Super Son-in-law Chapter 2775-2776

Chapter 2775

“Let’s each take a step back, you put our people down, you can take that woman with you, we will remove the formation and let you leave.” The fake Vermilion Bird spoke coldly, they also wanted to take one last shot, having gone to such great lengths to trap Lin Hao this time.

They had to find a way to bring Lin Hao back to the Heavenly Dao Palace, with the Heavenly Dao Palace’s ability, at this time Lin Hao was at his weakest, they could completely take away his Qi.

When they had discovered Lin Hao before, he had already risen rapidly and was not something they could easily hold, plus at that time, Chen Bei Xuan and other bigwigs were still in the human world, so they had no chance at all.

Before Lin Hao had risen, he was covered up by the Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Dao Palace couldn’t find out.

“Hehe, is that so? Let’s spend time here then.” Lin Hao keenly sensed the other party’s panic and grabbed the man in black by the neck, not giving an inch! The fake Zhuque’s face turned extremely ugly as he coldly snorted, “Lin Hao, don’t go too far! Each of you take a step back, you let the others go and we open the formation, otherwise none of us will have an easy time!”

“Don’t think we’re really afraid of you, apart from our people, even if your strongest one Chen Haobei beside you comes, he won’t be able to forcefully break the formation!”

“Hmmmmm, you guys are right, then let’s all just consume, I’m not going to starve to death in three to five days anyway, let’s consume together.” Lin Hao laughed coldly. Can they afford it?

Lin Hao sensed a problem, the other party was actually more anxious than he was, this formation had to be maintained by someone who was the eye of the formation, these people obviously hadn’t cultivated enough, so there was a way out.

Chen Haobei and Zhuque were not vegetarians, once they realised something was wrong, they would definitely come to him.

Wang Sledgehammer was still fighting over there. He, Lin Hao, could afford to spend time, but the other side might not be able to.

In fact, if Lin Hao had known that Wang Sledgehammer had run away long ago, he probably wouldn’t have been so strong now.

Old Eight had never expected that Lin Hao would have such a tough attitude and seemed to have a hold on them, which gave him a bit of a headache.

Old Seven was still in the other party’s hands.

That’s right, the one who pretended to be a vermilion bird was none other than Old Eight who had rushed here, and it was because of Old Eight’s report that Skywind had rushed here.

It was a pity that he was still too late.

“When you get out of the formation, immediately put Old Eight down and drive away, otherwise you know the consequences, and don’t you forget that Ling Yun is still in our hands!” Old Eight spoke coldly, he had no choice but to give in, Old Seven couldn’t die!

Lin Hao’s eyelids fluttered wildly, sh*t, I forgot about this one, he immediately said, “Forget it, let’s change it, I’ll stay here, this Old Eight is for you, you let Ling Yun go! Otherwise I’ll kill him!”

Lin Hao was still somewhat confident in defending himself, but with Ling Yun in the other party’s hands, it always made him feel a bit tied up, this feeling of being pinned down was really unpleasant.

“Then you kill him.” Old Eight sneered, Old Seven indeed could not die, but compared to Old Seven, Ling Yun was obviously more important.

“Forget it, remove the formation.” Lin Hao didn’t insist, it seemed that Spirit Rhyme was much more important in the other party’s eyes than this Heavenly Dao Palace disciple.

There was only another way to think about it.

Old Eight didn’t hesitate again this time and directly ordered the illusion formation to be removed.

After the illusion formation was removed, Lin Hao was dumbfounded, Ma De, he thought he was back in downtown Jinling, but it turned out that he was still halfway up that mountain at the villa.

Around them stood seven or eight disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace, uniformly robed in black, their bodies shrouded in a black mist.

Lin Hao threw that old seven on the ground and ran towards a parked car not far away carrying Lin Yan, the Tiandao Palace disciples swarmed? whisked closed west whisked yi yan shan yi? , quickly checking on Old Seven’s condition.

Just then, Lin Hao snapped back and inspired that sword intent within his body!


An extreme cold light shot out from Lin Hao’s body, pointing straight at that group of Heavenly Dao Palace disciples.

“Not good, retreat!” Old Eight was the first to react, roaring loudly and angrily as a burst of yellow-orange light erupted from his body, forming an illusory large bell to cover him, while the others also reacted and flung out all sorts of objects.


Chapter 2776

Some threw out a small banner that soared against the wind, the astral wind whistling, various streams of light flung over, yet none of them were able to block this extreme sword intent.

That cold light was tiny and swift, destroying and breaking through these people’s various magic treasures, the seemingly impenetrable treasure light was torn apart like paper mache.

The faces of the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace changed in shock, and they all showed their skills and fled for their lives, those who evaded the earth and those who flew into the sky, but unfortunately they were still too slow!

In an instant, blood poured into the air, and they were killed without even having the time to scream, but Old Eight was lucky and escaped with serious wounds.

This was also the first time Lin Hao had fought head-on with the Heavenly Dao Palace, and he had taken advantage of it.

“Collect some interest this time! We’ll settle it with you next time!” Lin Hao coldly looked at the corpses separating the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples, with Lin Hao’s character of taking revenge on the spot if it wasn’t because he really couldn’t find any Heavenly Dao Palace disciples, he would have taken action long ago.

“It’s up there! Hurry!”

The commotion halfway up the mountain had also caught the attention of the members of the Dragon Group, who quickly rushed in from all directions.

Only at this moment did Lin Hao realise that the European-style villa and the mountain top piece had turned into nothingness, the sky was pitch black and there was no movement long ago, just how long had he been trapped? How long had he been trapped? Had Wang Sledgehammer and the others finished fighting?

But the guy who could control thousands of thunderbolts did not strike at him, and Wang Sledgehammer did not come to save him, so the probability was that the fight might not be over, or Wang Sledgehammer had gotten a bargain and run away.

Soon, the members of the Dragon Group converged.

“General!” The members of the Dragon Group saluted, after seeing the tragic state of the scene, but Lin Hao was unharmed they were relieved instead, if Lin Hao had been wounded and they hadn’t arrived in time, the Vermilion Bird would have skinned them all!

Lin Hao nodded, his body was a little tired, inspiring that sword had completely drained the spiritual energy from his body.

At this moment Lin Yan, who was being carried by Lin Hao, woke up leisurely, Lin Hao didn’t hesitate to dry her out again with a hand slash, the corners of the mouth of the Dragon Group warrior next to him couldn’t help but twitch, General Lin was really ruthless, such a gorgeous beauty, he could even go down on her.

“Deal with the scene, search it by the way, see if you can find any useful information, report to Vermilion Bird for safety, I’ll go back first.” Lin Hao instructed, throwing Lin Yan back into the car and driving away.

This time, he did not encounter any more weird situations and drove safely all the way back to the Lin family.

Vermilion Bird and Lin Hao returned to the Lin family almost backwards and forwards, Vermilion Bird was in the city and rushed straight to the Lin family after receiving orders from his men.

“Brother Lin Hao, you’re not hurt, are you? It was only when I heard the explosion that I immediately gathered most of the Dragon Team towards the suburbs, but I was still a step too late.” Zhuque was full of self-blame, fortunately Lin Hao was not injured despite being under siege.

“It’s alright, I just ran into some trouble, I just didn’t expect the other side to make such a big show in order to deal with me. It’s quite late now, let’s go and rest first, are you staying here for the night or going back?” Lin Hao waved his hand to indicate that it was fine, unknowingly it was already midnight and it was indeed a bit late.

Vermilion Bird shook his head and refused, stating? Steak closes the service to dye the land to serve? She had to personally sit down and find out where these people came from as soon as possible.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

He saw that Lin Hao was sneaking around at night and carrying a beautiful woman back, so he was dumbfounded. Is this guy so daring as to rob a woman directly to go home?

It was a good thing that Chen Haobei quickly saw the face of the person he was carrying, otherwise he might have really misunderstood.

“Why did you carry her back? Did you have an encounter tonight? I heard the commotion outside the suburbs.” Chen Haobei explained in pa*sing that he had heard it but did not go there, there was no way he could, he had to protect the mother and daughter.

He was also worried that this was a diversion, once he left, people would come back and pull out the mother and daughter, then Chen Haobei would be guilty of a big crime.