Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3662

Seeing that Wei Liang was beginning to adapt to the temporary new title, Ye Chen took a seat beside Wei Liang and asked him, “Has the reply letter distributed by the FDA to the Nine Mysteries Stomach been received?”

“Received.” Wei Liang said, “The FDA has also included Jiu Xuan Gastric San in the hospital’s guidance on the use of drugs, we have now started going through the customs reporting procedures and will soon fly five million boxes to the United States one after another.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Have the sales channels in the US been opened up? After all, Jiu Xuan Stomach San is an oral medicine, so we surely cannot sell it on our own, right?”

“Right.” Wei Liang explained, “Anything that is defined as a medicine must be sold through compliant pharmacy channels, so we will first shop at the Walgreens chain of pharmacies in the United States, which has more than 8,000 shops in the United States and is the highest sales chain in the United States. We will first lend their channels to get the Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals brand out, and when the brand is up, we will follow up with our health products and start building our own direct channels.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Does this chain of pharmacies approve of traditional Chinese medicine?”

“Approved.” Wei Liang smiled, “Their boss himself is a fan of Chinese medicine, obsessed with cupping and acupuncture, he wanted to introduce hemorrhoid suppositories into the American market before, but the FDA did not approve them, and the Jiu Xuan Stomach San that we produce, he started taking it long ago on the recommendation of his friends.”

The company’s products have been used for more than 20 years, and have been used by Western doctors, but they have not improved. After we acquired Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, Xiaolin Stomach San ceased production, he started to use Jiu Xuan Stomach San on the recommendation of his friends, and now it has basically cured him, so he is very enthusiastic about this medicine.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Since that’s the case, then let’s hurry up and push this thing into the ground.”

Wei Liang was busy saying, “Ye Da …… Oh no Director Ye, I think we can start registering an enterprise in the United States in advance and invest in another production line, after all, the North American market is still very large, and with a production line, the overall cost can be reduced a lot, and this way, the tariff can also be saved. ”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “It is not necessary, this way, the tariff is lowered, but everywhere you have to be subject to the constraints of the U.S. federal, may not be a good thing, and even if the production of drugs do not have to pay tariffs, the import of raw materials for those medicines also have to pay tariffs, the combination, may not be able to save much. I think it would be better to use the Jiu Xuan Reclaim Pill to negotiate with them and ask them to exempt all of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s medicines from customs duties.”

Wei Liang’s jaw dropped as he listened and said, “Is this …… feasible ……”

Ye Chen said seriously, “Absolutely feasible, don’t believe us to test that Smith later, if my estimation is correct, his current backing should be the White House.”

“The White House?!” Wei Liang exclaimed, “Could it be that they have an idea for the Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pill?”

Ye Chen laughed, “This kind of medicine, once they know about it, it would be strange if they didn’t have any ideas.”

Saying that, Ye Chen instructed Wei Liang, “In a moment, you only need to put up your aura, I will talk to him about the rest.”

Wei Liang hurriedly nodded respectfully, “Yes, no problem!”



Smith, led by Hong Wu’s little brother, arrived at the Diamond Box in the Tian Xiang House.

When he entered the Tian Xiang Mansion, he was relieved to see Wei Liang, Hong Wu and Ye Chen.

He did not know Ye Chen, nor did he know what identity Ye Chen was, but as long as he saw Wei Liang here, half of his hanging heart could be put down.

Thinking of his wife’s instructions, he knelt down directly on the ground as soon as he entered and said to Wei Liang with a face of shame, “Mr. Wei! Everything before was my fault! I apologise to you!”

After saying that, as soon as he bent down, he kowtowed to Wei Liang.

Wei Liang was a bit stunned by his move and said awkwardly, “Mr. Smith, what are you doing ……”

Smith confessed, “I was ignorant and offended you before, and also offended this divine medicine, the Nine Mysterious Reclaiming Pill, I am incomparably guilty deep inside, so I hope you can forgive me for my previous offense!”

Wei Liang said helplessly, “All right, all right, that’s enough for now, you’d better sit down and let’s talk about business.”

Only then did Smith thankfully stand up and take a seat in the empty seat reserved for him.

Wei Liang then introduced Ye Chen to him, saying, “Mr. Smith, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Ye, the operation director of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, he is in charge of the entire operation strategy of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals.”

Smith looked at Ye Chen in surprise and scrambled to stand up again, nodding and bowing, “Hello Mr. Ye! I’m James Smith, the head of the FDA.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Hello Mr. Smith, welcome to Jinling.”

Smith made a few polite remarks before he sat back down again.

As soon as he sat down, he got straight to the point and said, “Mr. Wei, the effect of your company’s Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills is really amazing, this is definitely the most important breakthrough in the field of medicine in this century, there is no one! Therefore, I sincerely hope that you can launch this medicine into the American market as soon as possible, and the FDA will definitely provide all the facilities for Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical at that time!”