Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3624

Also the drastic changes in that Middle Eastern country in recent days had indeed worried Said as well as his leaders.

However, when Ye Chen suddenly said that he could get the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to help them collaborate in their defence, Said’s first thought was that it was impossible.

He could not help but say, “Mr. Ye, the last time we met, it was you yourself who said that for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the only situation that would be in the best interest of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would be if our land was constantly wounded and bleeding, and now you are asking us to cooperate with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and have the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall a*sist us in our defence, isn’t that a bit inconsistent?”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “I naturally won’t deny what I said before, and I still hold this view now, for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the more turbulent you are, the more they will benefit from it, but have you ever thought that for you, the situation has changed forever, before you went all the way to conquer and break through, the opposition, including Hamid, was The opposition, including Hamid, was defeated by you and could only hunker down and linger on.”

But now you know the situation, and you have seen the changes in Hamid’s place. If you want to attack, you won’t be able to, and if you want to defend, you won’t be able to do so in the cities, so your situation will only become more and more pa*sive from now on.”

Said’s expression was very grave when he heard this.

Since Hamid had won two defensive battles, he had shown the way for the rest of the opposition, and it was those two battles that had taught Said and his leaders that the offensive was simply too difficult to fight, and that it was the failure to win one or two battles that was the problem, but the large number of casualties and the resulting disorganisation of the army that was the most problematic.

If such a war were to continue for just two or three more times, the soldiers would be so terrified of attacking the enemy that no one would dare to do so after that.

Such a situation would indeed be extremely pa*sive for them.

Seeing that he did not say anything, Ye Chen continued with a smile on his lips, “My idea is actually very simple, tens of thousands of soldiers from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, even if a large portion of them are on missions overseas during the weekdays, they still need a fixed base for their living, training and rest and preparation during the week, so I would like to negotiate a solution with you on behalf of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall. ”

Although Sayid did not speak, his eyes kept looking at Ye Chen, as if he was waiting for what Ye Chen would say later.

Seeing this, Ye Chen opened his mouth and said, “Firstly, you will provide the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple with one hundred square kilometres of land as a rear base, and in return, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple will help you train your soldiers without interruption, in addition to collaborating in the defence when you receive an attack;”

Speaking at this point, Ye Chen gave a slight pause and lamented, “I don’t think I need to point out how poorly trained your soldiers are, I don’t think I need to point it out, the equipment itself is not good, if the training can’t keep up, your situation will only get more and more embarra*sing.”

Said’s expression changed slightly, Ye Chen’s words had indeed hit upon the sore spot they had been experiencing.

The overall combat level of the gra*sroots soldiers was very crotchety, and was the key reason for their repeated defeats.

After all, their overall military level was already very poor, and the level of their officers was not good enough, so the level of the soldiers trained was naturally even worse.

Ye Chen continued: “In my opinion, the combat strength of an army depends on three aspects, firstly, the level of weapons and equipment, secondly, the level of strategy and tactics formulated by the management, and lastly and most importantly, the strength of individual soldiers. It won’t take long for the level of your soldiers to change qualitatively.”

Saeed’s face suddenly had a look of longing that he could not suppress.

At this point, Ye Chen added: “In addition to that, in order to show the sincerity of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and to make you feel more at ease, I think that the site you choose for the base of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall can be in the middle of your capital and the northern mountains, so that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will be in the middle of the buffer zone, which is like an extra layer of barrier for you.”

As he said this, Said’s expression stretched a lot.

As the current level of development in the country was still very lagging, the war between them and the opposition was still basically in the realm of close contact warfare, and due to the lack of accurate long-range weapons, both of them had to send troops to the city no matter who wanted to strike the other side, so if the base of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons was sandwiched between the two sides, it would indeed serve as a very good buffer.

Sayed finally spoke up at this time and asked Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, how can we trust the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to help us with our defence, in case the Temple turns against us in the middle and unites with the opposition then wouldn’t we be in more danger?”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said seriously, “That can never happen in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall from now on!”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Wan Bajun and said indifferently, “Bajun, you come and explain to Said why this situation cannot happen.”

Wan Broken Jun nodded and said with a serious expression, “Wan Long Temple has already started its internal transformation, from now on, our mercenary business will follow international regulations more, which means that in the future, our mercenary business will only cooperate with the legal governments of various countries, other than that, we will not take any other orders.”