My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1833-1834

Chapter 1833

When Xu Haoran saw that Li Liu’er was still standing there motionless, he simply stretched out his hand and held Li Liu’er’s buttocks in one hand.

The broad palm of his hand covered the soft, bouncy area, immediately causing Li Liu’er’s body to involuntarily tremble.

Li Liu’er’s face instantly turned red as a monkey’s butt, but she did nothing and climbed up the tree in a bit of a mess with Xu Haoran’s help.

Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi were the first to reach out their hands to Li Liu’er. They had just pulled Li Liu’er to their side when Xu Haoran was densely surrounded by this group of zombies.

Looking down from their angle, Xu Haoran was in a very dangerous position.

Xu Muqing couldn’t help but shout, “Haoran, you must hold on to your brother-in-law, he’ll be back soon!”

Xu Haoran turned a deaf ear to this, as he had easily caught a chance to perform in front of his daughter-in-law, he was naturally obliged to do so.

On the way here, Li Hang had already taught him how to deal with the zombies, and now Xu Haoran was eager to put into practice what Li Hang had taught him about how to kill them.

Xu Haoran took out a glove-like object from his backpack, which had a cold glow and was made of what appeared to be metal.

As Xu Muqing and the girls looked on in amazement, Xu Haoran put on the metal finger glove and then, with a swift movement, he punched the zombies in the head with a fierce punch.

Xu Haoran’s arm strength was not outstanding, but the force of his fists, which had been enhanced by the finger gloves, had been greatly increased.

It’s like a game where a character doesn’t start out particularly strong, but with the addition of equipment, the character’s defence and attack power can be greatly enhanced.

Now Xu Haoran was just like the characters in the game, his own strength might not be that strong, but after putting on the finger gloves, he was able to deal with this group of aggressive zombies just like pinching a small chicken.

Xu Haoran smashed his fist on the head of the zombie, and it fell down with its head bursting on the spot.

The zombies were like a tidal wave, and Xu Haoran easily killed them one by one.

The entire square was filled with a hundred or so zombies, all of which were killed by Xu Haoran’s punches, and the girls were dumbfounded.

At this moment, Xu Haoran was still panting and standing in the same place, he had not moved his feet from the beginning to the end.

He lifted his head and looked over towards the tree branch where Li Liu’er was standing, throwing a flying kiss at her and said cheaply, “Liu’er, am I not very good?”

Li Liu’er, who was suddenly named, could not help but have a delicate look appear on her face at this time.

Originally, her impression of Xu Haoran was that of a rich second generation who had grown up under the pile of doting parents and protective older sisters.

But after seeing Xu Haoran take out hundreds of zombies with his bare hands, Li Liu’er was somewhat impressed with Xu Haoran for some reason.

However, Li Liu’er did not show it too obviously on the surface, but rolled her eyes nonchalantly at Xu Haoran and shouted out in an unpleasant manner, “Don’t get C*cky there, watch your back!”

As the words fell, Xu Haoran turned around violently, only to see two human-sized zombies, one left and one right, pouncing and biting towards him.

“I’m brown! Sneak attacking old me!”


Chapter 1834

Xu Haoran shouted and reflexively swung his fist towards one of the zombies.

However, his confident fist actually fell short this time!

As if under the spell of some kind of power, the hideous-looking corpse had easily dodged Xu Haoran’s heavy punch.

“Hey, you’ve actually learned to dodge!”

At the same time, he had already swung his bladder round, now he had gathered all his strength in his fist, this punch, Xu Haoran was confident that it would hit all the time.


The fist struck out and indeed hit the zombie, but it still missed the fatal part of the zombie’s head.

This time, not only Xu Haoran, but also the few girls who were watching the battle not far away, Xu Muqing also looked at it with a frown.

“Not good! These two zombies seem to be different from the ones we’ve encountered before!” Xu Muqing made an instant judgment.

With that, she hurriedly took a few steps towards the front of the tree trunk and shouted at Xu Haoran, “Haoran, hurry back, these two zombies are not quite the same as the ones we’ve encountered before, you ……”


Not waiting for Xu Muqing to finish her sentence, the two zombies that kept tangling with Xu Haoran suddenly let out a roar, which immediately startled everyone.

It was as if they were greatly stimulated, and they pounced and bit towards Xu Haoran desperately.

A chill ran down Xu Haoran’s spine, and both legs subconsciously wanted to scatter and run.

But suddenly he thought that Li Liu’er was still watching him from a tree branch, so if he conceded and ran away at this moment, his previous heroic deeds would be wiped out.

In order not to make a fool of himself in front of his daughter-in-law, Xu Haoran decided to play the hero.

He shouted, “Come on, I’ll fight you for real!”

Xu Haoran’s fist smashed into the jawbone of one of the zombies, and immediately, the action of the tall zombie with a broken jawbone, lunging at Xu Haoran, became extraordinarily comical in the eyes of Xu Muqing and the girls.

“Wow, you can still do that!” Tifa couldn’t help but shout out excitedly at this time.

Hearing this, Xu Haoran, as if he was greatly encouraged, launched an attack on the other zombie, intending to use the same move to remove that zombie’s jawbone as well, so that it could see but not bite!

“With a bang, Xu Haoran pounced and fell towards the ground due to the excessive force.

The zombie was so cunning that it immediately turned around and opened its bloody mouth and bit down on Xu Haoran’s crotch!

“D*mn, that’s my balls! You dare to covet my balls!!!”

Xu Haoran rolled in place and avoided the “deadly hooligan” bite at the critical moment!

As a result, before he could enjoy the joy of victory, his body crashed into a metal gate.

“The gate slowly opened with a loud bang.

When he looked inside, he saw a group of densely packed things slowly moving towards Xu Haoran.

When the iron gate was fully opened, Xu Muqing and the girls could not help but speak in unison, “Run!”

Xu Haoran froze, however, he also instinctively got up from the ground and prepared to run away.

However, before he took a step, the path in front of him was blocked by the zombie that had removed its jaw.

Not only that, Xu Haoran then felt an eerie aura behind him, swooping over and enveloping his entire being.