Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637

Qian Yong’an retired to the back and sat down. The ten judges who had been selected went straight to the stage and began to ask questions about those patients.

The five patients that Qian Yong’an had cured naturally did not need to be questioned.

What these ten judges really wanted to ask were the ten people that Lin Mo had cured.

Duke Wan, who was in the most excited mood, ran ahead of them and asked directly and loudly, “How do you all feel about your bodies?”

Those patients were all still silent, and the crowd around them were all looking straight at them, waiting for these people’s answers.

After a long time, one of the patients, who was hunched over, slowly stood up: “I …… feel much better ……”

When this statement was made, the whole room was in an uproar and everyone was shocked.

An agent beside Yuan De was anxious and stood up in a hurry: “Hey, you feel again? Are you feeling wrong?”

“There are some illnesses that briefly have no symptoms, and that is all an illusion.”

“You might just feel less uncomfortable for a while here, it doesn’t mean you’re cured!”

The prince glared at him, “D*mn it, what do you mean?”

The agent was a little flustered, but still strained his neck, “I …… I let him get a good feel for his body, so what’s wrong with that?”

“You …… guys don’t care what we say if you really have confidence!”

The prince still wanted to speak, but he was stopped by Lin Mo.

Lin Mo smiled lightly and said, “It’s fine, let them feel their body condition properly.”

“I believe in my medical skills!”

Seeing that Lin Mo was so confident, the Crown Prince smiled directly, “Good, I trust you!”

“D*mn it, if these people are really alright later on, I’ll rip the head off that son of a b*tch just now!”

That agent was sweating profusely and looked excitedly at the rickety patient, “Hey, you …… you feel carefully, huh?”

“Don’t ever say you’re well just because the disease didn’t strike you this moment.”

“This is a matter of your life!”

The stooped patient scratched his head and whispered, “I …… really feel like I’m well ……”

“Look guys, I can even stand up.”

“I haven’t even stood up for six years, I …… I’m standing up now, is that not better?”

When these words came out, the crowd at the scene, instantly fell into a dead silence.

Everyone stared at this patient with wide eyes, full of incredible expression.

Other senses might be wrong, they might not be able to stand up, but this was not wrong!

Did it mean that this patient, had really been cured?

A surprise flashed across Duke Wan’s face, so Lin Mo wasn’t lying?

The ten great families and those agents, however, panicked.

If Lin Mo’s medical skills were really more advanced, then wouldn’t they have to lose this reconstructive pill?

One agent immediately said, “This …… is just an exception, maybe he suddenly got better on his own, it may not have been cured by Lin Mo.”

Others echoed, pressed to admit that it was Lin Mo’s credit.

However, just at that moment, another patient stood up, “I feel better too!”

This one sentence caused those agents who were still yelling before to go straight to silence.

If one person said that, it was a coincidence.

Two people saying that, is that still a coincidence?

“Are you …… you feeling wrong?”

An agent said sharply.

This patient was a fiery temper, and directly broke into a curse, “Bullsh*t!”

“I’ve been sick for more than ten years, I’ve been anorexic, and I haven’t felt hungry for more than ten years.”

“Now I feel like I’m starving to death, do you think I’m feeling wrong?”

This agent couldn’t answer straight away.

And following closely behind, the other patients all rose to their feet and said, almost in unison, that they too felt their bodies had recovered.