My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1823-1824

Chapter 1823

“Our farm?”

“Impossible, our farm is full of middle-aged aunts like Liu Xiuhua who have given birth, where would there be any extremely beautiful women?”

Chen Wu retorted with a look of disbelief.

Zhao Laoshi suddenly said, “You’re not saying that our farm owner is a superb beauty, are you?” “No, no, the farm owner is at best a medium-medium, not even close to those TV actresses.”

Zhao Chengliang hooked his hand at the two of them, “That Li Hang has several women with him, especially the woman called Xu Muqing, she is the best of the best, haven’t you two seen her?”

At the mention of “Li Hang”, Zhao Lao Si and Chen Wu looked at each other.

They had heard that the new farm owner had several wives, but although they lived on the farm, they were in a remote area and had no chance to meet the farm owner.

Zhao Laoshi’s eyes immediately lit up and he made a series of enquiries to Zhao Chengliang.

Zhao Chengliang, however, was a bit of a shut-in, refusing to say anything.

The two men were both short of women and were itching to hear Zhao Chengliang preach the goodness of all sorts of great beauties.

So, Zhao Chengliang casually encouraged them to do so, and the two of them sneaked into the field master’s small building with an itchy heart.

Xu Muqing was taking a shower in the bathroom, her whole body bathed in dense hot air, and through the gla*s of the shower room, one could not really see the details inside.

That graceful and arrogant body was hidden in plain sight, and one could not help but see one’s blood boil.


Suddenly, the bathroom door handle was twisted from the outside.

Xu Muqing could not help but stop her bathing movements and shouted outside, “Honey, is that you out there?”

The soft voice, with a hint of tenderness, had a hint of petulance, the corner of Li Hang’s mouth slightly hooked up as he responded to the inside, “Wife, my stomach is not feeling well, can I come in for a big one?”

Ever since the two had an intimate relationship, Li Hang and Xu Muqing were almost inseparable, no matter what they did, they would never avoid each other.

Every time Xu Muqing took a shower, Li Hang would find all sorts of excuses to enter the bathroom, but in the end, they would inevitably be rubbing each other’s ears together, and every time, the result would be Xu Muqing blushing and trembling, being carried back to the room in Li Hang’s princess hug.

“I’m almost done, why don’t you wait outside for a bit longer?” Xu Muqing’s hands were wrapped around her bręąsts, and the two white, round ma*ses were squeezed to a peak that made one’s blood boil.

Just as the words fell, Li Hang had already pushed the door and walked in.

“Yah! How did you get in?” Xu Muqing was so frightened that she hurriedly turned her back, she didn’t want to be played by Li Hang, after all, it wasn’t inside her own home now, in case someone bumped into her, how embarra*sing it would be.

Li Hang’s eyes were shining with the light of a chicken thief, he took off his trousers and sat down on the toilet with his buttocks, and started to sh*t very seriously.


Xu Muqing heard the movement behind her, a look of chagrin could not help but appear on her face, oops, how could I think of that, what a shame.

“Honey, I obviously locked it, how did you get in?”

“The lock was broken, so I pushed the door in.” Li Hang made a random excuse and suddenly gave another hard “mmm”, “ooh, comfortable.”


Chapter 1824

The Red Sea God of War, a symbolic existence that everyone aspires to, who would have thought that in front of his own wife, he would present an almost Dios man-like state of rascality.

Xu Muqing said with a tense face, “I obviously locked it, and I even tried it on purpose, it can’t be opened from the inside, husband, don’t scare me oh.”

The corner of Li Hang’s forehead jumped and he said with a grin, “Wife, you did a great job, you should always be alert outside, otherwise you won’t have your hands full in case you meet a real hooligan.”

“I didn’t meet any hooligans, but I did meet a scoundrel, what do you think I should do about him?” Xu Muqing threw a thousand charming white eyes at Li Hang who was defecating outside the gla*s room.

Through the foggy gla*s shower room, Li Hang could feel the scorn from his kissing wife.

Just as Li Hang was about to continue his flirtation, his ears suddenly twitched slightly.


Li Hang made a silent gesture at Xu Muqing, then he stood up sharply and pulled open the gla*s door of the shower room Xu Muqing was in.

Xu Muqing was now wearing nothing at all, and her skin was completely exposed to the air.

Although the two of them had already seen each other naked, Li Hang’s sudden rush in really startled Xu Muqing: “Honey, what are you doing?”

Li Hang stared straight at the two white bunnies on Xu Muqing’s chest, swallowed his saliva, and without saying a word, he directly grabbed the bath towel on the towel rack, wrapped it tightly around Xu Muqing, and pulled it behind him.

Xu Muqing looked a bit clouded, and saw Li Hang carefully approaching the window at this time.

This bathroom was on the first floor, and for the convenience of Li Hang’s family, Zhang Man Ke had given up the entire first floor, while she herself was staying in the guest room on the ground floor.

The bathroom Xu Muqing was now in, the master bathroom, came with a small window, but the small window faced across to the endless wheat fields with no obstructions, so she didn’t even draw the curtains when she took a shower.

“Hey, there’s not even a tree here, how are we going to get up there?”

“Climb the hose, stupid!”

“What if we get caught?”

“In the dark, who can see us? Besides, it’s not a big deal if we’re found out, it’s Li Hang who will be ashamed if his wife is seen in the shower.

Under the wall of the villa, Chen Wu and Zhao Laoshi, who were under the spell of Zhao Chengliang, roared as they prepared to climb the pipe.

From the right side of the window, Li Terminal’s gaze fell on the duo who were gradually climbing towards the bathroom on the first floor, and a coldness gradually emerged on his face.

Xu Mu Qing’s fair hand gently covered her red lips, her eyes blinking as she whispered, “Honey, how are you going to teach them a lesson?”

Xu Muqing hated hooliganism, and even though she had always been kind, a devilish look appeared on her face.

Li Hang did not expect his wife to have such a good heart, so he could not help but hook the corners of his mouth slightly and said softly, “Honey, you go back to your room, I will clean up after them.”

“Honey, don’t hit them too hard, just give them a good look.” Xu Muqing’s eyes narrowed like a small fox, and she emphasized with a solemn face.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t get anyone killed.”