My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1865-1866

Chapter 1865

Gu Yanxi shouted from the roof at this time, “Zhang Man Ke, think before you speak, we don’t always have the patience to play house with these foolish people on your farm.”

Zhang Man Ke took a deep breath as she clasped her fist at Tifa, “Tifa, just leave them alive, as long as you relieve your anger.”

“Field Master, you can’t do this to us, we’ve been working for your family for generations, you can’t do this to us!!!”


A few villagers didn’t have time to finish their words of complaint, and instead, they were replaced by a scream of misery that rose above their voices.

The waves of sound drifted to the front of the barn, and these remaining villagers were so scared to hear them that everyone instinctively stepped back.

“Everyone, since you’re here, just say all that’s on your mind, after this village, there’s no such shop, if you dare to do anything against my family again in the future, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

As Li Hang spoke, he casually threw Cheng San to the side as if he was rubbish.

Cheng San was strangled half to death, breathing heavily and pointing his finger at Li Hang: “If you have the guts, call out your mother-in-law and let us all take a look.”

“If she hadn’t brought the virus back, then she’d be as alive and well as a normal person now.”

“But when you came back during the day, you clearly carried her back, she can’t even walk, so how can she be okay?”

“You want to use this method of making an example out of us, to scare the group of us away, it’s okay to fool ordinary people, I, Cheng San, you don’t want to fool!”

“Li Hang, I know you are very powerful, you squeeze me to death just like you squeeze an ant, but this also proves exactly that you have a ghost in your heart!”

I have to admit that Cheng San’s mouth was really very eloquent, and he wrenched the villagers’ brains back into their heads with just a few words.

When Zhang Man Ke hurried back, she saw that the villagers were back on the same side as Cheng San.

She couldn’t help but hold her forehead and shouted sternly at the crowd, “Are you finished or not? Are all of you too long for life?”

“Li Hang, he has already said that the zombie virus is spread through living animals, and any of us in the crowd could be infected.”

“Field Master, you’ve been charmed by Li Hang and are simply in cahoots with him.”

Cheng San smiled wickedly and deliberately mocked out.

“But don’t you forget that Li Hang already has a wife, and more than one, who are you, at best a shaved head.”

Li Hang looked at the crowd with a cold expression on his face, and in the crowd’s astonished gaze, a huge ball of energy suddenly rose up in his hand.

With just a gentle push of his hand, this huge ball of energy crossed over the heads of the crowd and flew towards the open space behind them.


A huge explosion stimulated the eardrums of everyone present.

The crowd was dumbfounded and horrified!

They had never dreamed that Li Hang would be able to destroy an open space with his bare hands.

The crowd gulped secretly, and layers of cold sweat immediately broke out on their backs as they realised that if Li Hang wanted them dead, none of them would survive.

They realized that if Li Hang wanted them to die, none of them would survive, and they would die without a body, and they would be destroyed by smoke!

Almost at the same time, those villagers who had been compelled by Cheng San to make trouble turned around nimbly, chanting “We’ll go back to the isolation room right away”, and left as if they were running for their lives.

“Stop right there!”

Xu Muqing came out from inside the barn, her beautiful face was a little bit tired.


Chapter 1866

“Honey, why did you come out?”

“Honey, why don’t you explain the truth to them, so that they won’t misunderstand you as a bad person.”

Li Hang said indifferently, “As long as you and mum are okay, nothing else matters.”

“But ……”

“There’s nothing but, besides, we’ll leave this place tomorrow.”

When Li Hang said this, all the villagers, including Zhang Man Ke, were startled.

“Where are you going? There is food and drink here at the farm, it’s just that the villagers are rather xenophobic and can’t accept you for a while, it’s fine if we have misunderstandings and solve them in time, you ……”

Zhang Man Ke in a hurry, the hand directly grabbed Li Hang’s solid arm.

However just a moment of touching, Zhang Manke felt her palm numb, then the whole arm was like an electric shock, directly by Li Hang shocked away.

Li Hang swept Xu Muqing into his arms, letting her soft body lean against him, and then said to the crowd, “I’m no longer in charge of your farm, so go back to the isolation room if you like.”

As the words fell, Liu Yufen, whose body had recovered, also appeared in front of the crowd.

Liu Yufen said to the crowd, “Didn’t you all want to see if I was dead? I’m fine now, there’s nothing wrong with my body at all.”

“Since you can’t tolerate our family, we’ll just leave.”

“From now on, we will return the bridge to the bridge, and the road to the road, and we will not have anything to do with each other.”

While Xu Muqing was treating Liu Yufen, Liu Yufen heard very clearly how unpleasant those villagers outside were talking, and she couldn’t say how hard it was in her heart.

Liu Yufen knew very clearly that Li Hang was a very proud and outstanding person, when had he ever suffered such aggravation?

All this was for the sake of their family.

Liu Yufen felt that at times like this, she, as a mother-in-law, must stand up for her son-in-law.

Now, everyone was dumbfounded, and now they could only watch as Li Hang took his family, returned to the barn to pack his luggage, and then got into the big delivery truck they had driven when they arrived, and left in the dust.

“Master, it’s good that they’ve gone, we’ve got a reinforced house on the farm now, let’s all move there so that we can look after each other.”

Cheng San ran up to Zhang Man Ke and offered his advice.

Zhang Man Ke gave Cheng San a fierce glare and slapped him on the face.


A loud slap directly sent Cheng San spinning around three times in place and ended up sitting on his butt on the ground.

Covering his swollen cheek, Cheng San shouted with a furious look at Zhang Man Ke who had left in a huff, “Field Master, you’ve been tricked by that b*****d Li Hang, this man is simply using you!”

“Get lost!”

Zhang Man Ke didn’t even turn her head back and roared! She really had the heart to kill Cheng San now!

“I told you a long time ago that there is no way you can keep this farm by yourself, how about it, things have come to this point, are you still not going to submit to me?”

A gloomy man’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

This man walked out of the void, as if he had appeared out of thin air.

Zhang Man Ke fiercely turned around, his gaze burning as he stared at the strange man in front of him. A few bells ago, he had tried to turn Zhang Man Ke against Li Hang, and Zhang Man Ke had refused without hesitation.

“Who the hell are you? What exactly is the grievance with Li Hang? Why do you want to set him up again and again?”