Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3652

Hearing the sincerity of Smith’s apology, Wei Liang put away his smile and said seriously, “Mr. Smith, although I am very dissatisfied with you, there is no need to lie to you, I have indeed returned to China, can’t you hear that I still have the sound of a plane engine here? The plane I was on has just landed and hasn’t stopped yet.”

After saying that, Wei Liang put the phone close to the window, and Smith on the other end of the phone immediately heard the sound of the engine whistling.

When Smith heard the sound of the engine on the other end of the phone, combined with the complete lack of any movement in the room in front of him, Smith immediately realised that Wei Liang had really left.

In this instant, his emotions completely collapsed and he covered his head and lamented, “Mr. Wei …… you …… how come you left without saying hello, at least …… at least give me a chance to confess to you ah ……”

“Repentance is not necessary.” Wei Liang said indifferently, “We have different cultures, different backgrounds, different personalities, different cultivation, and even more different insights, so you have nothing to confess to me, that’s all, I’m getting off the plane.”

Smith panicked and hurriedly said, “Mr Wei Mr Wei! Don’t hang up the phone in a hurry, I …… have one more thing I want to beg you, please you must help me ah ……”

Wei Liang asked rhetorically, “What is it?”

Smith was busy saying, “It’s that Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill, my son finished using a box yesterday and it worked very well, so I want to beg you to give me some more ……”

“No way.” Wei Liang said seriously, “The Nine Xuan Reclaiming Pills are very precious, I kindly gave you two boxes before and you didn’t want them, and I only kept one box for you completely because your son was too pitiful, so it’s impossible to have more to give you.”

Smith slapped himself so hard that the snap startled Wei Liang on this side of the phone.

Afterwards, Smith hurriedly said, “Mr. Wei, it was me who was insensitive! I beg you to sell me some more, just name a price, no matter how much it is, I will go and think of something.”

Wei Liang laughed, “Mr. Smith, what kind of joke are you playing with me? In your eyes, isn’t the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill just a trivial product?”

“It has nothing, no clear ingredients, no clear pharmacokinetics, not to mention a comprehensive clinical trial report, there is no way such a drug can be sold in the US!”

“I gave you a box before and I believe I have already inadvertently broken the relevant regulations of your country, so I have been deeply ashamed all the way back, so how could I possibly sell you such a trivial product again now? Wouldn’t I be knowingly breaking the law?”

“And a law-abiding citizen like me, how could I possibly do something that knows the law and breaks it!”

Saying that, Wei Liang asked him again, “Mr. Smith, you wouldn’t be fishing for law enforcement, would you?”

When Smith heard this, his heart felt worse than if he had eaten sh*t.

He knew that what Wei Liang had said were all the things he had said to Wei Liang before.

Now, Wei Liang used these to refute him, and every word was like a big mouth slapping his dog face.

The extreme shame and embarra*sment made him feel only a burning sensation on his face, and the searing temperature made his eyelids open a little.

What pride he had, it had been f*cking destroyed.

Even the last vestiges of his face were now completely shattered by this tit for tat.

He had never been humiliated like this before in his life, but when he thought about it, he knew: “This is not a f*cking humiliation, this is a complete humiliation of myself ……”

He was so depressed that for the sake of his son, he could only say, “Mr Wei …… I was wrong …… everything was my fault! It’s because I’m blind, I’m sitting on the fence, I don’t know any better ……”