My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1859-1860

Chapter 1859

Tifa asked Li Hang with a very serious face at this time, “So what is brother going to do now? If Sister Mu Qing knew the truth, she would be very sad and upset.”

“Right, you’d better tell her clearly, otherwise, there’s a good chance she’ll hate you.” Gu Yanxi also gave a timely reminder.

However, Li Hang was shaking his head, “Forget it, let me bear everything, you guys just pretend that you never heard me say these words.”

After saying that, Li Hang directly spread his sturdy legs and walked in the direction of the barn.

He would follow Xu Muqing’s request and revert to Xu Muqing’s superpowers as fast as possible, so that Liu Yufen’s body could recover the fastest.

The child in his belly, on the other hand, would be considered as his incompetence and inability to keep it, in which case, it would be better for him to carry all the blame alone than for Xu Muqing to blame herself.

Tifa and Gu Yanxi looked at Li Hang’s distant back and couldn’t help but look at each other.

“It’s too hard for brother to do this.”

“He has good intentions for Mu Qing, let’s just follow him.” Gu Yanxi said thoughtfully.

“But then, Sister Mu Qing will feel that brother is very useless and will definitely resent him.”

“That’s still better than Mu Qing blaming herself. Don’t you still understand Li Hang’s mind? He would rather have a thousand holes in himself than let the woman he loves suffer a little.”

After Gu Yanxi finished speaking, she took her own steps and walked back.

Tifa’s big, soulful eyes were filled with all kinds of complicated emotions, and she finally let out a long sigh, “Asking what love is in this world, it can teach people to live and die.”

“I used to think that the love between a man and a woman on TV was too fake, but now I realise that the love between a man and a woman on TV is nothing like that, it’s the kind of love that hurts.”

After muttering for a while, Tifa also returned to the barn with a heavy heart.

Not long after she left, a slender figure stepped out from behind a large tree not far away. Xu Muqing’s eyes burned as she stared in the direction the three had left, her eyes already red.

Every word that Li Hang said just now fell clearly into Xu Muqing’s ears.

“Husband, why are you so stupid? If you have something in your heart, you should have told me.”

Xu Muqing muttered to herself with a heart-wrenching expression, then took a deep breath and took a step away.

In the barn, Li Hang had everything ready. When he saw Xu Muqing returning from outside, he asked with concern, “Why are your eyes red? Are you still anxious about Mum’s illness?”

“I’ve found the best solution, now I’ll restore your supernatural powers for you, and soon Mom will be cured.”

Xu Muqing blinked twice and asked at Li Hang, “Honey, do you have something on your mind?”

Li Hang froze for a moment and immediately denied, “No, what could I have in mind?”

“Let’s not talk about that, let’s get down to business. When we’re done, we can do something humiliating tonight.”

Li Hang pretended to be relaxed and said something to tease his wife, Xu Muqing immediately blushed, and although her heart was sweet, it was more or less unpleasant.

After all, couples have to face anything together, although she knows that Li Hang hides it from herself for her own good, but very often, it is because each other think it is for the good of the other, instead of creating some unnecessary misunderstanding.


Chapter 1860

Just when Xu Muqing wanted to make some things clear with Li Hang, Li Hang had already jammed his two thick lips on her moist red lips.


After a few moments of interlocking ears and moistening each other’s lips, the lips parted.

Li Hang’s two firm arms firmly wrapped around Xu Muqing’s slender waist, as if he wanted to nestle Xu Muqing’s body inside his own.

Xu Muqing felt a little breathless, and her body twisted slightly uneasily. The two high peaks on her chest became especially rippling and undulating with every twist and turn of her body.

Li Hang couldn’t help but gulp, secretly sighing: I wonder if there will be such benefits after this evening.

However, Li Hang thought he had full confidence that he could make Xu Muqing accept him again, after all, Xu Muqing was a kind girl and would definitely understand him.

At this moment Xu Muqing’s heart was also full of mixed feelings, she tilted her head and said to Li Hang, “Honey, actually I didn’t ……”

“Shh, don’t say anything, now it has started to awaken the body’s ability, if you talk, it will deflate the air.”

Hearing these words, Xu Muqing didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Immediately after, she felt a warm current flowing rampantly through her body, sometimes like an unbridled wild horse galloping and roaring, sometimes like a trickling stream, turbulent.

After about fifteen minutes, Xu Muqing’s body looked as if she had been fished out of the water, her clothes and hair strands were completely dripping with water.

Li Hang’s rigid face was also beaded with sweat all the way out, and he didn’t say a word as he kept his palm pressed against Xu Muqing’s towering left mountain range.

If Li Hang had done this, Xu Muqing would have rolled her eyes at him and scolded him softly for being a “rogue”.

But now, Xu Muqing knew very clearly that apart from awakening her body’s hidden superpowers, Li Hang was also doing his best to protect the baby in her belly.

“Wife, is there any feeling in the small of your belly?” Overhead, came Li Hang’s low, dark, inquiring voice.

Xu Muqing felt like she was getting pregnant in the ears now, and she nodded her head in a daze, “Honey, I feel that my stomach is a bit cramped and a bit up, just like when I get my period every month, it feels especially similar.”

When he heard this, Li Hang’s heart could not help but “thump”, the feeling of having a period, then the baby really can not be kept.

Li Hang’s eyes suddenly reddened and his nose turned sour, and a crystal slid down his hard face at the corner of his eyes.

When Xu Muqing saw Li Hang’s tears with her own eyes, her heart tightened.

“Honey, why are you crying? I was just joking with you.” As she said that, Xu Muqing hurriedly stretched out her slender hand to wipe away Li Hang’s tears for him.

Following closely, Xu Muqing reached out and grabbed Li Hang’s hand, letting his palm rest on his small belly, “Honey, there is nothing inside your belly, don’t be blindly sad, and ah, the way you cry, you are not handsome at all.”

Hearing this, Li Hang’s eyes couldn’t help but stare, and his whole body was a bit confused.

It was only after half a day that Li Hang suddenly reacted, he was so excited that he even stammered and asked Xu Muqing, “Honey, you didn’t lie to me, you really didn’t lie to me?!”

“Of course I didn’t lie to you, but you, is there something you’re hiding from me?” Xu Muqing asked instead of answering.