Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1635


And without pausing, Lin Mo once again grabbed a handful of silver needles and similarly flung them at several other patients.

In less than three minutes, Lin Mo had flung out the bag of silver needles.

These silver needles were all stabbed into the remaining patients.

The patients sat in place, dumbfounded, completely unaware of what was going on.

Lin Mo threw out all the silver needles and didn’t stop.

He took out three more porcelain vials, took out a dozen pills from them, rushed to these patients and threw the pills into their mouths individually.

Some people took one, some took two, and some didn’t need to take any at all.

Soon, these pills were all eaten.

Only after that did Lin Mo remove the silver needles from these people one by one.

The whole process took less than five minutes, and the whole crowd was watching dumbfounded, totally unaware of what was happening.

Even Qian Yong’an was dumbfounded and full of confusion.

Lin Mo removed all the silver needles and put all of them into a needle bag, before he calmly looked at Duke Wan and the others, “Alright, you can now make your announcement!”

Duke Wan and the others were also dumbfounded: “Announce …… announce what ah?”

Lin Mo: “Declare the results!”

Duke Wan: “Announce …… announce what result?”

“This competition hasn’t ended yet, how can we announce the result?”

Lin Mo: “How is it not over?”

“These patients, they’ve all been cured, isn’t that the end?”

At this moment, the entire audience was stunned: “Huh?”

On the stage, Wan Zifeng almost jumped up, “Lin Mo, what are you …… talking about?”

“What patients have all been cured?”

“Qian Yong’an only cured five patients, the rest of these ten patients, they haven’t even had time to heal yet, how come they’ve been cured?”

Lin Mo: “You didn’t see me heal them just now, did you?”

Everyone’s eyes widened, Wan Zifeng: “What did you …… you say?”

“Since when did you heal them?”

Lin Mo shook the bag of silver needles in his hand, “I just gave them needles and medicine, didn’t you see that?”

The crowd all froze.

Those actions of Lin Mo just now, were they healing and saving people?

“Surnamed Lin, what are you talking nonsense about?”

“You’re throwing silver needles around and stuffing some medicine into people randomly, and that’s considered healing and saving people?”

“Do you know what it means to heal the sick and save others?”

“Do you take us for fools, or are you just too stupid yourself?”

An agent beside Yuan De said excitedly.

The others also cursed, in their opinion, Lin Mo was just talking nonsense!

Lin Mo’s expression was calm: “I didn’t just throw the silver needles out, and I didn’t just stuff medicine into people’s mouths.”

“My silver needles were all stabbed at the acupuncture points on their bodies. If you don’t believe me, you can go and check for yourselves!”

“And the medicine I gave them was also the right medicine for the right symptoms, and was in no way given willy-nilly.”

“As for whether I have cured the sick and saved the people, you can ask the patients and see how they feel!”

“If you really feel that you cannot believe it, you can also ask your peers present to make an a*sessment, or simply send them to the hospital for a full examination, won’t this be clear?”

With these words, the crowd was left speechless.

The crowd looked at each other with their faces full of doubts.

This confident look of Lin Mo did not look like he was bullsh*tting.

Did it mean that Lin Mo had really cured these people?

He had casually thrown out those silver needles, casually given these people medicine, and saved the rest of them?

No wonder he said Qian Yong’an could rest, he hadn’t left Qian Yong’an a patient at all!