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Ping was a disappointed time and time again, unknown to everyone he would take the world by a storm. He leaves everyone’s mouth wide open enough to stuff 2 eggs..


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67 thoughts on “Son Of The Dragon”

  1. A man like none other is more of a psycho-spiritual book showcasing the explanatory metamorphosis of a disciplined leader and seeker of power. It is a great learning tool for anyone.

    • The novel is great and the twists are well set out with wonderful suspense inbuilt. But really appreciate if more chapters are translated per day to get a richer feel of the saga.

  2. This is actually my first time of reading a long chaptered book and it’s so intriguing that I wouldn’t want to stop, now everyday I look forward to the update. All thanks to author of this great book. The suspense is masterclass

  3. Thanks so much this incredible time consuming piece of art in a unique style. It’s a pleasure to have been able to bounce my head on this one.
    On chpt 3008 now; waiting for more follow-up chpts to be up loaded.

  4. Hello. Is there any other site where the continuation being posted? I’ve been waiting for the next chapter. Thank you for your indulgence and very interesting novel.

  5. Thank you for the updated chapters yesterday. I really enjoyed it. But I am waiting for today’s chapter. Can you share me. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Good eve. What link will I open to read chapters 3123 up. I really want to read this. I am not fulfilled if I can read the day’s chapter. As if I am addicted to it

  7. Please can you make your daily upload up to six (6) chapters daily, and is chapter 3199 the last chapter you have uploaded so far?
    If there is more kindly direct me.
    Thank you.

  8. You mean not to update this novel again. The last chapter to be 3361.
    You will leave us with alot of suspense.
    At least, let see the wedding of Chen ping.

  9. I have been following the very beautiful story and have enjoyed every page from the start to this point, but I would like to know if it ends at chapter 3437, as I see indicated, that will be really sad. I hope as an ongoing novel the author would continue beyond 3437 as tell to story further.
    We encourage him/her to not stop, I am a very strong fan. I love the novel, and will want to have a copy when it is completed.

    • Hello!
      There are no indications that it will wned at 3437.
      Were updating as soon as there are updates available from the original author.

  10. You just have one thing to do and that is upload atleast 3 chapters daily and in that as well you are skipping some days or give only 2 chapters a day. Please show some mercy on us as 2/3 chapters in a day are very less for us

    • First of all you gotta understand that this is an ongoing novel, we ain’t the original authors.
      we can just translate and upload the chapter we get.
      So you can either have some respect for our free time we use on this or you can keep quiet.

      • Thanks for translating the novel and providing it for free, I love it …yet you can’t be rude to the reader’s…. As a reader we will always want some more of the story, it’s a positive response… Hope you understand and be humble in your responses..

  11. Well said Stian! this is not even paid, this is free reading. Readers, please show some respect to those who are uploading, it is not their responsibility to upload daily. They are sharing what they have read.

    • Thanks for letting us know that the translators and uploaders are doing free voluntary job.

      They can arrange with All novel or any other webnovel like Bravonovel that has this story as “A Man’s Decree (Jared Chance)” which is lagging behind this one

  12. Thanks for faking the time so we can read this novel
    It is an exelent novel
    Even I will love to have more chapters a day or have the all novel available to read, all I can do is to congratulate you for yout amazing work by uploadding what you can
    Please do not pay attention to the people thad not understand your great effor
    Fron me, thanks a lot and please keep doing It
    Sorry if my englis spelling and how I write got a lot off mistakes, englis is not my primary lenguaje

  13. People read this novel and become impatient for new chapters when entire novel is about being patient and waiting for the right time. This novel is great for entertainment purposes but it can also be really educational if you read it that way. It’s better to wait and be calm for new chapters instead of attempting to be aggresive to translators and uploaders. If you can’t wait for new chapters I guess your life really have much left in it to look forward to.

    • amen… free novel and these jokers are demanding speed and quantity… just read at own pace. But gosh i do not see and ending at the near horizon 😀

  14. Please, translators, you’re really doing a great work. We appreciate
    Also, bros, let’s not be angry with those of our friends asking for more to read. It’s just the exciting nature of the story and it’s high suspense.


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