Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3667

So, that afternoon, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals received $100 million from the FDA.

Immediately afterwards, the Mayo Centre in the US announced to the world the big news that a drug company from China had produced a super-effective drug that could cure all types of terminal cancer!

With the announcement of Jimmy’s treatment, the Mayo Centre declared to the world that the drug was unprecedented in its effectiveness in treating end-stage cancer and had the potential to completely rewrite the history of cancer treatment!

The news went through the Mayo Centre and was the first to ignite the world’s experts in the field of cancer.

The results of Jimmy’s treatment in just one night clearly showed the powerful therapeutic effect of the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill on end-stage cancer.

So no one suspected any falsification of the Mayo Centre’s release.

Immediately afterwards, the news continued to fester through the media, to the delight of the whole world!

The words Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals also instantly caught fire around the world!

In an instant, the drug regulatory bodies of almost all countries took the initiative to send invitations to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, inviting Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical to enter their markets as soon as possible and agreeing to give the green light to all processes.

Under the instructions of Ye Chen, Wei Liang immediately said to the world through Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s official channels that the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill was still in a very difficult stage of preparation in small quantities, and had not yet finished clinical trials and process reform, so the time for its worldwide launch could not be predicted for the time being, and was not optimistic.

Ye Chen hoped that the whole world would know about Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical through the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills and substantially increase their recognition of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

However, he did not hope that the world would pin its hopes on the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill.

After all, this is a very difficult, if not impossible, medicine to produce, and if the world were to pin its hopes on the Jiu Xuan Reclaiming Pill to change the fate of every cancer patient, this is doomed to be unrealistic.

Although Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals has personally come out and thrown cold water on the world, everyone still has high hopes for Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals as a company.

Many people even compared Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals to the light of humanity, believing that since they could develop such a medicine, they would definitely be able to break through the final shackles.

For a while, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s global popularity was even higher than those of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.

Ye Chen also kept his promise and delivered twenty boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills to Smith.

Smith, who had received the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, was so excited that he burst into tears.

Afterwards, he immediately called the Minister of Health and told him, “I’ve got twenty boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills and am ready to book the earliest flight back to the United States immediately!”

“Don’t be in a hurry!” The other party immediately said, “Now that you are in possession of such an important medicine, you absolutely cannot return on a civilian airliner, it would be too unsafe! I’ll contact them now and see which American pharmaceutical company has a private jet at their China branch, if they have one I’ll commandeer it immediately and bring you back safely.”

Soon, he requisitioned a private plane from the famous pharmaceutical company Mercer.

That plane was on standby in Yanjing at the moment, and after it was requisitioned, it was immediately flown to Jinling, ready to take Smith back to China.

Smith tied the 20 boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills to his waist with duct tape, and only then did he board the plane to the United States with confidence.

At this time, experts from several top pharmaceutical groups and pharmacy laboratories in the United States had all gathered in a secret laboratory in Washington.

They were waiting for Smith to bring back the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills and start cracking the formula at the first opportunity!