Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3656

The fact that the White House wanted a patent for the Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills was, in Smith’s view, both unexpected and logical.

Once the health department had reported such information to the White House, there was no way they would let go of this great opportunity.

However, it was not up to them to decide whether they could get their hands on the patent or not.

This kind of medicine was like a super money printing machine, and anyone with a little foresight would not be able to sell the patent.

But Smith did not throw cold water on the other side either, but agreed readily, saying, “After I meet the person in charge of the other side, I will try to push this matter forward.”

Saying that, Smith added, “However, I’m afraid I can’t handle such a big matter by myself, should the White House send a few negotiators over?”

The Minister of Health immediately denied, “It’s not good for the White House to step in directly on such matters, word will get out that the White House is intent on controlling the medical field, and once all the governments of the world start getting involved, this matter will not be able to move forward.”

The other party instructed: “You go over there this time, first probe the other party privately, if the other party is interested in making an offer, only the money is more, I will call the person in charge of Johnson and Johnson, and let them step in to buy the patent.”

Smith was secretly staggered, thinking, “The White House is indeed very good at operating this kind of thing, they learned about this first and then tried to pick the fruit off for a top big company like Johnson & Johnson to eat, once Johnson & Johnson got the patent for this top drug, wouldn’t that take flight?”

At this time, the other party continued to exhort him, “Smith, must do everything possible to push this matter to the ground, once the patent is successfully spent in the United States, Johnson & Johnson will take out at least a few percentage points of sales a year to punctuate the relationships involved, including you and me, this is a huge cake!”

Smith could not help but feel a shudder in his heart.

Once this drug has a chance to be fully marketed, it will easily generate US$100 billion in sales a year, and if a few percent is given out, it will be at least several billion dollars.

If the billions of dollars were to be used to make connections, I’m afraid that even if I were to take a small cut, it would have to be calculated in billions.

Thinking of this, he was excited and said, “I will do my best to make this happen!”

The other party replied with satisfaction and added, “Smith, the White House has instructions that if the patent for this medicine cannot be returned, the formula must also be deciphered, but the seven pills you got before were all eaten by your son, leaving no samples behind, so you must get some more of the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills back this time.”

Smith asked in surprise, “If we can’t get a patent license, we’ll just crack the other side’s formula, which must be a devastating blow to the credibility of our entire pharmaceutical patent system, isn’t it too risky to do so?”

“What are you afraid of.” The other party did not care, “We will certainly not do this kind of thing ourselves, when the time comes, after we have cracked the formula, we will give it to the Indian pharmaceutical company we hold to produce it, anyway, India does not recognize pharmaceutical patents.”

Smith instantly understood the other party’s intention.

If you can’t buy it openly, you can steal it secretly.

After stealing it, put it into production in India, so that it could again avoid legal risks.

India’s generic drugs had always been globally famous, and the reason why they could blatantly copy all kinds of drugs was because the country’s law did not recognise pharmaceutical patents, so this kind of thing was not illegal in India.

Smith was more than a little resistant to this strategy in his mind.

He came from an academic background, after all, and had as much respect for pharmaceutical patents as an author has for copyright.

To involve him in the piracy of pharmaceutical patents would be tantamount to asking an author who has been in the business for many years and who possesses a deep affection for creativity to engage in plagiarism.

He really did not want to get involved in this kind of thing.

So, he could only cope with the situation, “I understand, I will try to find a way to facilitate the patent matter, and I will let you know the first time there is news.”

The other party didn’t say much and instructed, “Contact me first when you have any news.”



At noon the following day, Yanjing time, the flight Smith took landed in the largest city in southeast China, Zhonghai.