Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3645


Wei Liang then said, “Our Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills do not have any side effects, and if his condition is more critical, you can give him more pills, one for each half hour, and take all seven, this way you can at least ensure that he will not have a life-threatening condition for the next two or three months, otherwise if the cancer cells continue to spread and grow, he may soon fall into a critical condition again in.”

Smith hurriedly asked, “If we finish all the medicine today, what about tomorrow?”

Wei Liang said, “I have already said that if we finish all the medicine today, we can guarantee him at least two to three months of life, and if the cancer cells are well controlled, he may live for another six months.

Saying that, Wei Liang added, “Mr. Smith, I’m going to rest now, goodbye.”

Immediately afterwards, Wei Liang did not wait for Smith’s response and hung up on him once more.

As soon as the phone hung up, Wei Liang immediately called the flight crew and told them to request a route and prepare for take-off, and that he would immediately rush to the airport.

After calling the crew, Wei Liang directly turned off his mobile phone, packed up all his belongings and left the hotel without even going through check-out procedures, and headed straight for the airport.


The other box of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills was still in the hospital, and Smith still hadn’t given up on Wei Liang.

He hesitated and called Wei Liang again, but to his surprise, the other party’s phone was turned off.

If he had known this, he would not have dared to play hard to get with Wei Liang, and he would have had to bring over the two boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could take for regret, so he could only refocus his attention on his son, Jimmy, for now.

Smith recalled Wei Liang’s words, and when Wei Liang said that he could give his son seven Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, Smith’s heart immediately pressed on a bit.

So, he immediately said to his wife, “Jenny, you give Jimmy another pill, then mark the time and feed him one every half hour, I just asked the person in charge there, he said that critical patients can take more at once, so that the situation will improve faster.”

Jenny could not wait until tomorrow to get her son to take his second pill, so when she heard this she immediately took out another one.

She was about to pa*s it to her son’s mouth when she remembered something and hurriedly asked, “What if we run out of pills after this one?”

He said, “If we consolidate well today, Jimmy’s life will not be in danger for the next two or three months, and if we’re lucky, we’ll last another six months!”

Jenny was relieved at this and was busy saying to Jimmy, “Jimmy, quickly take this pill too.”

At this point, Smith’s career-related sensitivities also immediately tightened up.

He immediately said to his wife, “Jenny, wait a minute! Wait a few minutes before you give Jimmy his pills!”

As Jenny was amazed, he said to the attending doctor, “Get all your men over here and monitor closely all the changes in Jimmy’s body from now on and record them all, word for word, and arrange for someone to prepare a camera to record the whole thing. ”


That attending doctor was also impatient by now.

Just now he had missed the whole process of Jimmy taking the medicine and had only seen one result when he rushed here, so now he also wanted to witness with his own eyes, just how amazing this medicine, really was!