Super Son-in-law Chapter 2761-2762

Chapter 2761

“No, they’re all my good friends, so I know them all, and they’re all very powerful, so it’s a good idea to have more friends, especially if they can help you get a title.” Lin Yan hurriedly added: “They are all friends, if you are afraid that Xiyan will be jealous and misunderstand, you can call Xiyan to come together, I am now Xiyan’s friend.”

Lin Hao was crying and laughing in his heart, what was the point of having that stupid title, he could get it whenever he wanted it?

As for the fact that he was friends with Shen Xi Yan, Lin Hao wanted to laugh at the sound of it.

However, he didn’t show it on his face, instead he looked a bit hesitant and struggling, looking worried as if he wanted to go but wasn’t afraid of Shen Xi Yan’s misunderstanding, which made Lin Yan’s heart feel sure, there was a way!

“It’s okay, they’re all my good friends, if you can’t, you can also ask Xiao shi to come with you.” Lin Yan didn’t believe it, if he took Shen Xiyan and Lin Ruoshi with him, what else could he worry about?

The first time LinYan was to get a relationship, he wouldn’t be able to make a big move, but after a few more times, if ShenXiYan and LinRuoShi didn’t go along, it would be all girls.

“Forget about asking them to go, then when the time comes you send me an address, I’ll go find you.” Lin Hao shook his head and refused, one was aware of the other party’s purpose, if he took Shen Xiyan and the girls to go, Lin Yan would instead have her hands tied, not to mention having to take care of Shen Xiyan and their safety.

This was better than not taking them there, giving the other party enough opportunities to make things happen.

He wanted to see what this woman wanted!

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow night, but home is a bit far from the party place, can you ……” Lin Yan wanted to say something but stopped, looking at Lin Hao carefully, not daring to say it completely, that pitiful look, if it was another man, he might have agreed to pick her up without even thinking about it.

Lin Hao frowned, and after hesitation, he nodded: “It’s fine, I’ll pick you up tomorrow, just in time to go to the party together, I’m not familiar with the place, I’m also afraid of embarra*sment.”

“But, I’m afraid it will cause you trouble.” Lin Yan, however, hesitated instead.

Lin Hao wanted to curse, are you okay or not? Do you think I don’t know what’s in your mind when you get all fancy?

“What’s bothering you? Why don’t I know? I’ll go back first, it’s almost dinner time, thank you for the coffee.” Lin Hao picked up his coffee and turned to leave, directly leaving Lin Yan here.

“It’s really a hard bone to chew.” Lin Yan looked at Lin Hao’s departing back, her gaze falling into obsession, “Not even the courtesy of letting me go for a meal, is that Shen Xiyan really that good?”

“Even the female president of a big company is so obedient to you, I must get such a man! Even if I can’t get it, I still have to taste it to get it!” Lin Yan poked out her bright red tongue and licked her delicate red lips, showing allure.

The men throughout the cafe who saw this scene instantly had their eyes straightened, even if their girlfriends or wives were right next to them, they didn’t care.

Lin Yan was defeated at these men’s piggyback looks, and was even secretly annoyed at how Lin Hao couldn’t be like them.

Unfortunately, if Lin Hao was really like them, I guess Lin Yan would not be interested enough to put in so much effort even if he was handsome.

Leaving the cafe, Lin Yan gave Shui Wu Chang a call, “Brother Chang, everything is in order, wait for me, I will definitely take him.”

“Good, I will transfer another million to you later, people have already been arranged for you, feel free to transfer people to you according to the situation, make sure you get this done for me, the benefits will be less for you.” After saying that Shui Wu Chang directly hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, Lin Yan’s mobile phone rang to the account elimination? The ground Wu Yi Shan service closed dye? The message.

The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth lifted slightly: “To be able to pick up handsome guys and make money at the same time, life, ah, so beautiful.”

After Lin Yan left, a man in civilian clothes came out of the corner and tugged up the hidden communication device at his collar: “Report captain, the fish has taken the bait, should we continue to keep an eye on it?”


Chapter 2762

Lin Hao drove outside his home and found Zhuque waiting for him at the door.

Lin Hao gestured for Vermilion Bird to go inside while he drove the car to the garage and walked out to find Vermilion Bird waiting for him at the garage door.

Lin Hao shrugged, “Your sister-in-law is cooking, so you can go back after you eat later.”

“I know, I’ve just gone in.” Vermilion Bird smiled and nodded, “Just now our men listened in, Lin Yan has taken the bait, the person she was contacting, was using an encrypted satellite phone, the content we can’t decipher for now, do we need to do it?”

The officers of the Vermilion Bird Group did not arrest Lin Yan, but they had been sending people to keep a dead eye on her, as soon as she made the slightest movement, news would be reported up immediately.

“Don’t, you mustn’t mess up, it’s hard to find a breakthrough now, you mustn’t give me a whole lot of trouble, you should continue to keep an eye on the others and find a way to dig out Lin Yan’s handler, that’s the top priority.” Lin Hao hurriedly stopped Zhu Que.

It was so hard to find a breakthrough for her to block, Lin Hao had no place to talk about it.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you, let’s go, let’s go, I’m going back for dinner, I can smell the scent of my sister-in-law’s cooking.” Zhuque smelled the tantalising aroma of the dishes and didn’t continue to spend time here with Lin Hao.

When Lin Hao came back, Shen Xiyan and Xiao Shi were bringing up the food. When she saw Lin Hao coming back, Shen Xiyan smiled, “You really came back at the right time, you didn’t have to chat for a while?”

Lin Hao laughed and cried, “What do I have to talk to her about?” “This is the coffee I brought for you two.”

Lin Hao handed the coffee to Shen Xiyan and Chen Haobei, but Lin Ruoshi pouted and was unhappy: “Where’s mine ……”

“Kids can’t drink this stuff.”

“I’m fourteen years old, I’m not some three-year-old kid who can drink it.” Lin Ruoshi bristled, still treating her as a three year old?

The next day, Lin Hao rushed to Lin Yan’s house according to the time, Lin Yan’s house was next to the school, and the party was surprisingly in the suburbs, it was quite far away.

Lin Hao was driving leisurely when suddenly there was an explosion in the sky and a wild thunder fell from the sky, Lin Hao was suddenly startled, what the hell is going on?

Lin Hao? Shan whisked grasping zero love ground cover closed? He braked sharply and quickly got out of the car to check the situation.

“Hey, come on, small hammer forty, big hammer eighty.”

A familiar voice rang out behind Lin Hao, the corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched fiercely, just so wild and cool appearance is this goods?

The real sky exploded with a bang and Wang Sledgehammer stepped out in a blaze of glory ……

“You have something?” Lin Hao looked back at Wang Sledgehammer who had a head full of white hair, but his figure was pretending to be like a bull, with a ram’s horn hammer on his shoulder in one hand, looking at his wild and unrestrained appearance, as if he was going to f*ck anyone he saw, making Lin Hao actually a bit unable to help himself.

“What’s your attitude, kid? Now I’m not begging you to tell your fortune, I’m your debtor, understand? Before, you were my boss, now, I’m your debtor!” Wang Sledgehammer held his head up proudly, with the arrogant look of the old man being the boss.

“Are you stupid? These days, the one who owes money is the boss, call out to the boss.” Lin Hao pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at Wang Da Hammer with a smirk.

Borrowing money was a grandson, those who owed money were the masters!

“Hey, you dare to pretend to be a grandfather with me, are you sure?” Wang Sledgehammer narrowed his eyes, revealing a dangerous glint, he didn’t care how grandfatherly other people’s debtors were, his Wang Sledgehammer’s debtors wouldn’t dare to play any grandfather in front of him.

Lin Hao also felt the other party’s gaze, his face changed slightly, this guy is not a good fighter, one mistake may want his own life ah.

The key was that this guy was well versed in the art of killing to kill, after all, guys who play with fate have dirty hearts, Lin Hao looked at the other party helplessly, “Just kidding, but this time you’re making such a cool appearance, are you here to collect a debt?”

Lin Hao didn’t want to owe the other party a favor either, he had gotten himself a head start because of his help, but this kind of person’s favor wasn’t that good to owe.

“I owe you that 80 cents less? Don’t you dare bury the old man.” Wang Sledgehammer’s bright eyes glared angrily.

Wang Sledgehammer also did not care about Lin Hao, directly opened the car door and sat on the pa*senger seat, waving a big hand: “Go, go, don’t be silly, drive, drive, sister sister, sledgehammer is here, gah.”