Super Son-in-law Chapter 2773-2774

Chapter 2773

Vermilion Bird looked a little flustered, but still insisted on arraigning these two herself, as she was a professional.

Lin Hao frowned and looked coldly at Vermilion Bird, “Vermilion Bird, listen to the order!”

Vermilion Bird’s body stiffened, and then stood straight: “Yes, yes General.”

Looking at the Vermilion Bird who moved stiffly, especially the military posture that didn’t stand quite straight, coupled with the fact that the reaction was all half a beat slower, this was not at all a problem that should appear on the Vermilion Bird.

Lin Hao’s face became even more grave, this looked like the right Vermilion Bird, her appearance didn’t feel wrong in any way, but the way she spoke and moved was completely different from the Vermilion Bird.

It was as if this was just someone who looked like a Vermilion Bird.

Lin Hao quickly snatched the unconscious guy out of Vermilion Bird’s hands, while keeping a death grip on Lin Yan and staring coldly at Vermilion Bird: “Who the hell are you? You’re not the Vermilion Bird at all!”

Vermilion Bird still had a tough mouth, but the panicked expression on his face could not be concealed. Lin Hao was even more sure of the thought in his mind, this Vermilion Bird was a fake!

At the same time thinking of Wang? The West Whisker Ai Di Wu Shan Dyeing Closed? The sledgehammer’s blindfold technique, just a yellow talisman let him change into a living person, then other than Wang sledgehammer, no one else knows this trick?

No matter how the vermilion bird explained, Lin Hao no longer believed it and stared at her intently and warily, ready to make a move on this fake vermilion bird!

“Hahahaha, I’m laughing my a*s off, such a clumsy blindfold trick to try and fool this kid, Tianfeng ah Tianfeng, you old thing, you’ve played badly.” Wang Sledgehammer in the upper air saw the situation below clearly.

Lin Hao had indeed fallen into the illusion formation set up in advance by the Heavenly Dao Palace, and at this moment he was still halfway up the mountain, the illusion caused by the illusion formation made Lin Hao think that he had arrived at the Jinling Special Warfare Military Area.

“Wang Sledgehammer, don’t bullsh*t here! So what if we find out, this illusion formation is enough to trap him! Or do you really think you can protect him? If we get angry, we’ll dare to kill him!” The old man in black, surrounded by thunder and shrouded in mist, snorted coldly, his voice like thunder roaring in anger.

This illusion formation had been detected so quickly, and Tianfeng was a little stunned, but it was understandable, although Vermilion Bird had not had much contact with Lin Hao, they were familiar with each other after all, and it was understandable that they had detected the problem through some details.

“Kill him? Do you dare?” Wang Sledgehammer laughed coldly, Lin Hao was the Chosen One, a spokesman approved by the Heavenly Dao, an existence that corrected the Heavenly Dao by taking charge of punishment on behalf of the Heaven.

To the Heavenly Dao, these were just a bunch of moths hiding in the foundation of the Heavenly Dao!

“The way of Heaven is to make up for the shortcomings with the excesses. It is unreasonable and wrong for the Heavenly Dao to pour too much attention on him! I, the Heavenly Dao Palace, naturally have a responsibility and an obligation to correct this mistake! Kill him and divide the excessive attention the Heavenly Dao has poured on him among those who deserve it!” Heavenly Wind spoke in a righteous manner.

At this moment, those who didn’t know would think that he was the spokesman of the Heavenly Dao, and in fact the Heavenly Dao Palace was the very one who boasted of taking charge of the punishment on behalf of the Heavenly Dao, and of being the spokesman of the Heavenly Dao!

“Bullsh*t, why don’t you guys just kill one for me, net talk to me about these useless things, a bunch of ants who are living off the loopholes of the Heavenly Dao, you keep hanging around here, see if the Heavenly Sword strikes you later and it’s over, bye.” Wang Sledgehammer sneered disdainfully, holding a hundred-meter thunder longsword and stabbed at Tianfeng, while his body kept moving and dodging, using himself as the centre, constantly using the shrinking technique and slipping away in the blink of an eye.

Heavenly Wind dared not slow down, using himself as the centre and mobilising the power of heaven and earth around him, resisting Wang’s attack with the might of heaven and earth, but when the thunder longsword dissipated, he could no longer find Wang’s figure.

“Mud! Wait for me, you scum of the Wang Clan, one day, I will make you exterminate your clan!” Heavenly Wind was so angry that his teeth itched, but there was nothing he could do, so he had to leave the rest of the matter to the people below him, while he quickly fled away.

At their level, they could manipulate the fate of countless people at every turn, but because they were too counterintuitive, and because it was too obvious that they were using the power of the Heavenly Dao, they would always be sensed by the Heavenly Dao, and when the Heavenly Sword fell, they could not bear it at all, so they had to withdraw from this place.


Chapter 2774

This is also the reason why most of the Heavenly Dao Palace can only hide behind the scenes to make things happen. They are also afraid of the wrath of Heaven, relying on the loopholes in the Heavenly Dao, fiddling with fortunes, not to mention stealing time, under normal circumstances, they should have turned into a clutch of yellow earth long ago.

Those old men in the Heavenly Dao Palace were obviously ordinary people, but they relied on the loopholes in the Heavenly Dao to survive for countless years, living in hiding.

Unlike the Wang family, who were all ordinary people and did not steal these times, the Wang family went against the Heavenly Dao Palace by pa*sing them down from generation to generation, a single lineage.

The Heavenly Dao Palace prides itself on being the spokesman of the Heavenly Dao, holding the reins of punishment on behalf of the Heaven, while the ancestral motto of the Wang family is that fighting the Heavenly Dao is a joy, either the Heavenly Dao Palace is destroyed, or else the Wang family lineage is pa*sed on from generation to generation! Eternity!

It is precisely because there is no sneaky exploitation of the loopholes in the Heavenly Dao like the Heavenly Dao Palace, that the Wang Family walks the earth in an upright manner, correcting the wrongs of the Heavenly Dao, and naturally, they will not be punished by the Heaven’s wrath, which is why Wang Sledgehammer dares to prance around so arrogantly.

On the contrary, the Heavenly Dao Palace is a bit tied up.

After Wang Sledgehammer left, he directly left Jinling, there was no need for him to take care of things here anymore, the rest was left to Lin Hao.

At this moment, Lin Hao was still trapped in the illusion formation halfway up the mountain, several Heavenly Dao Palace disciples were maintaining the illusion formation, and a few more Heavenly Dao Palace disciples had already entered the formation.

At this moment, Lin Hao was still confronting the fake Vermilion Bird. Lin Hao was just a sword Qi, and honestly, he did not dare to make a rash move now.

He could be 100% sure that this Vermilion Bird was not one of his own, but he didn’t dare to tear his face off directly, he didn’t know if there were others besides this fake Vermilion Bird?

“General, what’s wrong with you? Do you suspect even me? Since you want to interrogate her then interrogate him, how about I take that man away for interrogation?” The fake vermilion bird reacted, sh*t, he was the one who was too eager, this was supposed to be in an illusion formation, interrogating them for whatever information was clear, not to mention that the woman knew nothing about the Heavenly Dao Palace, even the Shui family didn’t know anything about them.

At most, they would just be betraying the other two allies, it was irrelevant.

Lin Hao was likewise a little hesitant, he naturally knew that this fake vermilion bird was in cahoots with the unconscious man in black, he was hesitating, would he or wouldn’t he? Close Shan Zhaoxi Ai Xi Lu Zero? This person was handed over to the other party.

Just then, Lin Hao suddenly felt something in this man’s arms, Lin Hao froze, it was a ram’s horn hammer? And an extra small sized hammer!

Lin Hao cried and laughed, this stingy guy, he thought this was the backhand the other party had left for himself, Lin Hao quietly put that small hammer away into his consciousness space, and did not attract the other party’s attention.

However, Lin Hao still had some hesitation, did he really want to hand this guy over to the other party? To be honest he was genuinely not too willing to do so, after all, it wasn’t easy to capture a living Heavenly Dao Palace disciple after all the effort.

“Let me go! Or else I’ll kill him.” Lin Hao gritted his teeth, he wasn’t sure about taking everyone out, but he was completely sure about killing the two people who were in his control.

Lin Hao wasn’t quite sure if the other party was making such a big show, now to save people or to deal with himself, so let’s hope that this man in black he was holding was somewhat useful.

He couldn’t see the battle on Wang Sledgehammer’s side now, and didn’t know if the other side could quickly resolve the battle to support himself.

The Vermilion Bird on the other side obviously changed his complexion, since the other side had completely pierced this layer of window paper, there was naturally no need for the disguise to continue, their disguise had lost its effect.

But the fake Vermilion Bird was also hesitating, Lin Hao had discovered the problem and had taken control of the two hostages, plus the Dragon Team’s officers had been keeping an eye on Lin Hao and had reported to the real Vermilion Bird when they realised that Lin Hao had not come down for so long.

The Dragon Team had already launched a carpet search around the area, and had Chen Haobei not been given a deadly order to protect both Shen Xiyan and her mother, I guess Chen Haobei would have come in person.

The Vermilion Bird was not as high as Chen Haobei’s realm, but at least he was an Illusionary Spirit Master, and all the members of the Dragon Group were also Illusionary Spirit Masters. These were just ordinary disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace, and they might not be a match for the Dragon Group, and they did not want to blatantly go up against the Dragon Group.