Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3634

After saying this, Wei Liang pulled his suitcase and left the restaurant with great strides.

At that moment, Smith felt as if he had been humiliated.

In the moment when he was in a daze, Wei Liang had already left the hotel.

He looked down at the box of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills on the table and was so angry that he raised his hand and threw the box of pills into the rubbish bin, saying in a cathartic rage, “What bullsh*t Zai Zai Pills, it’s all f*cking sh*t! I’ve spent millions of dollars trying all kinds of cutting-edge technology to cure my son! Even if the President had cancer, he would never get more treatment than my son! After all that work, he can’t be cured, how can he be cured with this sh*tty Chinese medicine!”

At this point, the PR person who had been hiding in the back and had not come out to disturb the two men hurriedly came out and asked after him, “Mr Smith, what happened? Mr Wei is gone?”

Smith said angrily, “He’s gone!”

The PR person asked awkwardly, “The meal is almost ready, or should I serve yours first?”

“Serve my a*s!” Smith cursed in annoyance, “I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time that your chef’s cooking is ten thousand times worse than sh*t! If it wasn’t for the money, I’d have shoved all his f*cking cooking up his a*s!”

The PR man was momentarily frozen, never dreaming that this Smith, who was always a gentleman and gentleman, would be so furious.

But he also understood that Smith must be in a very bad mood, and that he could not touch him at this time.

So he hurriedly said with a smile, “Please don’t worry, Mr Smith, we will definitely change the chef next time, and we will invite a Michelin-starred chef from New York to come and serve you personally.”

Smith shook his head and said coldly, “That won’t be necessary.”

At this point, his whole body dishevelled and his red eyes said, “This is the last time I work with you, don’t call me again for anything like this in the future ……”

At this moment, Smith, deep inside, already knew very well that his son was hopeless.

Although he had just told Wei Liang that he still hoped to give his son the $ 470,000 worth of T-cell immunotherapy from Novartis Pharmaceuticals to continue, he knew very well in his heart that that so-called cutting-edge technology was far from being the nemesis of cancer; it only had good therapeutic effects against blood and lymph cancers, but had very mediocre effects on solid tumors.

In the presence of patients with end-stage solid tumours, this $470,000-a-time immunotherapy is as much fun as a joke and has minimal effect.

To use a less appropriate metaphor, it’s like, the wind can easily blow away a fart, but it’s hard to blow away a piece of sh*t completely.

Plus, he’s now so housebound that it’s hard to come up with the $470,000 he needs for his next treatment.

Smith usually earns a good income and the family has very good health insurance, but what it does cover, are treatments that are officially commercially available and have been covered by health insurance.

In order to keep his son alive, Smith has been using his access to the world’s best medical technology, many of which are still in the experimental stage.

The kind of medical treatments that are extremely costly and that health insurance simply doesn’t care and won’t cover a penny of it.

So, over the years, Smith has dropped millions of dollars into his a*sets.

And, of that, at least half of it, was grey income like today’s.

Right now, he can no longer afford it.

What’s more, he knew in his heart of hearts that his son’s condition had begun to take a sharp turn for the worse, with blindness and deafness following one another.

At this rate, a month was the best that could be expected.

A little worse and he might not even make it through a week.

In this situation, there was really no need for him to continue making such extra money.

The PR man was still thinking about how to persuade him, but he had already stood up, turned around and was about to walk out.

However, after taking a few steps out, he suddenly thought of the words Wei Liang had said before he left.