My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1851-1852

Chapter 1851

“Hao Ran you have to watch more, he’s too hung up, you should beat him up, scold him, don’t even be soft.”

“Mu Qing is a kind girl, you attract girls to like you, she is unhappy in her heart, she will not say it out loud, Xiao Hang you have to coax her more.”

“And your old man, he is a unreliable, you have to watch more, if your old man does not do well, you should still say, don’t be embarra*sed.”

Hearing Liu Yufen’s words as if she was giving an account of her afterlife, Li Hang’s eyes could not help but slightly heat up, he now somewhat understood what Cui Tianci’s evil words really meant when he left.

Li Hang took a deep breath and asked to Liu Yufen, “Mom, let’s not talk about this first, let me ask you three questions, you must think back carefully.”

“Little Hang, mum is so tired, she wants to sleep for a while, can she not answer?”

“No, you must answer, mum, I’m asking.” Li Hang held back his inner sadness and tried hard to calm himself down, because only if he acted calm would Xu Muqing feel at ease.

“Do you feel like your heart is beating very fast right now, like you want to explode? Blink your eyes if you are, or twice if you’re not.”

Li Hang knew that Liu Yufen should have reached her physical limit and immediately changed his questioning strategy.

Sure enough, Liu Yufen blinked her eyes.

“The second question, before the onset of the disease, did you come into contact with anything? Let’s say, animals or food.”

“Animals blink once, food blinks twice.”

Following closely, Liu Yufen blinked again.

Li Hang’s face became tense as he hurriedly asked, “Finally, was this animal bitten by a zombie?”

Just as the words fell, Liu Yufen, who was lying on Li Hang’s back, pa*sed out.

“Mom (wife), wake up!”

Xu Muqing and Xu Xiaoyang both hurriedly ran to Li Hang’s side.

Li Hang turned to Xu Xiaoyang with a solemn face and asked, “Dad I want to ask, has mum been in contact with animals that have been bitten by zombies?”

Xu Xiaoyang first froze for a moment, then as if he suddenly thought of something, he said aloud, “Oh, I remember, when we climbed up from the tunnel, there was an elk that happened to fall in front of us.”

“At the time your mother and I thought it was this elk that was injured so we went over to look at it and at the time your mother reached out and touched it, just a little really.”

“What was wrong with my mum? Honey, do you already have an idea in mind?”

Xu Muqing was now acting very nervous, and Li Hang took a deep breath and said to Xu Muqing, “Honey, you must listen to me calmly next.”

“Mm, you say.”

“Wife, if I’m not wrong in my estimation, Mom should have been infected with the zombie virus.”

As the words fell, shock swept inside everyone’s eyes!

Half an hour later.

As the small building Li Hang and the others were staying in had been destroyed by Cui Tianzhi, they were now back in the barn as a landing place.

A considerable number of farm personnel had gathered in the open space in front of the barn, all of whom had heard that Liu Yufen had fallen ill and had come to visit her.

“Little strong mother, go in and ask when Mr Li will be out?”

“Yes, everyone is concerned about what’s going on inside, otherwise you’d go in and ask again?”

Liu Xihua said helplessly, “Mr. Li will come out after seeing his mother-in-law’s illness, it’s not good for me to keep going in and asking.”

“What’s wrong with that? You’re the only one among us who knows them best, so you must be the one to ask.”


Chapter 1852

“I ……” Liu Xihua was a little hesitant.

At this time, someone in the crowd yelled out, “Mr. Li is coming out!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the same time, and saw Li Hang and Zhang Man Ke walking out from inside the barn.

“Don’t say anything later, leave it to me.” Zhang Man Ke whispered to Li Hang.

Without waiting for Li Hang to speak, Zhang Man Ke had already taken the initiative to announce to the crowd, “From today onwards, our farm will be under closed management.”

“I will take a small team to go to the nearby builders and pull some cement slabs and steel bars from there,”

“Each family will send out all their young and strong ones as a household, and we must reinforce the fences around the farm within a week.”

As Zhang Man Ke’s words fell, the crowd looked at each other.

“Field Master, is the situation outside so serious that those zombies are coming to attack our farm?”

“Yes, otherwise let’s flee and change places.”

In fact, the words that Zhang Mangui could use to fortify the perimeter of the farm were not the real situation, the steel and cement was not used to fortify the farm, but to build the quarantine area.

Through Liu Yufen’s condition, Li Hang had roughly made a prediction that the others inside the farm, most likely, were also infected with the zombie virus, and it was now imperative that all the villagers must be quarantined for observation.

But in order not to cause panic among the villagers, Zhang Man Ke diverted everyone’s attention.

Over the next few days, Zhang Man Ke was responsible for leading the crowd in building the quarantine area, while Li Hang researched the cure for the disease.

Three days and three nights had pa*sed and the quarantine area had taken shape.

Under Zhang Man Ke’s leadership, everyone inside the farm entered the quarantine area.

Zhang Man Ke said to the crowd, “Each of you go into the room for a final check, and then we will withdraw en ma*se.”

As the words fell, the villagers all entered the rooms unguarded.

The drawings for the construction of these rooms were designed by Li Hang with reference to the prison cells.

During the isolation of the villagers, if they encountered a mob, or the onset of the disease was able to be controlled without affecting the other villagers.

When each of these people entered the room, Li Hang, who was waiting in the control room in advance, suddenly pressed the button to close the door of the room.



The sound of the iron gates closing resounded one after another in the isolation area.

“Let us out! Let us out!”

The sudden change of events startled the villagers, and everyone shouted in emotion.

Zhang Man Ke was standing outside at this time and said to the crowd, “There’s something I have to tell you all with great regret, inside our farm, someone has been infected with the zombie virus.”

“This virus is not harmful in a living body, but if that living body is weak, the virus will take advantage of the opportunity to invade the immune system and eventually be zombified.”

“Everyone will live here for now until a specific list of infections is determined.”

“Everything you need for your lives will be allocated for you all.”

As the words fell, the villagers were so excited that some were even using the axes in their hands and swinging at the door of the room directly.

“Let the old man out! Ah!”

The door was cut and the man who came out was Cheng San, the tallest and strongest man on the farm.