My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1827-1828

Chapter 1827


Li Liu’er slapped Xu Haoran’s salty hand away.

Since a while ago, this Xu Haoran had been hanging around her and would have moved his hands and feet, if not for her vigilance, she would have given him his way this time.

Xu Haoran covered the back of his hand, which had been slapped red, and looked at Xu Muqing with an aggrieved face: “Sister, why is my life so bitter? I’ve found a wife so easily, but she actually disowned me …… ……”

Fake crying, listened to Xu Muqing eyebrows: “Okay, don’t pretend where again, Liu’er’s problem we slowly solve, now first listen to what Tifa and the girls said?”

“Right, Princess Persia, you and the star Gu Yanxi went out for a big stroll without saying a word, did you make any new discoveries?”

Gu Yanxi immediately answered, “We found a secret base.”

“A secret base?” Xu Haoran ripped his voice out, his curiosity grew, and he hurriedly pulled Gu Yanxi to sit down, “Tell me quickly, what kind of secret base is it?”

“I’ve been really bored lately, there’s no entertainment whatsoever, and I’m really annoyed by a bunch of disgusting zombies hara*sing me every day.”

As soon as the words Xu Haoran spat out, Li Liu’er, who had been sitting silent, raised her hand and slapped Xu Haoran directly on the back of his head.

“Ah! Honey, why are you hitting me?” Xu Haoran was b*tchy and seized every opportunity to take advantage of Li Liu’er verbally.

Li Liu’er didn’t pay any attention to Xu Haoran at this time, but turned to Gu Yanxi and said, “That secret base you guys were talking about, isn’t it in Furong Town, which is eighty kilometres away from Xishan Farm.”

“Yes, have you been there too?” Tifa grabbed the conversation with interest.

Originally, Tifa had always felt that Li Liu’er was just a dumb poseur who would be quite a good match for Xu Haoran, a silly boy.

But now that Li Liu’er had turned out to be exactly like a normal person, while Xu Haoran had remained in the same place with little change, it seemed that Xu Haoran was somewhat unworthy of Li Liu’er.

Li Liu’er did not know what was in Tifa’s mind as she said solemnly, “I have never been to Furong Town, but I have heard about this place from inside the mouths of other companions.”

“It is said that half a month ago, a large group of zombies emerged from Hibiscus Town.”

“And this batch of zombies looked like they had just mutated, and the base that was just mentioned made me think of whether this base could be related to the current zombie rampage?”

As soon as the words came out, the crowd subconsciously nodded their heads.

The world had suddenly turned into this state without any warning at all, and now the entire communication network was cut off, so there was no way for everyone to contact each other, let alone find resources through some network devices.

Therefore, all their actions were now led by Li Hang.

Li Hang pondered for a moment and immediately said, “Tomorrow I will take a bunch of people to Furong Town to find out the truth, you guys can just stay on this side of the farm and rest.”

“No, we have to act together, otherwise, it’s too dangerous for you to go out alone.” Gu Yanxi said with a serious face.

Tifa immediately answered, “Brother, I know you are very powerful, but the situation now is that the number of zombies out there is just too huge, relying on your strength alone, I think it should be very overwhelming to deal with them.”


Chapter 1828

“Honey, what Tifa and Gu Yanxi said makes sense, I know you’re great, but it’s still too dangerous for you to deal with a large wave of zombies by yourself, let’s go together.”

For Xu Muqing, a place with Li Hang was home, this Xishan farm could at most only be considered a temporary place for them to be stationed, if she really had to make a choice, she would definitely follow Li Hang and take the risk.

“What about if we all go to Mum and Dad’s side together?” Xu Haoran couldn’t help but mutter at this time.

“Do whatever you guys want to do, don’t think about me and your dad.”

Liu Yufen came down from the first floor at some point, and she walked straight up to Li Hang, “Xiao Hang, your dad and I will take care of ourselves.”

“And the people on this farm are quite simple, Zhang Man Ke is also nice, I believe she will take care of us.”

Li Hang was more or less sure about Zhang Man Ke’s character, but he was not sure about the quality of the other people on the farm.

Now that he had taken the risk of leaving his father-in-law and mother-in-law at the farm, Li Hang was still unable to make a decision.

Suddenly, the bedroom door on the ground floor opened.

Zhang Man Ke stood in the doorway and spoke coldly to Li Hang, “Don’t worry about taking the team along to explore the situation, leave your father-in-law and mother-in-law to my care.”

“Then I’ll go too.” Li Liu’er volunteered to say.

“What are you going for? Just stay home with our parents.” Xu Haoran said.

“Xu Haoran, you’re just about right, always taking advantage of a girl with your mouth, are you interesting?”

Li Liu’er’s words made Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang’s two elders look at each other, and the two could not help but have a surprised expression on their faces.

In their impression, Li Liu’er was a girl who was not good with words, gentle and shy, but now seeing that Li Liu’er who had lost her memory was actually so spirited made them cry and laugh a little.

However, although Li Liu’er’s change made them feel slightly uncomfortable, on second thought, it might not be a good thing for Li Liu’er to become spirited.

After all, for a man like their son Xu Haoran, it was necessary to have a powerful wife to keep him in check.

“At first I was worried that Liu’er’s character was too weak to control this wild monkey, Hao Ran, but now it seems I can be completely at ease.”

Liu Yufen smiled as she took Li Liu’er’s hand over and placed it in her own palm, patting it gently.

“Auntie, I probably just look like your daughter-in-law, I’m really not her.”

“It doesn’t matter, if you’re not, you’re not, you always will be later.”

With these words, Liu Yufen directly made Xu Haoran’s heart happy, and that frowny look was completely exposed to the crowd.

Xu Haoran ran to Liu Yufen’s side, cupped Liu Yufen’s face and kissed her fiercely, “Mom, you really are my real mum, I love you!”

Liu Yufen was kissed by her own son, and kicked Xu Haoran directly in the buttocks: “Go away, tomorrow you will go with your brother-in-law, no one else is allowed to go.”

“No, I must go.” Xu Muqing’s face was stony as she retorted with a stubborn face, this was also the first time she had gone against her mother Liu Yufen’s wishes.

As the words fell, the crowd looked at each other and for a moment, they all swallowed involuntarily.