My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1871-1872

Chapter 1871

He looked at Xu Muqing’s slender body and moved closer to him, his moist red lips slowly approaching him, and Li Hang was already vaguely excited.

This was the first time that his wife was going to kiss him.

In the past, in public, it was Li Hang who had always played rascal with Xu Muqing and teased her in all sorts of ways, he had never been treated like this by Xu Muqing.


Suddenly, a crisp slap sounded out.

Everyone froze!

Li Hang’s cheeks were red and his five fingerprints were particularly obvious, he had actually somehow received a slap from Xu Muqing.

“Brother-in-law, you’ve been hit by my sister!”

Xu Haoran was the first to react, his heart already lit up with a blazing fire of gossip as he yelled out loud.

This yell also brought everyone back from the shock.

“Sister Mu Qing, what are you hitting brother for?” Tifa asked, somewhat puzzled.

Li Hang was slapped, but everyone was not particularly concerned about his injury, after all, the Red Sea [leisurely reading] War God has thick skin and thick flesh, a thousand armies can be casually crushed, by a small woman called a slap, just like a mosquito scratching the same, not enough to hang.

What everyone is most concerned about is why Xu Muqing suddenly hit Li Hang.

Gu Yanxi, who has never spoken much, couldn’t help but ask: “Did Li Hang do something wrong that made you angry? If so, you should have spoken up instead of hitting him?”

When Gu Yanxi spoke, it was obvious that she was in a heartfelt mood for Li Hang.

The whole family knew that Gu Yanxi liked Li Hang, and Xu Muqing even knew it by heart.

Moreover, until now, Tifa, Gu Yanxi and the long-lost Ruiwen were still nominally Li Hang’s wife.

She had never had a formal conversation with Li Hang about this matter.

On the one hand, Xu Muqing felt that she should be more generous and not bother Li Hang with such trivial matters.

On the other hand, Xu Muqing also blamed herself, after all, these changes were all caused by the chain reaction of her and Li Hang going back in time together and changing the timeline.

She had to take the blame for the trouble she had caused, and there was nothing much to say about it.

However, she always felt that she could share her unhappiness with Li Hang, even if she could not say it out loud, she could show it in her actions.

That’s why, on a dare, she slapped Li Hang on a whim, and she controlled the force of the slap.

Although it sounded loud and red marks fell on the top of her cheeks, it actually didn’t hurt at all.

To take a step back, Xu Muqing couldn’t let her husband suffer.

Xu Muqing’s pretty eyes dripped for a moment, she did not say anything, but turned her gaze to the fuming Li Hang: “Tell them yourself why I hit you?”

Li Hang grinned, revealing a b*tchy look, “Beating is kissing and scolding is loving, of course my wife beats me because she loves me.”

“Hehe, how can you say that and be so b*tchy?” Xu Haoran couldn’t help but spit out a sentence.

It was so easy to catch a chance to spit on this bullying God of War brother-in-law of his, Xu Haoran was of course full of energy, desperately squeezing in all sorts of fancy ways.


Chapter 1872

“Brother-in-law, how come I didn’t realise you had such cheeky potential before, looks like I’ll have to learn more from you in the future.”

“Cut the crap, it’s my turn to spin the bottle.” Li Hang rolled his eyes with no good humour, then reached out and spun the bottle with one hand.

The bottle spun by Li Hang’s hand was much faster than Xu Haoran’s. It was too dazzling to describe.

The bottle was already spinning into a blinding shadow under the campfire, and before anyone could react, the bottle suddenly stopped and pointed at Li Liu’er.

“Li Liu’er, Li Liu’er, Truth or Dare!”

Xu Haoran yelled with an excited face, he felt that his brother-in-law really knew him too well, he just wanted to turn the bottle towards Li Liu’er, but he was not skilled enough, thankfully he had his brother-in-law to help him.

Li Liu’er was flabbergasted for a moment, her heart beating faster than ever.

“Can I, can I abstain?”

“No, no, you can’t abstain.” Tifa coaxed, and as she spoke, she deliberately raised her eyebrows at Xu Haoran.

Xu Haoran was flattered and said with a smile, “Liu’er, abstaining is not allowed, you must choose one.”

“Then I’ll be true to my word.” For Li Liu’er, the dare was too exciting, she didn’t want to choose.

As the words fell, Xu Haoran immediately jumped up and ran up to her, bumbling, and asked, “Then you have to answer all of us, are you ready?”

“You ask it.”

“Are you my wife Li Liu’er, or my daughter-in-law Li Liu’er?”

This question had been in Xu Haoran’s stomach for a long time, and now he finally got the chance to ask it, much to his delight.

“Xu Haoran, your question is ambiguous and I don’t want to answer it.” Li Liu’er’s face was already crawling with red, she knew what Xu Haoran had in mind for her, but she didn’t expect this guy to actually catch the opportunity to confess his feelings, it was just too embarra*sing.

“That can’t be helped, it’s your choice to be true, so you must answer, it’s the rules of the game ah.”

With that, Xu Haoran hooked his chin at the others, gesturing for everyone to help raise a ruckus.

Tifa was particularly cooperative, she always liked to watch the fun, and deliberately said to Li Liu’er, “Yeah, yeah, the rules of the game must be followed, otherwise we can cheat later too.”

“I ……” Li Liu’er was momentarily speechless.

“Help! Help!”

Suddenly, a panicked cry for help came from the distance, interrupting the relaxed atmosphere of the game.

Li Hang was the first to say to the crowd, “Stay on guard, I’ll go check it out.”

“Honey, be careful.”

Li Hang nodded, and then his body turned into a blinding shadow in the air, disappearing from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

The campfire was blazing, Xu Haoran was gripping his submachine gun in his hand, the dangling look on his face swept away, replaced by a serious and guarded look.

He turned to Xu Muqing and the girls and said, “Sister, you all go into the tent and stay there, it’s safer this way.”

“We are not weak women with no hands, we can also do our part to defend our home.”

When Li Liu’er said that, she took out a small crossbow from her pocket, which was small and delicate, just right for the girls to use. When Xu Haoran saw it, he could not help but grin from the corners of his mouth to the roots behind his ears, because this crossbow, which he had specially picked out for Li Liu’er, he did not expect that she would actually carry it close to her body.