Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3618

The old marketing model is something that Ye Chen has always abhorred. Not only is there a lot of marketing problems with that well-known liquor, but even the model of traditional car 4S shops has been criticized.

As we all know, many 4S shops do not sell cars at all according to the rules, popular models have to add tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of the guide price, and occasionally there are unscrupulous 4S shops to transport damaged cars, accident cars packaged as new cars for sale to the public, the pit of consumers suffering.

The reason for this is that this dealership model is the result.

In the past, transportation, logistics and sales channels are relatively primitive, so the vast majority of goods are using this dealership model, but now with the continuous development of the Internet, the rise of online shopping, the dealership model has gradually faced elimination.

Nowadays, when people buy clothes, mobile phones and daily necessities online, they basically buy them directly from official flagship shops online.

Some of the more well-known health products have also mostly adopted this model.

This kind of online direct operation is a relatively better guarantee for consumers in terms of quality, after-sales service, price and service.

Therefore, Ye Chen also hoped that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical could set up its own direct business model, so that in the future, in the face of more and more single products and higher and higher sales, the interests of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical itself, as well as consumers, could be guaranteed.

Afterwards, Ye Chen said to Wei Liang, “You sit in the living room for a while, I’ll go to my room and mix the blood dispersing and heart saving pills into the medicinal clay, after you’re done, you take it back and start encapsulating it immediately, you can bring it directly to the United States once the encapsulation is done.”

“Okay, Master Ye!”

Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen took the Solid Gold Life-Saving Pill Mud and went to the room upstairs.

He estimated the weight of the clay and felt that such a large piece of clay could make at least 5,000 pills, so he directly took out five Blood Dissipating Heart Saving Pills and melted them together with this piece of clay.

Although the Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill is not as effective as the Revive Pill, which can bring back the dead and even rejuvenate the body by a decade or two, it is still very effective in terms of healing alone.

When his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, was paraplegic, Ye Chen was cured directly after using only half of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, which showed that its healing effect was not much worse than that of the Spring Return Pill.

However, the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill in prolonging life is much stronger than it.

When Gu Yanzhong was on the verge of death from pancreatic cancer, he could have been cured if he had taken a Blood Dissipation Pill, but if he had only taken the Blood Dissipation Pill, he would have been cured, but his body would still have been in a very weak state and would have needed a long time to recover.

On the other hand, the Spring Return Pill could not only cure his cancer, but also allow his body to recover completely, even returning to the state it was in ten years ago at once, so the effect was naturally much better than the Blood Dissipation and Heart Saving Pill.

However, Ye Chen was not going to melt the Spring Return Pill into the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill. Now that this medicine had been fused with the Blood Dissipation and Heart Saving Pill, it could completely sustain the life of cancer patients and gradually control the development of cancer until it was cured.

After Ye Chen had refined the clay, he gave it to Wei Liang and instructed him, “This clay can be made into at least 5,000 Nine-Xuan Reclaiming Pills, so you can divide it into 4,900 pills, and according to the dose of seven pills per box, you can make exactly 700 boxes, and then you can leave 20 boxes for each of the three countries, namely the United States, Germany and Britain.”

“For the rest, you will run a trial drug program in China in the name of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, and screen 100 cancer patients with the most difficult family situations and the most serious illnesses, and distribute it to them as a trial drug for free.”