My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1875-1876

Chapter 1875

Soon it was nightfall.

It was the first night after winter and the weather in the wilderness seemed extraordinarily cold.

Li Hang and his group, led by Raven, had arrived a kilometre away from the town.

When Raven had figured out that her appearance was actually a deliberate move by the other side, she had strongly opposed Li Hang’s move to come to the town to rescue the hostages.

Only, Li Hang acted as if nothing was wrong, as if everything was under his control.

“Boss, we don’t have enough manpower now, the other side has elite soldiers, a conservative estimate should be around 500 people, there’s no way we can barge in to rescue them like this and get out in one piece.”

“Moreover, the other side is obviously digging a pit waiting for us to jump into, all we are doing now is obviously throwing ourselves into the net.”

Regarding Raven’s words, Tifa and Gu Yanxi also agreed very much, but the two of them had already persuaded Li Hang countless times, but Li Hang did not respond to them.

Originally, they were going to ask Xu Muqing to persuade Li Hang, after all, Li Hang listened to Xu Muqing the most.

But Xu Muqing said, “If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken, follow the dog”, leaving them speechless.

Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen had already been placed in a very safe place by Li Hang, and now Li Hang had a plan in mind.

“Who said I was going to get the people out?”

When these words came out, everyone looked at Li Hang with astonishment.

A look of relief appeared on Li Hang’s face as he looked at Xu Muqing with a burning gaze and explained to everyone, “Actually, everyone can think differently.”

“Since the other party is waiting for us to jump into the pit, it means he’s already got his eyes on us.”

“As the saying goes, if you can avoid the first day of the year, you can’t avoid the 15th.”

“Since this group of people are biting us to death, we’ll be able to shake them off once or twice, but after more times, they’ll come to hara*s us often and make us feel very uncomfortable.”

“Why don’t we turn our pa*sivity into initiative.”

As the words fell, Xu Haoran was the first to react and gave Li Hang a thumbs up, “Brother-in-law, from what you’re saying, you’re going to take down this town and take over the mountain as king?”

“Not take over the mountain as king, but as our base, so that we can relax and live for a good while.”

Xu Haoran had already jumped at the chance, he had been thinking of making a place like the West Hill Farm, where he could have food and drink and a bed to sleep in, and live a more relaxed life.

Now this idea of Li Hang’s was right up his alley, and immediately Xu Haoran acted very excited.

“But, there are so many of them, how are we going to be able to restrain all of these people while keeping ourselves safe?” Xu Muqing couldn’t help but ask.

Without waiting for Li Hang to say anything, Tifa snatched the words, “I know, brother must already have his own method.”

Tifa knew Li Hang’s way of doing things very well, once she and Li Hang had worked together in a battle where the chances of winning were extremely low.

At that time, they were running out of ammunition and were in a very difficult situation, and it was impossible for them to break out.

However, Li Hang was able to lead the Persian army out of the siege with his own strength, and eventually won the battle.

It was that victory that established her status as a princess of the Persian Empire.

Chapter 1876

In between thoughts, Tifa continued to the crowd, “My brother just has that ability to turn corruption into magic, there is no such word as defeat in his vocabulary.”

“I think we just need to follow our brother’s instructions next and do what we are told to do, as far as the outcome is concerned is natural.”

As Tifa’s words fell, Li Hang had already secretly got up and turned in another direction, Xu Muqing couldn’t help but gently tug on the corner of Li Hang’s shirt and asked in a small voice, “Honey, what are you doing there?”

“Brother-in-law, let me accompany you.” Xu Haoran leapt to his feet.

“You stay behind and protect your sister and the girls, we’ll move when dinner time in the town is over.”

After saying that, Li Hang went into the dense forest on his own.

“I’m a bit worried.” Xu Muqing couldn’t help but mutter.

“Don’t worry, brother is a very powerful man, as the Red Sea War God, he is just omnipotent, those jumping clowns won’t be able to turn the tide.”

Tifa’s confident words made the crowd’s curiosity about Lihang even heavier.

Although they had spent a long time with Li Hang and everyone knew that Li Hang was very powerful, however, the crowd still had no concrete idea of what kind of person Li Hang really was.

Xu Muqing took the opportunity and hastily asked Tifa, “You’ve known Li Hang since we were kids, what did he do before, can you tell me about it?”

“Hmm, well, it’s idle anyway, so I’ll tell you about my brother’s previous heroic deeds.”

While Tifa was telling with great interest about the great achievements Li Hang had once made in that part of the Red Sea, Li Hang had already arrived at the upper reaches of a stream on foot by himself.

The satellite map showed that this stream was the town’s water source, and the entire town’s water supply was obtained from this stream.

At this time, Li Hang took out a small paper packet from his pocket and opened it, he put some yellow medicinal powder into the stream.

Immediately after that, a smile could not help but appear on his small handsome face.

This packet of powder was enough to drive three thousand pigs mad, no matter how many smart and strong men there were inside the town, unless he didn’t drink the water,……

Meanwhile, in the top floor office of the small blue building.

The Governor had a cigar in his mouth, both feet resting on the solid wood table, his whole body leaning back in the sofa chair, listening to Marshall’s report with a languid expression.

“Governor, the men below have reported that Li Hang and the others are already in ambush a kilometre away, and should make their move after nightfall.”

“Very well, then wait for them to get themselves into the trap we have set, I can’t wait to see Li Hang as my defeated enemy.”

Marshall said respectfully, “However, the men below reported that Li Hang left for ten minutes in the middle of the attack, Governor, do you think there is any variation in this?”

“Hmph, what can ten minutes do? Li Hang is just a commander in chief, he has no one at his disposal, he left for ten minutes, he probably went to hide and cried in secret.”

“Let’s just open the door and wait for them to enter, soon, the game will begin.”

“Duk Duk Duk!”

Suddenly, there was a sharp knock on the office door.

Immediately afterwards, a subordinate rushed in, “Governor, it’s not good!”

“How can you talk, the Governor is fine, what’s not fine!” Marshall kicked over his subordinate and scolded him in a cold, angry voice.