My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1861-1862

Chapter 1861

“No.” Li Hang didn’t even think twice and denied it straight away.

Xu Muqing’s beautiful eyes could not help but narrow, her slender hand directly cupped Li Hang’s cheek and asked seriously, “Give you another chance, is it there or not?”

“Wife, I ……”

“Forget it, it’s better not to talk about it first, I’ll go help mum recover, and we’ll talk about this matter later.”

Xu Muqing didn’t let Li Hang continue talking, but turned around and went upstairs to help Liu Yufen heal.

Xu Muqing, who had recovered her healing abilities, could now be said to be in an extraordinarily relaxed mood. Originally, in this zombie-ridden world, Xu Muqing had lived every day with great trepidation.

Moreover, she often had thoughts popping up in her head, fearing that her loved ones would leave her due to accidents.

But from now on, Xu Muqing will no longer be worried.

Because she was already capable of protecting her family, her friends, and the man she loved the most.

“Honey, do you want to take a rest, Mum’s life is not in danger for now.”

Li Hang caught up with Xu Muqing’s steps and spoke out in concern.

Xu Muqing blinked twice and suddenly said to Li Hang, “Honey, I can also protect you in the future, you don’t have to bear everything alone in silence.”

After saying that, without waiting for Li Hang’s reaction, Xu Muqing darted into the room with a “thump, thump”.

Li Hang didn’t follow him in, but stood at the door, listening to Xu Muqing chatting with Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, and unconsciously, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

At the same time, at Cheng San’s instigation, the villagers who had been isolated on the farm were already raging and swarming towards the barn.

“If we people go over like this, will we be no match for that Li Hang?”

Someone among the villagers spoke uneasily, only to be directly beaten by Cheng San, who cursed, “Either Li Hang and the others die today, or we die.”

“It’s because we have cowering scumbags like you on our farm that we’ve let outsiders take over our farm.”

Cheng San scolded the villagers as he beat them until the villager was bruised and swollen and lay dying on the ground, then he panted and said to the other villagers, “If any of you still chatter and disturb our resolve, don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

The villagers subconsciously shrank their necks, they all just wanted to live well on the farm, and this time they went after Li Hang because he had threatened their living space.

Otherwise, the villagers would never have done such a dangerous thing.

Naturally, Cheng San had also seized this mentality of the villagers and deliberately incited them to become cannon fodder. In fact, he had calculated long ago that as soon as these people arrived at the barn, he would incite them to launch an attack on the barn.

In that case, Li Hang and the villagers would be in direct conflict, then he could join forces with the people outside and take this farm in one fell swoop.

Soon, a group of people gathered around the barn and Cheng San waved his hand directly at the crowd, and immediately a few villagers with firewood in their hands came up.

“A few of you pile up firewood all around and pour kerosene on it, be quick.”

The villagers did not dare to delay, and they did exactly what Cheng San had instructed them to do.

In a short time, a pile of firewood more than one person high was erected around the barn, and all of it was poured with kerosene, so that if only the slightest spark fell on it, the whole barn would be instantly set on fire.


Chapter 1862

On the first floor of the barn, Xu Muqing was healing Liu Yufen, a process that absolutely could not be interrupted in any way, otherwise, both her and Liu Yufen’s lives would be in danger.

“Li Hang, get your a*s out here!”

Cheng San crossed his arms and shouted nonchalantly from outside.

Hearing the commotion, Li Hang frowned slightly and randomly took a step to quickly descend the stairs.

Xu Haoran also happened to hear the commotion and hurriedly walked up to Li Hang: “Brother-in-law, what’s the situation outside now? I hear that there seems to be a lot of people outside, what’s going on?”

“Leave the outside to me, you are responsible for guarding the people inside the house, no matter what happens don’t disturb your sister and the others.”

Li Hang’s face was now very serious, something Xu Haoran had never seen before, “Brother-in-law, if that group of people are against us, can I take them out?”

This was a world of cowardice and strength, Xu Haoran had understood one truth profoundly after experiencing so many things.

If he wanted to live well with his family in this world, apart from having to deal with those zombies who ate people without spitting bones, he also had to learn to deal with those greedy and selfish humans.

And the people on this farm had already made Xu Haoran unbearable by provoking them again and again.

But for the greater good, Xu Haoran still had to report this matter to Li Hang, he did not want to create unnecessary trouble for Li Hang because of his impulse.

Li Hang’s face was calm, his gaze was fixed on Xu Haoran for a moment, and after a while, he said solemnly to Xu Haoran, “If anyone dares to come near your sister and their room and try to harm them, no matter who the other party is, kill them all.”

“Good brother-in-law, I’ve long seen those ungrateful guys get upset, they’d better not come, or they’re just asking for death.”

Li Hang didn’t say anything more and walked outside the barn with big strides.

At this time, Zhang Man Ke also heard the news and came over. She looked at the group of people gathered in a big way and her heart thumped.

For some reason, Zhang Manke had a vague sense of foreboding in her heart that if this matter was not handled properly tonight, their farm would be doomed.

Seeing Li Hang come out from inside, Zhang Man Ke hurriedly walked to his side and said to Li Hang, “Li Hang, there must be some misunderstanding in the middle.”

“This group of villagers they are usually honest and obedient, they would appear in this place now, they must have been compelled by someone else.”

“The question of whether they are under someone’s compulsion or not, just let them answer it themselves.”

Li Hang expressionlessly interrupted Zhang Man Ke’s words of explanation.

His nose twitched slightly and a heavy smell of gunpowder filled the air as Li Hang snorted coldly, “It seems that you have come prepared and intend to burn all of us to death.”

“No, no, there must be a misunderstanding in between.” Zhang Man Ke couldn’t help but snatch her words, she knew that Li Hang was a powerful man who stood proudly between heaven and earth, there was no way that they, ordinary people, could be Li Hang’s opponent.

And now, the reason why Li Hang would stand in front of them and waste words with them was purely because Li Hang needed to buy some time to allow Liu Yufen and Xu Muqing’s bodies to recover.

Once all the people inside the family’s bodies had recovered, Li Hang would have no qualms about taking on the villagers.