My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1847-1848

Chapter 1847

Zhang Man Ke’s whole body was now protected by Li Hang in a solid chest, there was a large amount of fresh air rushing into her airways, she could not speak for the moment now, but was shaking her head non-stop.

“You rest next to me, I’ll take care of the trouble first.”

Li Hang said and helped Zhang Man Ke to sit down on the sofa next to him, and then he went straight up against Cui Tianci.

The two stood facing each other, and the moment their four eyes met, an extremely powerful energy burst out.

Zhang Man Ke was now next to him and she could feel a powerful pressure filling the whole space, like a balloon that was ready to burst, just a little more air and it would burst.

This was something Zhang Manke had never felt before.

At the same time, it also made Zhang Man Ke cognizant that there were many things in this world that could not be explained by science, and that one had to keep making progress in order to live well.

“Cui Tianci, don’t you think you’re bored? If you’re a man, just fight me for real, one game to determine the winner, don’t always fly around me like a fly, it’s really annoying.”

Li Hang was talking in a rambunctious manner, and the whole person presented a state of not putting Cui Tianzhi in his eyes.

This caused Cui Tianzhi’s entire emotions to explode instantly, and he almost roared out at Li Hang, “Li Hang, what do you think you are? How dare you call Laozi a fly.”

“Yes, you are a fly, and the kind from a cesspit, smelly and disgusting at that.”

Xu Haoran interjected from outside the room, very nonchalantly.

The moment the words fell, Xu Haoran felt a powerful air current surging towards him on his face.

As soon as he said that, Xu Haoran felt a distant voice inside his ears, “Run your Qi through the Dantian, transform your energy, and lend your strength.”

This voice was all too familiar to Xu Haoran, and almost instinctively, he followed Li Hang’s guidance and caught this powerful stream of air steadily!

He only saw that Xu Haoran brought the heels of his palms together and made an opening gesture, and this qi was firmly controlled by him in his palms.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Haoran drew a taiji in the air, transforming this powerful force.

At this moment, Xu Haoran could clearly feel his body as if he was in a powerful magnetic field.

When he was controlling this powerful wave of qi, he could clearly feel that if he used a forceful approach and carried on with this force, he would definitely suffer a backlash.

On the contrary, when he followed the method guided by Li Hang and took in this powerful qi that did not belong to him, and then followed the trajectory of the qi itself, a wonderful feeling emerged in his body.

“Brother-in-law, I’m flying up hey, I can actually fly up hey!”

Xu Haoran borrowed this powerful rising energy from Cui Tianzhi and his body was like a piece of goose feather, he couldn’t help but just fly lightly.

Inside the room, Li Hang showed a pleased smile and said to the outside, “That means you’ve broken through your own limits, you can fly whenever you want in the future.”

“Brother-in-law, you mean to say that I have reopened another superpower!”

“That’s right.” Li Hang responded easily.

At this moment, Cui Tianzhi roared at Li Hang with fire, “Li Hang, you think I’m a stickman! I’ll kill you!”


Chapter 1848

Cui Tianzhi was furious and lucked out again, only to see a powerful fire leaping inside Cui Tianzhi’s eyes, as if he wanted to destroy everything here.

“Haoran, hurry up and get everyone out of here!”

Li Hang’s heart thumped, and at the same time, he leapt to pick up Zhang Man Ke, who was resting on the sofa, and took her straight out of the next window.

The two of them had just landed when the building behind them exploded, and the whole building collapsed.

“Who the hell is this Cui Tianzhi? What the hell does he want?” Zhang Man Ke asked with a palpitating heart.

Li Hang did not answer, but threw Zhang Man Ke up high and instructed Xu Haoran, who was not far away, “Catch her!”

With that, Li Hang flew up and rushed straight into the dust that was flying in the sky.




In the billowing dust, Li Hang and Cui Tianzhi exchanged a dozen moves in a row, and the people outside could not see what was going on inside.

Xu Haoran and his group saw flashes of lightning appear from time to time in the dust that would not dissipate for a long time, just like a sudden flash of lightning in the sky before a storm.

“Will Li Hang be alright?” Zhang Man Ke spoke with some concern.

Xu Muqing said confidently at this time, “My husband is a god-like man who can fight against nature, any powerful enemy is just an ant to shake a tree in front of him, not to mention that Cui Tianzhi is only my husband’s defeated general.”

At these words, the crowd all cast a surprised look at Xu Muqing.

Especially Gu Yanxi and Tifa, who had been with Xu Muqing for a long time.

In their perception, Xu Muqing was an introverted and capable girl who knew many things clearly in her heart but would never show them so bluntly on her lips.

On the contrary, if these words came out of Xu Haoran’s mouth, they would still find them particularly normal.

“Sister Mu Qing, I didn’t expect you to be so admiring of your brother.” Tifa couldn’t help but tease.

“Yeah, I’m also quite surprised that you would praise Li Hang so bluntly, but you’re absolutely right, Li Hang is the powerful man who can fight against nature.”

Gu Yanxi said, and couldn’t help but have the experience inside her head when she was in Treasure Island.

“You make it sound like you’ve seen my brother-in-law fight against heaven and earth with your own eyes.” Xu Haoran disliked him somewhat sourly, at least he was a man, but in front of his brother-in-law, he felt that he was not even worthy of being a man, he also had to save face.

Suddenly, the mist that had been blocking the crowd dispersed.

Immediately afterwards, they saw Li Hang and Cui Tianzhi flying into the sky in one go, and the two of them kept exchanging palms in the air.

Cui Tianzhi’s moves were fast, accurate and ruthless, and he had built up a powerful force in his moves, so if any of them hit Li Hang, Li Hang would undoubtedly die.

Li Hang seemed to be too tired to deal with the situation, he was in a defensive stance and did not counterattack.

With confidence on his face, Cui Tianzhi spoke out disdainfully at Li Hang, “Li Hang, give up, I have inexhaustible power in me, if you are trying to continue to consume with me, you will only consume yourself to death.”

“At that time, I will sleep with each and every one of your women …… er!”


Along with the sound of Cui Tianzhi screaming, Li Hang, who had been in a defensive stance, suddenly disappeared in the air.

In the blink of an eye, before Cui Tianzhi could even react, Li Hang’s hand was already deadlocked around Cui Tianzhi’s throat.