My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1863-1864

Chapter 1863

Zhang Man Ke knew that Li Hang he would do it, because everything and anyone that would endanger the collective interest would be wiped out by Li Hang, and Lu Fang Fang was the best example.

“Cheng San, what are you doing out here instead of staying in the isolation house? Don’t you all want to live!”

Zhang Man Ke scolded at the villagers first.

When the words fell, all the villagers looked at each other, and some of them had already dropped their heads [51 novels], they were a bit vain, and they also felt that they were not reasonable.

In fact, when Cheng San proposed to burn Li Hang and his family alive in the barn, some of these villagers had already communicated privately.

Everyone felt that what Cheng San said might not necessarily be true, after all, there was no proof of what he said, and if they just rashly ran to the barn and came against Li Hang now, wouldn’t it be embarra*sing in the future in case the truth of the matter came out that in fact Li Hang’s family did not bring the zombie virus into the farm?

“Field Master, we were actually dragged over here by Cheng San, it was Cheng San who said that the zombie virus was brought in by Li Hang and the others!”

“Shut the f*ck up! What do you know!” Zhang Man Ke was so angry with the villagers, they were so stupid, so stupid!

Zhang Man Ke could not wait to keep Li Hang’s family on the farm forever, as long as they had the protection of Li Hang, a powerful man, their farm and the people on it could always live and work in peace and happiness.

As Zhang Man Ke spoke, she had already taken the initiative to move the firewood that had been piled up around the barn and doused with kerosene: “What are you still standing there for? Why don’t you hurry over and move these D*mn things out of the way!”

The master’s words still had a deterrent effect, and several villagers hurriedly went forward to help.

However, Cheng San shouted in a shrill voice, “Master, you know that Li Hang’s mother-in-law is infected with the zombie virus, but you still want to bring them back to the farm, are you trying to get us killed?”

“Thanks to the fact that we still trust you so much, I never thought that you would sacrifice the lives of so many people on our farm just to please a man, you simply don’t know shame!”

“Cheng San, you are talking nonsense! The zombie virus is clearly parasitic in living animals, everyone is at risk of infection, if you keep talking nonsense, I’ll tear your mouth off!” Zhang Man Ke was furious.

“Field master that nasty mind in your own heart was exposed in front of everyone, and you’re getting annoyed, you’re really quite shameless!”

“Lu Fangfang, who grew up with you as a childhood friend, was killed by this Li Hang, and instead of avenging your man, you want to put yourself and the whole farm on the line, it’s really too cheap.”

Cheng San finished and spat a mouthful of thick spit directly at the ground, “If I had known you were such a b*tch, I should have just f*cked you, what kind of purity do you usually pretend to have in front of us old men, you are a b*tch!”

“Cheng San, you fart!” Zhang Man Ke couldn’t help but rush over, she wanted to fight with Cheng San one on one.

However, at this time, a broad palm, pressed on her shoulder, Li Hang said in a deep voice to Zhang Man Ke, “If you trust me, leave it to me to handle.”

“Li Hang, these villagers were all compelled by Cheng San, you should let them go, I promise you on their behalf that they will definitely not act recklessly in the future.”

“There are no rules, no square, a deadly crime can be forgiven, but a living crime is hard to escape.”

After Li Hang finished speaking, his body suddenly flickered in the air, and in the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of the screaming Cheng San.


Chapter 1864


A miserable scream sounded out.

The crowd then saw Cheng San being choked by Li Hang with one hand, Cheng San’s feet left the ground and his entire body was lifted into the air by Li Hang.

Cheng San’s eyes were wide and his eyes were filled with panic as he desperately reached out to break Li Hang’s fingers around his throat, but he couldn’t exert any strength at all.

“Let go, let go …… cough cough cough!”

Cheng San couldn’t even speak now, and the crowd could see him struggling incessantly in pain.

“This Li Hang is so cruel, will he do the same to us?”

“We can’t even beat him, what can we do?”

“Let’s set fire to the barn. He is powerful alone, but the people in his family are not very capable.

“Yes, staying on this farm is the same as being in jail anyway, and locking us up, why should we? We’re all fine, what’s wrong with that!”

A few villagers who had a grudge against Li Hang combined their efforts and broke away from the group, sneaking into the bushes next to them and noiselessly going around behind the barn.

“There are a few people sneaking around down there.” Tifa was the first to spot the problem, and she lifted the sniper rifle in her hand, about to shoot at these people.

Gu Yanxi pressed her down and said in a deep voice, “Let’s see what they want first?”

“No good, they’re going to set fire!” Tifa suddenly said.

The two of them then saw several villagers place a pile of firewood behind the barn, and then cut a match, intending to set the pile on fire.

“D*mn it!”

Tifa cursed angrily, her heart was now stuffed with fire, although it was very easy to finish them off with a single shot, Tifa wanted to beat them up so badly now that they would cry and cry in her heart before she could get relief.

The moment she landed, she startled the villagers who were about to start the fire.

Almost at the same time, the villager who was holding a match to light the fire dropped it with a shake of his hand.

“D*mn it!”

With a beautiful flying kick, Tifa kicked the villager who dropped the match straight out.

She saw a flying flower probing hand, the palm of her hand steadily intercepting the burning match in mid-air.

The heat of the match burned a big deep red blister on her palm, and Gu Yanxi on the roof of the building couldn’t help but cover her mouth in pain when she saw it, Tifa was such a pretty girl, this burn could leave scars in the future.

“You ungrateful guys, go to hell!”

As a noble princess of the Persian Empire, Tifa hated ungrateful villains the most in her life, and she unceremoniously punched and kicked several other people, directly beating them to tears.

Zhang Man Ke, who had been calming the villagers at the front, heard the huge commotion at the back of the barn and was the first to rush over.

“Field Master, save us, we’re about to be killed by this tigress!”

The villagers, each with bruised noses and swollen faces, lunged and crawled towards Zhang Man Ke, who subconsciously took a step backwards.

Zhang Man Ke frowned and stared at the men on the ground, “You want to burn the barn?”

“Field Master, before we succeeded in burning it, we were beaten half to death by this tigress, we know we were wrong, Field Master, please save us! Otherwise we’ll really be killed.”