Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3646

Soon Jimmy’s hospital room, was filled with a large number of doctors in white coats.

All the top oncologists from the Mayo Centre were here.

All those who could get into the room were the heads of departments and labs, while those of lesser rank could only stand outside the room in front of the large gla*s window and watch.

Everyone had heard that there had been a huge miracle in the ICU, that the son of FDA executive Smith had been given a huge cure for a traditional Chinese medicine, and it was said that he would be monitored all the way through his continued medication, so no one wanted to miss the chance to witness the miracle, or witness the rumours.

At this point, Jimmy swallowed a pill into his mouth with the help of his mother.

Once again, the pill melted in his mouth.

Jimmy said in amazement, “Mom, that pill melted in your mouth …… faster than even a marshmallow can melt!”

Smith said with a surprised look on his face, “I don’t think this pill dissolves that well, how come it all melted just after you took it?”

Jenny ignored him and asked her son impatiently, “Jimmy, how are you feeling?”

The attending doctor was also quick to say, “Yes Jimmy, describe to us as clearly as you can what you feel.”

Jimmy thought for a moment and said, “I feel a little hot after the medicine melts into my stomach, then I just feel a little better than I did earlier with the pain in my body and my head doesn’t hurt as much ……”

At this point, the attending doctor’s a*sistant said in amazement while staring at the data and indicators on the instruments, “Doctor, Jimmy’s physical indications have improved significantly again, his blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate have improved some more, basically almost reaching the minimum values for a normal child.”

The attending doctor gulped and blurted out, “What kind of medicine works that fast? Adrenaline doesn’t work this fast either ……”

He then asked a pharmacy expert at his side and said, “Dr. Matthew, given your expertise, could this drug contain some kind of hormone?”

Smith, with a look of realization, blurted out, “Yes! It’s very possible! The Chinese pharmaceutical companies love to add chemicals or other active ingredients of modern medicine to their herbal ingredients!”

He added, “I think we should take a sample from the pill and send it to the lab for a proper examination!”

The pharmacy expert named Matthew held his chin and said with a puzzled expression, “With such a fast-acting cycle, it is indeed possible that it contains some kind of hormone, but with my knowledge of existing hormones, it seems that there is no hormone applicable to Jimmy’s current physical condition, if there was such a hormone, we would have used it already …… wouldn’t have waited until now ……”

The crowd was stone-faced.

Because what Matthew was saying seemed to make quite a bit of f*cking sense.

They had already thought of all the treatments and resuscitation methods they could think of, and used everything they could more than once.

There really wasn’t any hormone that could have such a good positive effect.

Smith asked again, “So could it be that they’ve found some kind of hormone that we haven’t discovered yet?”

Matthew said awkwardly, “I don’t think so. If they had discovered or invented a new hormone that worked so well, they could have just registered a patent and exported it to the world. It doesn’t make sense!”

“F*ck ……” Smith scratched his head and said offhandedly, “Gotta admit, this stuff has me confused ……”