Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3657

Immediately afterwards, he did not have time to do any resting, so he transferred directly from Zhonghai to the high-speed train and arrived in Jinling.

Once he arrived in Jinling, he immediately took a taxi to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s headquarters in Jinling, but he did not contact Wei Liang during this process.

Because he was afraid that Wei Liang would not be willing to meet him, he planned to visit Wei Liang directly when he arrived at Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals.

After nearly twenty hours of travel, Smith finally arrived at Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals at 6pm.

As soon as he arrived at the entrance of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, he was stopped by the security guard at the gate because he did not have a pa*s card.

So he could only say to the security guard in fluent Chinese, “Hello, my name is James Smith, I have come from the United States to visit your General Manager Wei Liang Wei, please inform me.”

The security guard picked up the intercom and reported the situation to the head of security in the office building.

The message was then pa*sed through the layers, and was finally relayed to Wei Liang by his secretary.

Once he heard that Smith had arrived at the factory gate, Wei Liang couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Projecting from this point in time, Smith had chased him all the way over by plane within a few hours after learning that he had returned to China.

Remembering Ye Chen’s previous instructions, he smiled and said to his secretary, “You tell the security guard to tell that Smith that my status is rather sensitive now and I can’t casually meet anyone with interests related to the pharmaceutical field, so if he really wants to see me, he needs to make an appointment through Master Hong Wu of Tian Xiang House.”

The secretary did not hesitate to instruct this matter down.

Soon, Smith got the news from the security guard’s mouth.

He had clearly arrived at the door of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, but it turned out that Wei Liang had to ask him to go through a third party to make an appointment to meet, which made Smith realize at once that Wei Liang was taking revenge on himself.

One was to get back at himself for his previous arrogance, and the other was to get back at himself for also asking him to book a meeting through a PR company before.

He was tempted to ask Wei Liang for a favour and try to meet with him first, so he could only pick up his mobile phone and call Wei Liang again.

But Wei Liang’s phone had long since been firewalled, and no calls could be made to anyone other than acquaintances he had added to his whitelist.

At this time, Wei Liang called Hong Wu, and as soon as he came up, he said with a smile, “Master Hong Wu, this is Wei Liang, Master Ye asked me to introduce you to a good deal!”

Hong Wu asked curiously, “Master Ye asked you to introduce a deal to me? What kind of deal?”

Wei Liang smiled, “Someone wants to meet me, but Grandmaster Ye asked me to put up a good fight and ask the person to go to you first to help ask me out for a meal, you will then charge him a broker’s fee, and don’t worry about the rest.”

Hong Wu laughed, “Holy sh*t, there’s such a good thing! Then how much is the right amount of brokerage fee for me to charge him?”

Wei Liang said, “Master Ye has said for you to charge him five million.”

“What did you say?!” After hearing this, Hong Wu’s jaw dropped to the ground in shock and he blurted out, “You want to pay five million for a dinner date?

Wei Liang laughed, “Yes, five million dollars, and that’s in US dollars.”

“Five million dollars?!” Hong Wu’s jaw dropped as he listened and said offhandedly, “Good man …… Wei Liang you’ve made a good living now …… to have a meal with you this price is more expensive than Warren Buffett!”

Wei Liang said modestly, “Master Wu you don’t make fun of me, the reason why I quoted such a high price is entirely because of Master Ye’s ability, as you know, I just work for Master Ye, just foxes and tigers ……”

Hong Wu nodded and busily said, “I understand, wait for me to give Master Ye a call and ask him exactly what he has ordered.”