My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1837-1838

Chapter 1837

The two worked very well together and took out dozens of zombies in one go.

So with Tifa’s a*sistance, both Xu Haoran and Li Liu’er retreated to a safe area.

At this time, the sky was slowly darkening when a wave of strangers suddenly rushed towards this side of the square in a hurry.

This group of people were in rags and had panicked faces, like refugees who had been frightened by something huge and had fled all the way here.

One of the men in the lead saw Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi standing on a tree branch and couldn’t help but say to his companions, “Let’s all go up the tree.”

As the words fell, Xu Muqing’s and Gu Yanxi’s two faces couldn’t help but change slightly.

Although this big tree looked very tall, the weight-bearing capacity of these forks was limited, and there were at least a dozen people down there, so if they all climbed up, the forks would definitely not be able to withstand the gravity and break directly.

“Don’t all come up, the fork will break.” Gu Yanxi couldn’t help but remind them.

Only her words did not get a response from the man in the lead, only to see the man in the lead sending his companions, one after the other, up the tree.

One by one, Xu Muqing was standing on a tree branch that was sinking, and there was a sound of a broken tree branch.

“Go down!”

In a tricky position, the man in the lead reached out and pushed Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi down.

Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi never expected this man to be so sinister, and as they were unprepared, they fell straight down.

When Xu Haoran and Tifa, who were at a standstill with the zombies not far away, saw this, they were also shocked.

Tifa made an immediate decision to fly over to help, but at that moment, he saw a sudden flash of shadow in the air.

Li Hang did not know when he had already flown to Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi’s side.

He opened his arms and wrapped his left and right hands around the slender waists of the two girls, protecting them firmly in his embrace, and then landed firmly on the ground.

When Xu Muqing saw Li Hang come back, her fair face immediately burst into laughter, and she hurriedly reached out to hold Li Hang’s head, looking left and right until she confirmed that Li Hang had not suffered any injuries, and then she let out a long sigh of relief.

“Honey, what took you so long to get here? Hao Ran and I were about to be bullied to death.”

Li Hang had just found the entrance to the underground laboratory, and to be on the safe side, he entered alone by himself, and along the way, solved a lot of troubles, and finally cleared all the roadblocks.

Then hurrying back to the surface, he suddenly saw his wife falling from a height, which could not help but make Li Hang’s heart tighten.

Now when he heard Xu Muqing’s soft, sticky and pampered voice, Li Hang’s whole hanging heart felt like it had been covered with a soft quilt, warming it up.

“Who bullies my kissing wife, I’ll go and fight will come back.” Li Hang gently scraped Xu Mu Qing’s high jade nose and doted out.

A trace of loss flashed in Gu Yanxi’s eyes, but soon, she regained her big star-like confidence and said to Li Hang, “Here, that’s them.”

Following the direction of Gu Yanxi’s finger, Li Hang looked up and saw a burly man with a full beard, leading a group of young and old, standing thickly on a branch of a tree that was about to break off.


Chapter 1838

“I told you that if so many of you were standing on the branches of the tree, the branches would break.” Xu Muqing said coldly, but there was a little bit of gloating in this tone.

A smile flashed inside Li Hang’s eyes as he said to the bearded man leading the group on the tree branch, “Which hand did you push my wife down with just now?”

The bearded man’s face changed, for him, it was his duty to protect his family from being engulfed in danger.

As for whether it would endanger the interests of the bystanders, the bearded man simply did not care.

It was also because of this style of dealing that they had survived with difficulty in this zombie-infested world.

At this time, the bearded man’s eyes were wide and he said nonchalantly to Li Hang, “It wasn’t me who pushed your wives down, but they couldn’t stand up themselves and fell down by accident.”

“Brother-in-law, he’s talking nonsense, I clearly saw him push!”

Not far away, Xu Haoran, who was having a tussle with the zombies, suddenly howled.

At the same time as the words fell, Tifa had already finished off a zombie in front of Xu Haoran, directly.

Good man, that bloody and gory scene really made Xu Haoran feel topsy-turvy.

Xu Haoran forced himself to resist the urge to vomit and grinned at Li Liu’er beside him, “Liu’er, we’re safe now that brother-in-law is here.”

Li Liu’er didn’t say anything, but turned to Li Hang and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t hold back and ended up using my submachine gun, giving you trouble.”

“We’re all family, it’s no trouble.” Li Hang said indifferently.

A family?

Li Liu’er was a bit dazed, she didn’t expect Li Hang to actually treat her as family.

“Right, we’re all family, Liu’er you don’t have to be polite to us, although you don’t remember us with no previous memories, but as long as we remember you that’s enough.”

Xu Muqing explained solemnly to Li Liu’er who was dazed not far away.

As the words fell, a piercing voice suddenly sounded from the square’s speakers.

“Hahahaha, what a scene of a big reunion of loved ones, it’s really moving oh.”

From the loudspeakers around the square, a man’s voice that was not yin and yang came out.

Li Hang frowned slightly and without saying a word, he directly copied the two women, Gu Yanxi and Xu Muqing, and flew to rejoin Xu Haoran.

“Brother-in-law, are we going back to the farm now?”

“We can’t go back for now, you take your sister and the girls 500 meters ahead, at that place you will see a tunnel entrance, you take them in and I will break the back.”

Li Hang’s words fell, Xu Haoran immediately nodded his head and strictly carried out.

And at that moment, the group of people who were standing on the tree branches to avoid the zombie attacks were also panicking.

The bearded man saw that the situation was not good and hurriedly jumped down himself, only to see him shouting to his child, “Lily, jump down, daddy will catch you!”

“No, daddy, I’m scared!”

“Don’t be afraid, daddy’s here, don’t be afraid of anything!”

The bearded man spoke in a particularly loud voice, immediately attracting the zombies wandering around, only to see those zombies pouncing and biting towards him with extreme swiftness and speed.

Over the square speakers, the unyielding man laughed wildly, “Hahahaha, Li Hang, aren’t you great, aren’t you a self-proclaimed saviour?”

“Now there are old people and children who are going to die in front of you, and these old people and children are the ones who used to want to harm your big beautiful wife, I want to see how you will choose?”