Super Son-in-law Chapter 2765-2766

Chapter 2765

“Yes, is it? I don’t feel like anything’s wrong.” Lin Yan spoke awkwardly, speaking with a trembling voice, in fact Lin Yan was afraid that panic had begun to set in in her heart.

On the outskirts of a certain mountain, there were no other houses around, only a single old European-style villa, the mottled moss and the creepers wrapped around the walls all showed that this one had gone through vicissitudes, but now the old villa was brightly lit and bustling with activity.

Deep in a dark cave, about two hundred metres behind the villa, a flickering candle flame is lit, two large red candles, the thickness of a man’s arm, are burning, and there are many things on the table, such as alarming wood, gossip mirrors, bronze swords and other miscellaneous things.

If one looked closely, one could magically see that the candles were swaying, and the image shown in the candles was of a European-style villa not far away!

Lin Hao circled up the mountain road and slowly stopped outside the villa, the only European-style villa, which made Lin Hao also a little surprised, he didn’t expect that such a remote suburban mountain would have such a big European-style villa on top of the mountain.

Inside, soothing music came from inside, the lights were bright and the playful sounds of warblers and swallows came from time to time.

A group of women gathered together and chatted about extremely horrible topics, causing Lin Hao to blush a little as he listened.

Seeing Lin Hao’s embarra*sed look, Lin Yan next to him couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “No way, Brother Lin Hao, I’m afraid that what you men talk about in private is even more excessive than what they talk about, you’re actually blushing! Like an innocent little virgin!”

“Hey hey, he’s not, I am, we can talk about life when we have time oh.” Lin Hao looked even more embarra*sed, and looking at Lin Hao’s appearance, Wang Sledgehammer even jumped out to see what was going on, his face filled with a leaping expression.

Seemingly to leave a good impression in front of Lin Hao, Lin Yan however gently avoided the topic, not refusing but obviously not agreeing, so that Lin Hao would not feel that she was frivolous and not make Wang Sledgehammer feel offended.

Lin Hao secretly sighed, this woman’s social skills were really brilliant, and frankly, this kind of person, no matter what era she was in, always ate well.

The people inside seemed to hear the commotion outside, and a group of beautiful young, sexily dressed beauties came running out.

“Wow, two big handsome guys, sisters, no one is allowed to steal from me tonight!”

“f*ck off, you can’t even eat one, and you want two? Handsome guys are for everyone! The husband is your own!”

“Sister Lin’er is right, the handsome guy is for everyone, there are only two handsome guys in total, no one is allowed? I’m not allowed to take them! Exclusive!”

What the hell kind of tiger words are these!

This group of sexy beauties, when they saw Lin Hao and the disguised Wang Da Hammer, their eyes were green, and they were all so excited.

Lin Hao looked dumbfounded, these women were too coolly dressed, right? Some even directly sexy bikini, the key to this statement, really celebrity?

Even if they were hiring actors, they would have to act a little more like it, right?

In fact, this is really a celebrity, is the water family to use the relationship gathered over the celebrity, the family’s a*sets are basically more than a billion existence, but invited are some of the beauty, and are usually more open to play, so there is Lin Hao saw this scene.

This circle is that the conservative ones are really conservative and have strict family teachings. And the ones who play openly, that’s called playing openly, only what you can’t think of, there’s nothing they won’t play!

“Cough cough, I say sisters, you guys watch your image, okay? My friend is here for the first time, you guys don’t want to scare my friend.” Lin Yan spoke awkwardly and lamented in her heart, she was creating a sin, she couldn’t compete with this group of wolf-like p*ssies!

Each one of these women had a different status, she couldn’t afford to offend them, she even regretted bringing Lin Hao here, but Lin Yan didn’t bother to mind, she could just eat Lin Hao in the end anyway.


Chapter 2766

“What are you talking about sister Lin Yan, by the way, which one is your boyfriend? Don’t worry, we will definitely treat your boyfriend gently.” Three or four pretty beauties ran over and pulled Lin Yan in for a flurry of questions, while the other women didn’t care about you and directly surrounded Wang Da Hammer and Lin Hao.

A total of more than a dozen women directly surrounded Lin Hao and Wang Sledgehammer, Lin Hao was so embarra*sed that he wanted to turn around and run away, Mud, these women were too scary, surrounding over and squeezing around, deliberately rubbing on Lin Hao, what’s more, some of the women even openly got their hands on him, this is still okay!

As for that b*****d Wang Sledgehammer, he was enjoying himself and even couldn’t wait to take the initiative to respond.

Lin Hao’s entire body was in the clouds, and he didn’t even know how he got into the villa. A group of women were mooching off Lin Hao, while asking him what he did, as for whether he was married or not, whether he had a girlfriend or not, this was not something they cared about.

After all, whether they are married or not, whether they have a girlfriend or not, it has nothing to do with them, they just need to have fun, if not, they will spend money!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The first thing he did was to find an excuse to say that his stomach was not feeling well, so he was able to get out of it. Lin Hao smelled all kinds of women’s perfume on his body.

He couldn’t even explain it with eight mouths!

These women were like wolves and tigers, simply horrible, even Lin Yan couldn’t get involved, Lin Yan really regretted her intestines, fortunately the invisible headphones she had fitted in her ears rang out, so Lin Yan settled down, her heart was calm, and she wasn’t so anxious anymore.

As for Wang Da Hammer, he was in heaven at the moment!

Seven or eight women are surrounding him, pleasing him, like a lord, no, like an ancient emperor, with a flock of beautiful wives and concubines, a harem of 3,000 beauties, and a feeling that he can’t even hug them left and right!

What a talent!

After Lin Hao ran out, he really went to the toilet, then went upstairs and began to observe this villa, which was a typical European style villa, divided into three floors, covering an area of over 300 square feet, excluding the large courtyard.

Just now did not even have time to observe, Lin Hao after a little observation for a while, immediately found many wrong places, this place is too obsolete? Lu Xiyi Paxan Serving Paxan? The place has been unoccupied for too long, although someone has intentionally redecorated it.

But the traces are too obvious, and the furniture has almost been moved from elsewhere, and although it was deliberately used by someone else, there are still some areas that have been treated out of place.

Most obviously, the villa is shrouded in a layer of mist at the moment, making it impossible to really see the surroundings, as if the place were shrouded in mist.

The gloominess here was also particularly obvious, and the temperature began to drop steadily. Lin Hao was about to open his eyes to see what was going on when Lin Yan’s voice came suddenly, “Brother Lin Hao, why are you hiding upstairs by yourself?”

Lin Yan had just been given an order, she realised that Lin Hao had slipped upstairs and hurriedly seized the opportunity to go upstairs to look for Lin Hao. Just now, that hoarse voice suddenly came through Lin Yan’s earphones, “Find a chance to do it, he’s upstairs, as long as he drinks your stuff, he’s at your mercy tonight.”

Lin Yan was dumbfounded, what was it? This wine couldn’t be that kind of stuff, could it?

“What are you staring at? Hurry up and go! I’ve put a spell on it, what’s all this nonsense? The drug can control him for a while, but can it control him for a lifetime? This water is different, as long as I don’t take the initiative to lift the spell, he will always be at your mercy.”

That voice sounded again, but this time the tone was a bit colder.

Lin Yan shivered, and at the same time felt a wave of terror hit her, the other party was able to know her every move clearly.

What was the difference between that and a live action movie?