My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1825-1826

Chapter 1825

Xu Muqing had just come out of the bathroom when she bumped into Gu Yanxi and Tifa, who had returned from a dusty day outside.

As soon as the three girls met, they giggled and giggled together.

Tifa took Xu Muqing’s hand and blinked her big beautiful eyes as she asked, “Sister Muqing, why hasn’t brother come out yet?”

Xu Muqing had never thought that Tifa actually knew all about Li Hang’s entry into the bathroom.

Hearing this, Xu Muqing couldn’t help but blush, and was so embarra*sed that she honestly would have liked to burrow in immediately if there was a crack in the ground.

“Yeah, where’s Li Hang, did he stop by the bathroom to take a shower?” Gu Yanxi interjected at the right time.

“He, he didn’t take a shower, we didn’t do anything!” Xu Muqing denied it repeatedly, blushing to the roots of her ears as she spoke.

Gu Yanxi and Tifa looked at each other, and both of them had an I-know-everything-but-just-don’t-say-anything look on their faces, looking at Xu Muqing with shame and anxiety.

Just when Xu Muqing wanted to speak up again to clarify, a very harsh and miserable scream suddenly came from inside the bathroom.

“Husband!” Xu Muqing couldn’t help but shout out.

Tifa made an instant decision and directly kicked the bathroom door open.


The moment the room door was kicked open, a wave of fragrant hot air hit her head on.

As Xu Muqing had just finished taking a shower, there was still a special smell belonging to her left in the bathroom, which made people want to inhale a few more breaths.

“Brother, what’s going on?” Tifa was the first to react and asked softly to Li Hang, who was standing by the window, looking down.

Li Hang didn’t even turn his head back, only to see him holding a very long bamboo pole in his hand and stabbing it downwards with a single stroke.

And along with his downward stabbing, each time, a sound exactly like the miserable scream just now would ring out.




There was one miserable scream after another, and it was creepy to hear Xu Muqing’s few.

This kind of miserable scream was like the kind of painful scream made by someone sticking a red-hot iron rod down his throat.

Tifa walked up curiously, followed Li Hang’s example and leaned over the window, looking down, and instantly, the pupils of her dark eyes shrank for a moment.

“Brother, what’s going on here?”

The questioning words fell, and the two of them, Gu Yanxi and Xu Muqing, also stood by the window one after the other and looked down.

They saw Chen Wu and Zhang Laosan, their hands clinging to the downpipe, their bodies already pierced with several holes, trickles of blood flowing out from time to time.

But the two of them were still bearing the brutality of the bamboo pole in Li Hang’s hand, and they didn’t dare to let go and jump down.

“Big brother, big brother, please, let us brothers go, we know we’re wrong.”

Chen Wu was now regretting to death, the lust he had been coaxed up by Zhao Chengliang before was long gone, how could he have thought that peeking at an extremely beautiful woman taking a bath would actually cost him blood.

Zhao Laoshi, who was right behind Chen Wu, also tilted his head with a pleading face and explained to Li Hang repeatedly, “Mr. Li, we really didn’t see anything, you’ve beaten us up and taken your anger out, just treat us like a fart.”

“These two people actually dare to peep at my sister’s bath, brother, hurry up and gouge their eyes out!”

Tifa listened for half a day and finally figured out that they were two rascals who had to be punished severely as an example to others, otherwise the people on this farm would still think that their family was a good bully.


Chapter 1826

“I can’t dig, I can’t dig! I still have to find a daughter-in-law, and without my eyes, I’ll be even less able to get one!” Chen Wu’s face was covered in tears and snot, and when he heard that his eyes were going to be gouged out, he became even more emotional.

And when Zhao Laoshi heard this, he also cried out and scolded, “It’s all because of that b*****d Zhao Chengliang, he was the one who told us that none of the extremely beautiful women in the capital were as beautiful as our sister-in-law, we were just curious about how beautiful our sister-in-law really looked and wanted to come and see ……”

“Do you need to climb the bathroom window to see if my sister is pretty?” Tifa disliked it nonchalantly.

Gu Yanxi immediately answered, “Yes, it’s obvious that you are not right-minded and want to take advantage!”

“No, it’s not true, we were just blinded by lard and were tricked by that bad guy Zhao Chengliang’s flowery words, we really aren’t ill-intentioned.”

“Yes, yes, both Lao Si and I have been bachelors for more than twenty years, we usually haven’t even touched a girl’s hand, we are really honest people.”

Chen Wu and Zhao Laoshi said one thing after another, the two of them were like tree wombats with their hands clutching the water pipe, topped with noses and faces, begging for mercy to Li Hang like a mouse meeting a cat.

If they were on the ground at this time, they would have knelt down and kowtowed their heads.

Li Hang’s face was faint as he grabbed the bamboo pole and gave Chen Wu another blow, saying coldly, “You guys just hold the hose and stay there, if I catch you going down without permission, you know the consequences.”

“Brother, we really can’t hold on anymore, please, just let us go!”

Li Hang turned a deaf ear to the words of Chen Wu and Zhao Lao Si, a flirtatious smile appeared on his face as he said without haste, “I have already given you guys a wide berth.”

“If you guys can’t do that and stay on top of this water pipe for one night, then don’t blame me for being unkind.”

“Not to mention the fact that you have already acted to peep at my wife, even if you just move this thought in your mind, I will make you pay for it as well.”

“You dare to move your sister’s mind, my brother is already giving you face by not gouging out your eyes.”

“If it wasn’t for the sake of your field master, my brother would have been unkind to you, and would have wasted his time stabbing you with a bamboo pole, and simply taken a knife and dismembered you!”

As Tifa spoke, he made a cutting motion with his hand, like chopping a watermelon, watching Chen Wu and Zhao Lao Si swallow their saliva repeatedly.

Now they dared not say anything more, they could only cry and hold on to the thin downpipe with both hands, not daring to slip any further.

Li Hang took Xu Muqing and the three girls away, and just as they left the bathroom, they heard Zhao Laoshi’s squealing and shouting, which made several people look at each other and laugh.

“Brother, Gu Yanxi and I checked out the surrounding area and found a very strange place.” Tifa was the first to tell the situation she had checked out, and spoke out.

Hearing this, Li Hang’s face couldn’t help but stare a few times: “Let’s go to the living room and talk.”

When the group went down to the living room, they saw Xu Haoran wandering around like a fly around Li Liu’er.

When Xu Haoran saw Li Hang and his group, he hurriedly said, “Brother-in-law, come and take a look at Liu’er, what’s wrong with her? I’ve told her a lot of things about our past, but she just doesn’t remember anything.