Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3615

Saying that, Helena sent another message, “By the way Mr. Ye, Grandma has already advertised the Spring Return Pill in the guests, they are acting very fanatical, they all seem to be very eager for the Spring Return Pill.”

Ye Chen smiled heartily, this was the effect he was looking for.

This time, he wanted to cut an unprecedented amount of leeks, and the top rich people in Europe and America were the best targets.

As long as the publicity for them was in place and they were attracted to China, they would then definitely splash out money for bidding on the Spring Return Pill.

Ye Chen and Helena exchanged a few more pleasantries on WeChat before Helena went to the banquet, while Ye Chen, seeing that it was also 6pm, said to Song Wanting and Chen Zekai: “The overseas promotion of the Spring Return Pill has already begun, and I believe that many people will be frantically searching for news about the Spring Return Pill in the coming period of time. This matter should be kept secret from the public as much as possible, so that they don’t get involved prematurely.”

Song Wanting and Chen Zekai hastily agreed to do so.

Ye Chen said to the two of them, “I have other things to do these days, so I’ll have to ask you two to push the auction forward as soon as possible.”

Song Wanting busily said, “Master Ye don’t worry, Wanting will do her best!”

Seeing that Ye Chen was leaving, Chen Zekai spoke up and asked, “Where are you going, Young Master? Let me see you off!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “Good.”

After saying that, he said to Song Wanting, “Wanting, we’ll leave first, call if there’s anything.”

“Okay Master Ye, I’ll see you off.”


Once he got into Richard Chen’s car, Ye Chen said to him, “Old Chen, you can take me home.”

“Okay Young Master.” Chen Zekai drove away from the Song Group.

When Ye Chen remembered the matter of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, he said to Chen Zekai, “Old Chen, have the Concorde come over tomorrow night, I plan to go to the Middle East.”

Chen Zekai hurriedly asked, “Young Master, is it about those captives from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, and the base?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Just asking for the captives and the land, the other party will definitely not agree easily, and many details of this will have to be mediated face to face.”

Chen Zekai then said, “Then I will accompany you there when the time comes!”

“No need.” Ye Chen instructed, “The negotiation should be very quick, it will take a few hours to fly over, a few more hours to finish the negotiation, and a few hours to return, so you don’t need to come with me, just concentrate on the auction during this period, go back today and close all the room reservations for the rest of the month until the end of the month, and double refund the orders already booked Then start preparing the venue, make sure that the security work and the security checks are done properly, on the day of the auction, no one other than the guests can be mixed in, and no one can be allowed to bring any filming equipment into the venue, make sure that the privacy and mystery of this auction is guaranteed.”

For the top wealthy group in this world, apart from some bad brains who bounce around all day, most of them don’t like to show their faces too much.

Even when they participate in auctions and auction collections worth hundreds of millions of dollars, they never reveal their identities, and they always participate in auctions by telephone consignment, so that no one else can know who they are except the auction house.

It was because privacy could be extremely well protected that these tycoons were keen to buy their collections at those top auctions.

This time, in order to reinforce the scarcity of the Spring Return Pill, and to eliminate any proxy auction as well as the practice of selling it, Ye Chen required everyone to buy it in person and take it on the spot.

Therefore, he would have to do a good job of keeping this group of rich people private, otherwise, it would definitely give them a very bad buying experience.

Since we are cutting the leeks, of course we have to make them feel at home while cutting them well!