Super Son-in-law Chapter 2769-2770

Chapter 2769

Lin Hao’s eyelids fluttered wildly: what happened to them? Don’t you have any points in your heart?

Lin Hao recited a mantra in his heart, and a cold, cold Qi surged between his eyes, so Lin Hao finally saw clearly what was in front of him.

Several hideous black shadows had directly entangled all these dozen women, and kept invading the Yin Qi into these women’s bodies, causing a terrifying panic effect, and the black shadows had entangled them so tightly that they didn’t have a chance to run away.

“I don’t know, it’s too scary, why don’t we run quickly.” Lin Hao revealed a frightened look, after all, this kind of bizarre situation, anyone else would be scared ah.

“Okay, let’s go, don’t mind so much.” Lin Yan immediately agreed, she was clear that Lin Hao wouldn’t be able to walk out at all, no one would be able to walk out now!

However ……

Lin Hao pulled Lin Yan and ran straight outside the villa, when he opened the car door for Lin Yan to hurry up and get in, Lin Yan was dumbfounded, “Uh, we, we really came out?”

“We’re out? Fuzzy Aisan Ais Lu Fuzzy Ais Closed? Came out, what’s wrong with that?” Lin Hao bristled.

“We, how could we have gotten out ……” Lin Yan, who was always a woman, had let slip in her panic that the mysterious man had told her that after going in, no one could get out unless they had his permission.

But now they did come out, does that mean ……


A blackened figure was thrown in front of the two.

Then came Wang Sledgehammer’s voice: “Things are all settled, you’re still stranded here with her acting hairy!”

Lin Hao turned back in shock to find that Wang Sledgehammer had regained his own appearance and was strutting over.

“You guys!” Lin Yan saw Wang Sledgehammer and then listened to what she said, her expression became even more flustered and she hurriedly explained, “What are you guys talking about, how come I don’t understand a word of it, who is Lin Hao, do you know him?”

“Little beauty, I’m Jason.” Wang Sledgehammer smiled wickedly, this guy had quite a lot of evil intentions!

“You, you’re Jason? How is that possible!” Lin Yan panicked, especially since there was still a guy lying in front of her who was unknown to her in life or death, unable to really see if he was a man or a woman, let alone dead or alive.

Since Wang Sledgehammer was settled, there was no need for Lin Hao to continue acting, he looked at Lin Yan coldly: ‘Lin Yan, how much longer do you want to act? Stop pretending and tell me where Ling Yun is! ”

“Brother Lin Hao what are you talking about? What Ling Yun, I don’t know her, what’s wrong with all of you? Have you all hit an evil spell too?” Lin Yan deadpanned, still putting on a pitiful face and never admitting it. “Tsk, good acting skills.” Even Wang Sledgehammer couldn’t help but exclaim that Lin Yan’s acting skills could, ordinary people couldn’t really play her.

Unfortunately, Lin Hao and Wang Sledgehammer could be considered to know Lin Yan’s background, so naturally, they couldn’t be covered up by the superficial cover-up.

Lin Hao looked at Lin Yan coldly, “Lin Yan, no need to act, tell the truth and perhaps spare your life, otherwise the things you have done alone would be enough to kill you ten or eight times over!”

“Lin Hao what are you talking about? What did I act! I do like you, I want to sleep with you, is that wrong? Is this also against the law?” Lin Yan roared excitedly, obviously trying to cover up the weakness in her heart with a loud hiss.

“Exorcising ghosts to plot against others, spreading extreme information and propagating a cult, is that enough?”

“You are not a police officer, who are you to convict me, do you have any evidence for these claims? If not, I can sue you for false accusation! Slander!” Lin Yan’s mouth was still strong, but her voice betrayed her heart, she was completely panicked at this moment.

How could it be possible that he knew even such a secretive matter, he was just an ordinary person!

Lin Hao sneered at Lin Yan and ignored her, turning to look at the group of trapped women, looking at those black shadows whose faces had become hideous to the point of madness, had become ferocious and no longer sane, there was no longer any possibility of taming them, the only way was to send them away directly!


Chapter 2770

Lin Hao no longer needed that road guide to directly open the channel to communicate with the Hall of Reincarnation, and at that moment, he violently stepped on the ground, and at that moment, it was as if the earth was trembling: “The Underworld is in order, the Yellow Springs can be crossed, open!”

In front of Lin Hao, a spectral light lit up, followed by the spectral light expanding to form a circular pa*sage.


A big bright red tongue poked out of the pa*sage and rolled around violently, the several shadows let out a miserable scream and were directly swept up in the big tongue and disappeared, then the spectral light slowly dissipated, the women woke up with a start and let out terrified screams one after another.

They all scattered, not caring about the others, and got into the car and ran for their lives.

It was over!

Seeing this scene, Lin Yan, no matter how stupid she was, understood how ridiculous her sophistry was in the eyes of the other party.

Lin Hao was just an ordinary secondary school teacher, so what if he knew some powerful rich kids? It was still an ordinary person!

What about her? She was the spokesperson of the gods on earth, an existence beyond mortals, but why was she no better than an ordinary man like Lin Hao?

“Mage, save me!” Lin Yan still wanted to grab the last straw and turn to the mage who had arranged all this.

Who knew that when she opened her mouth, the voice rang out from the guy in front of her who was alive and dead.

“Ah ……” Lin Yan screamed miserably as she backed up and looked at the dark figure lying on the ground in horror.

How was this possible, that the mage had been caught by them, now Lin Yan couldn’t believe to her death that Lin Hao and the others were ordinary people!

How could ordinary people possibly catch these people?

But Lin Yan was still unwilling, and took out a shrunken version of the Cross Holy Sword, covering it at the door of her heart, and spoke reverently, “Guard the faith, visit the earth, O great Lord God, listen to my summons ……”


The cross holy sword directly shattered and also pierced Lin Yan’s hand.

Lin Hao and Wang Sledgehammer didn’t stop Lin Yan either, except that the two of them looked at her with playfulness in their eyes.

Not caring about the two men’s expressions, Lin Yan pulled out another six-manifold pendant and continued to pray and call out, “By the will of God, let the holy light descend upon the earth, O greatest and most supreme angelic lord, please listen to my prayer and descend upon the earth to redeem your most devout believers.”

Then the six-manifold pendant also completely shattered, and before Lin Yan could even pray to the other sects, all the miscellaneous things on her body shattered in response, as if she was afraid of being taken out by this guy and revealing that they had a hand in this.

“I don’t believe it, no!”


Lin Yan, who was furious, spurted out a mouthful of blood furiously and directly fainted to death.

The gods who once thought that each and every one of them was supreme were now treating her like they had abandoned her, hating to get rid of her, and it was only at this moment that she understood that she had been abandoned by all the gods.



Rolling thunder came from the pitch-black night sky.


A blinding silver light cut through the void and then intertwined, illuminating the land, the firmament, in its entirety.

A terrifying thunderbolt, containing a glorious heavenly might, coiled in the sky above the villa and did not disperse, even increasing in power.

Lin Hao narrowed his eyes and stared up at the sky, someone was controlling this terrifying thunder!

The person behind it was not simple, and Lin Hao did not dare to slow down, quickly gathering the ultimate sword intent in his body, waiting for an opportunity to move.

“What the hell are you doing?” Wang Sledgehammer disliked Lin Hao with no good grace, “You’re no match for them, these old things are really restless, it seems that Chen Bei Xuan’s side is progressing well, otherwise these old things wouldn’t be so eager to leave the Heavenly Dao Palace.”

Lin Hao’s brows were locked, what was the Heavenly Dao Palace again?

Could it be that? Dyed er whisked grasping love love closed? The Heavenly Dao Palace that Wang Sledgehammer was talking about was the one who started this recent series of strange events? The one behind the manipulation?