My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1879-1880

Chapter 1879

Hearing this, the corner of Li Hang’s eyes couldn’t help but pick up a little, smiling at Xu Haoran and saying, “You still know this word?”

“That’s right, I’m now furious, it won’t be long before I’m also a great general who can write and fight.”

“You two, stop right there!”

Suddenly, an arrogant man’s voice came from behind him.

Xu Haoran’s heart thumped, and his limbs instantly became unruly: “Oh no, they’ve been discovered, haven’t they?”

At this time, Marshall, with a swollen face as big as a steamed bun, came around in front of Li Hang and Xu Haoran.

With a suspicious gleam inside his eyes, he asked at the duo, “Which team are you two from?”

Suddenly being asked this question, Xu Haoran’s entire body stiffened, the two of them were just mingling in, how could they possibly know the internal choreography within this?

Xu Haoran couldn’t help but look at Li Hang who was beside him, but Li Hang’s face was extremely calm at this time, he said to Marshall, “Your Excellency! We are from the Tiger Team.”

As the words fell, Marshall looked at Li Hang with a sharper light in his eyes, “All the people call me Ma Daha, why do you call me Lord?”

Once these words came out, Xu Haoran’s legs almost went limp, not because he was afraid of fighting, but mainly because their aim now was to get the employees of the Lingxiao Group out, if they startled the snake, the plan would go down the drain, in which case, all their efforts would be in vain.

Xu Haoran had already secretly reached his hand to his back at this time, planning to pull out his gun and fight with the other side at any time.

However, Li Hang grinned and said to Marshall, “My lord, you are the same as the bright moon in my heart, I feel that calling out to Ma Daha is really too disrespectful to you, so that’s why I dared to do it myself and call you my lord.”

As the saying goes, a thousand wears, but a horse’s fart does not wear.

As expected, this explanation from Li Hang made the Marshall very receptive, and the Marshall deliberately walked forward and reached out to pat Li Hang on the shoulder: “What is your name? I’ll take you into the Governor’s personal guard, so you can follow me from now on.”

“Thank you, my lord, my name is Li Erniu.”

“Hey, what about you, what’s your name?” Marshall asked, pointing at Xu Haoran.

“I, I ……” Xu Haoran was in a completely baffled state and stumbled over his words.

“His name is Stick, he’s my brother.” Li Hang snapped promptly.

The Marshall glanced at Xu Haoran in disgust and said nonchalantly, “Stick, your parents are good at naming you, the person is just like his name, stupid as a stick, so you have a witty brother.”

With that, Marshall waved his hand, “All right, both of you report to the military office tomorrow.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Li Hang pulled Xu Haoran away under Marshall’s nose, and after the two of them walked out a few dozen metres, Xu Haoran’s whole body collapsed, he patted his chest and let out a long breath, “Brother-in-law, that was close just now, I almost revealed myself.”

“But then again, brother-in-law, how did you know that the Governor and his team had a tiger team inside?”

“If I hadn’t told them, they would have known. Brother-in-law, are you a fortune teller?”

Li Hang walked calmly through the streets of the town and said carelessly, “In the past, when I was in the Red Sea, I had a Dragon and Tiger escort team under my hands, so I was blindly blind.”

Chapter 1880

“Brother-in-law this is okay, you’re playing with both of our heads like balls!”

“What if you’re wrong and they don’t have a dragon or tiger team at all, then won’t we be caught red-handed?”

Xu Haoran’s legs were still trembling when he thought about it, and he was very scared, but Li Hang smiled confidently: “No, for a defeated team, copying the winner’s success model exactly is a matter of great profit.”

“Brother-in-law, why am I getting more and more confused? Why do you make it sound as if the head of this town now, has a problem with you?”

“I can’t say that I have a problem with him, but he is a former defeated general of mine.”

Hearing Li Hang’s words, Xu Haoran’s mouth couldn’t help but open wide, so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth at all.

Xu Haoran was about to ask something more when Li Hang had already stopped him, “Shhh, we have already entered the area where the hostages are being held, next, play hard to get.”

At this moment, Li Hang had led Xu Haoran to a completely enclosed area.

This place had a dozen containers stitched together, and from time to time, human voices would come out from inside the containers.

If Li Hang was not wrong, these containers should be holding Lingxiao Group employees inside.

It was now midday, the sun was very strong and the temperature inside the containers could be as high as 50 degrees.

Li Hang walked around the container with Xu Haoran, and every now and then he could hear the painful cries for help from inside.

Xu Haoran frowned slightly and whispered to Li Hang, “Brother-in-law these people seem to be more or less dehydrated, we shouldn’t be able to take them all away at once.”

Li Hang nodded and randomly hooked his finger at Xu Haoran.

Xu Haoran put his ear in front of Li Hang, and after listening to Li Hang say a few words, the light inside his eyes couldn’t help but change.

In the end, Xu Haoran couldn’t help but pluck up the volume and yelled, “Brother-in-law, do you want to play so big? There are only two of us, in case we can’t get it right, things will be very big.”

“I’m the only male member of the old Xu family, and I’m responsible for pa*sing on the responsibility to the next generation, so let’s go back and meet with Sis and the others first, and then we’ll think about it from a longer perspective.”

Li Hang rolled his eyes in disgust and said to Xu Haoran, “Now that 70% of the fighting forces inside the town have been disturbed by us, you still can’t handle the remaining dozens of people?”

“No wonder Li Liu’er can’t look at you, with your wimpy look, if I were a girl I wouldn’t be able to look at you either.”

Xu Haoran was a person who could not be provoked, once he heard this, his whole body jumped up in defiance: “Who is afraid of who? Brother-in-law, you are not afraid of my sister becoming a widow, what am I afraid of?”

“What are you talking about, you deserve a beating, right?” Li Hang’s face sank as he made a move to punch Xu Haoran.

Xu Haoran hastily shrank his neck, his body reflexively flew up and came at Li Hang from above, “Brother-in-law, I’ll sacrifice myself and hara*s them in the air, you hurry up and save the people haha!”

With those words, Xu Haoran shouted to the group of people patrolling below, “Hey, fools, come and get me!”

Hearing the commotion, those people all uniformly looked their heads towards the sky, and saw Xu Haoran flying randomly in the air, sometimes high, sometimes low, and still without catching any flying instruments.

“Flying man in the air!” Someone shouted in astonishment.