly sent one of his bodyguards to be the judge.

On the Wan family’s side, Wan Zifeng had lost all his face after the previous incident, and now he did not want to show his face.

So, he just let Wan Zi Feng come out as the referee.

Originally, it would have been more appropriate for Duke Wan to step in for such a matter.

However, Wan Zifeng felt that Duke Wan had been biased in favour of Lin Mo, so he forcibly stopped him.

The referee was chosen, and Qian Yong’an then announced the rules of the competition straight away.

The rules were actually quite simple: all the dozen or so patients would stand on the stage, and then the two of them would come out to heal them.

The patient would not be designated, but would be chosen to be healed, and the one who treated the most patients would win.

After announcing the rules, Qian Yong’an took out a set of silver needles and glanced at Lin Mo, teasingly saying, “Divine Doctor Lin, are you ready?”

Lin Mo stood with his arms folded, “Why do I need to prepare for a match with you?”

Qian Yong’an’s face turned cold as he said angrily, “Ignorant junior, how dare you look down on people like that!”

“Today, I will make you lose in a heartbeat!”

“Let’s begin!”