My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1829-1830

Chapter 1829

“I am definitely going, that place is not easy to find, I have to show my brother the way.”

Tifa suddenly came in, breaking the awkwardness instantly.

Gu Yanxi also hurriedly raised her hand and said, “Count me in.”

“Then count me in too.”

Li Liu’er volunteered, but Xu Haoran pulled her to his side and said, “Come on, my aunt, you can stay with your in-laws, just leave this kind of dangerous work to your man.”

At these words, Li Liu’er couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “Li Hang, it’s better for you to make the decision.”

Li Hang’s face was light as he said in a deep voice to Xu Mu Qing, “Wife, it’s dangerous to go out this time, will you stay at the farm and take care of mum and dad?”

“Honey, it’s because it’s dangerous that I have to come with you.”

Xu Muqing had long planned in her heart that no matter what happened, she would stay with Li Hang and would not be separated even if she died.

It was just that she had never said such things to Li Hang back then.

Both Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang’s two elders had worried looks on their faces and were about to persuade the children when Li Hang directly clapped his hands, “Zhang Man Ke, then my parents are in your care, the others can go to Furong Town together if they want to, but we must make a deal.”

“Not to mention three chapters, even thirty chapters are fine, as long as brother takes us along.” Tifa was the first to cut across the conversation and spoke heartlessly.

Li Hang blinked his eyes twice, and on his angular and handsome face, a trace of worry pa*sed, but it quickly flickered away, and Xu Muqing and the other girls did not notice.

Everyone went to bed early, and early the next morning, Li Hang drove the only truck on the farm towards Furong Town.

Along the way, Xu Muqing and the others saw zombies wandering along the road from time to time.

These zombies walked aimlessly, and when they sensed Li Hang’s big truck driving over, they would suddenly become agitated.

“Brother-in-law, if these zombies are really related to that lab, will it be dangerous for us to go over like this?”

“If we don’t enter the tiger’s den, how can we get the tiger’s son, everyone is in deep water, if we are all scared, what should the others do?”

Xu Muqing’s words caused everyone to fall into contemplation.

Indeed, this world has always been about those who can do more, if those who have the ability to do so also retreat, then the whole world would really be hopeless.

About an hour and a half later, the big truck stopped at a small supermarket at the mouth of Furong Town.

Xu Haoran’s eyes rolled and he immediately proposed, “Brother-in-law, I’ll go to the supermarket first and search for something, so we can also bring some food back along the way when we go back.”

“Let Liu’er come with you.” Xu Muqing promptly set up her brother and sister-in-law.

Li Liu’er was originally reluctant, but when she thought of Li Hang’s covenant, the first rule was to follow the command of all arrangements, so she also nodded and stood straight to Xu Haoran’s side.

“Later on, you just follow behind me and don’t do anything, just leave this kind of physical work to me, the man.”

Xu Haoran seized the opportunity to talk to Li Liu’er, who was now immune to Xu Haoran’s rhetoric and ignored his words completely.

The group parted at the entrance of the supermarket and went their separate ways.

When they were about to part, Xu Muqing suddenly slipped a note to Xu Haoran.

Xu Haoran wanted to open it and read it, but was pressed by Xu Muqing as she lowered her voice and said to Xu Haoran, “Don’t let anyone know that you’re going to find this.”


Chapter 1830

Hearing this, Xu Haoran’s eyes couldn’t help but light up, since when did this sister of his have a secret? And she couldn’t let anyone else know about it.

After entering the supermarket, Li Liu’er took it upon herself to start scouring the shelves for things she could use.

Xu Haoran, on the other hand, carefully opened the slip of paper handed to him by Xu Muqing, only to see the words “Early Pregnancy” test written on it.

“Where can I find this stuff?”

Xu Haoran frowned and scratched his head, his eyes already looking around.

Since Xu Muqing had said that no one should know, Xu Haoran could only go by his own imagination and look for the place for female products.

While muttering in his mind what this morning-after pregnancy reagent actually looked like, Xu Haoran’s hands kept flipping through the shelves.

“What kind of bad ideas are you sneaking around with again?”

Suddenly, Li Liu’er’s questioning voice came from behind him, and Xu Haoran’s hand shook a little, and a box of “Belly Ray Silk” fell out of his hand.


The box fell right next to Li Liu’er’s feet.

“You rogue, I was worried that you would be overwhelmed by carrying so many things and wanted to share the load for you, but I didn’t expect you to have such nasty things in your head!”

“No, no, I was carrying it for my sister, don’t get me wrong daughter-in-law ……”

“Shut up, if you call me daughter-in-law again, I’ll castrate you!” Li Liuer roared in anger, then turned around and was about to leave.

Xu Haoran now really have the heart to cry, he is now really all over the body long mouth can not say clearly.

“Liu’er, listen to my explanation, this is really something I found for my sister, it’s not what I wanted.”

“Sister Mu Qing and her brother-in-law two people love each other, do they need to use something like this?” Li Liu’er retorted coldly.

“Why not need it, the two of them love clapping every day, in case they get into a fight, that’s a big deal!”

Xu Haoran was now thinking about how to pacify Li Liu’er, and in his desperation, he directly handed the note that Xu Muqing had handed him, to Li Liu’er.

He said to Li Liu’er, “If you don’t believe me, you can read it yourself, this is what my sister slipped to me just now.

Once these words came out, Li Liu’er dropped her eyes to the note in Xu Haoran’s hand in disbelief.

“Early pregnancy? Sister Mu Qing isn’t pregnant, is she?!”

Li Liu’er’s reaction was even more exaggerated than Xu Haoran’s, as she directly shouted at the top of her voice, almost deafening Xu Haoran’s eardrums.

Xu Haoran pulled out his earwax with his fingers and said daintily, “It better be, then I can be an uncle and you can be an aunt.”

“Bah! If you take advantage of me again, believe it or not, I’ll smack you!”

“Well, then hurry up and help me find out where this thing really is, we’ll find it and hurry up and meet up with my sister and the others.”

At the end of the sentence, a hideous arm suddenly stretched out from inside the shelf.

Immediately after, without waiting for Li Liu’er to react, a zombie hiding in a dark corner, lunged and bit towards Li Liu’er.

Li Liu’er had no defence at all, so the bite was aimed right at the aorta of her neck.

The smell of death was overwhelmingly close!

Li Liu’er had already closed her eyes in despair, she could not have experienced this situation more, her companion who was once with her had left without warning.