Super Son-in-law Chapter 2777-2778

Chapter 2777

“They’re asleep, right?” Lin Hao didn’t answer the other man’s question.


“Keep an eye around the courtyard, and if you find anyone, control them immediately while I deal with this woman.” Lin Hao didn’t bother with him anymore and carried Lin Yan to the backyard of the Lin family, using the formation of the peach blossom forest in this backyard to isolate the sound just a little bit, and stilled Lin Yan directly on the ground.

Lin Hao’s force was not small and the pain caused Lin Yan to grunt and wake up.

Lin Yan was still a bit confused when she woke up, who the hell did that? The back of her neck and neck hurt like hell, and the rest of her body hurt too, as if she had been abused while she was unconscious.

When Lin Yan came to her senses completely, she raised her head and couldn’t help but freeze, “Lin Hao, what did you, do to me?”

“Tell me everything you know, or you know the consequences!” Lin Hao’s voice was cold, without the slightest bit of emotion, he already had no feelings for Lin Yan, and as a result, this woman was still scheming against him at every turn, cooperating with those forces that were dealing with him, so he had no more good feelings for her.

“What the hell are you talking about? No, I like you, is that wrong too? If you don’t like me, just reject me, do you have to do this to me? And abusing me while I was unconscious!” Lin Yan looked at Lin Hao pitifully, with a delicate and pitiful face.

“To this day you’re still acting? You are a follower of the Light and Shadow Society, you think I don’t know that? I know quite a few of those angels, what about Avril, Ellie? Where-er-i-lu-zero-land-closing? Silk and all that!”

“Also, you were the one Water Impermanence contacted last time. Water Impermanence once failed to pursue Shen Xiyan and wanted to control her with his soul, and you were the one who gave him his soul?” Lin Hao clasped his hands to his chest, his gaze sharp as a knife as he stared at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan’s face was pale, so he knew about it, he knew about it a long time ago, is that why he treated her this way?

What kind of person was he?

Since he knew that he was cooperating with those people to make a move against him, he was therefore going to cooperate with his own acting?

“Since you know all that, what’s the point of asking this?” Lin Yan hung her head forlornly, her messy hair covering half of her face, pitiful, helpless and lost in thought.

At this moment, she was the most real her.

“What I know, and you taking the initiative to confess, those are two different things! You take the initiative and I can save you from jail for the sake of knowing each other, otherwise for what you’ve done, it wouldn’t be too much to shoot you, not to mention jail.”

“You should be clear about what kind of goods those sects you propagate are and what they are doing in private.” Lin Hao even hammered heavily on the other party’s heart.

“Heh, it doesn’t matter, nothing matters anymore, what kind of man have I not touched, what kind of dashing life have I not lived, this life is enough, it’s not a waste of time to come to this human world.” Lin Yan smiled self-deprecatingly and raised her head to look at Lin Hao, staring intently at him.

“Let me tell you everything, it’s not impossible, please tell me, who are you really? How can you know everything, even the gods!” Lin Yan couldn’t figure out that Alice, whom she revered like a god, had never even met the original deity, but Lin Hao even knew him.

And what was so special about him that even the gods had to deal with?

Apart from the fact that Lin Hao’s handsomeness fascinated her, it was also the fact that Lin Hao was as much of a man as a mystery that puzzled her and made her want to unravel this mystery and truly understand Lin Hao.

“Ask Dou Niang, search my name, or big things from ten years ago, news related to me can be searched in one search.” Lin Hao grinned.

Lin Yan froze for a moment, was she that famous ten years ago?

Wait, was there anything that was particularly sensational ten years ago?

Lin Yan didn’t hesitate, she picked up her phone and started searching.

After about a minute, Lin Yan raised her head speechlessly, “Are you playing with me? Nothing related to you was searched!” Nothing?


Chapter 2778

Lin Hao froze and quickly took out his phone and also started searching for information about himself and anything related to ten years ago.

It turned out that it was really deleted to the point where nothing was found, while after asking around, Lin Hao found that it seemed that the only people who were related to him, who knew him, also remembered his existence.

Everyone else, for the most part, had basically forgotten what happened back then, and even some Illusionary Spirit Masters who hadn’t reached the fourth level realm barely remembered what happened back then.

That was no wonder, but it was quite good.

“Forget it, since there’s no relevant information, then don’t bother, you can go.” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders, in fact, basically everything Lin Yan knew, Lin Hao knew.

The only thing he cared about was still information related to the Heavenly Dao Palace, but with Lin Yan’s level, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to understand this core information, she was just a pawn.

Lin Hao had no intention of letting her go, but after thinking about it, it seemed like he hadn’t done anything to himself apart from pitting him to go to the villa party this time, plus the other party shouldn’t want his life, and she didn’t even know the ultimate purpose of these people.

“You haven’t told me who you really are! Don’t you want to know everything I know? Just tell me who you are, I’ll tell you everything, I can tell you all of it.” Lin Yan looked at Lin Hao almost pleadingly.

She just wanted to know Lin Hao’s identity, ah.

She had been abandoned by the gods, and it wasn’t impossible to tell Lin Hao all this information.

“What are you so curious about? Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” Lin Hao couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m a man that the gods all need to look up to! The gods you look up to and believe in, such as the Illuminati Siennis, the Angelic Church Alice and the like, were all existences that I chased and hacked back then.”


Lin Yan laughed in a flamboyant manner, “If you don’t tell me, just don’t tell me, do you need to tell some lies to fool me?”

Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders, expressing his helplessness, you see, it’s hard to be a good person these days, telling lies that people believe, but telling the truth that no one believes, what a sin.

Lin Yan tidied up her messy hair, patted the dust on her body and stood up, looked at Lin Hao seriously and bowed deeply towards him, “Lin Hao, I’m sorry, I really don’t know what those people are dealing with you for, what exactly is the reason, my purpose was also very simple from the beginning to the end, I’m sorry for causing you trouble, if you want to punish me, or how, feel free to Even send me to prison.”

“I’ll go back first.” After saying that Lin Yan took a deep breath, as if she had regained her confident self, at this moment, she was still the same sociable flower who roamed between various elite men, a delicate beauty who was like a fish in water.

“It’s alright, go back, if you get caught doing something illegal again in the future, that’s your business, forget about it this time, besides I’ll tell you clearly, it’s impossible for us, Xiyan is actually my wife and Xiao shi is also my daughter.” Lin Hao nodded, Lin Yan was able to be so open-minded and was able to adjust her mind in such a short period of time, this was really surprising to Lin Hao.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do this kind of thing again.” Lin Yan smiled flirtatiously, she was just an ordinary, mortal person. When she knew that these gods existed and had divine powers that transcended ordinary people, she too aspired and craved for these powers, thus taking a crooked path, and now she had woken up.

Sometimes the so-called gods can also be despicable and shameless; gods, too, are human.

Lin Yan was just about to leave when a haze of light descended from the sky and forced its way straight to Lin Yan, Lin Hao’s eyes instantly narrowed, “Who dared to kill someone under my nose!”

Lin Hao’s voice rang out and the haze light that got close to Lin Yan suddenly dissipated.

Lin Yan froze in place, her body was cold to the bone, in that moment just now, she couldn’t move at all, death was so close to her, so close at hand!

Someone was trying to kill her! No, the gods were trying to kill? The gods were trying to kill? She!