Super Son-in-law Chapter 2783-2784

Chapter 2783

Lin Hao breathed in the fresh morning air, which was fragrant with the scent of peach blossoms in addition to the primordial aroma of gra*s and trees. Lin Hao was surprised to find that he was able to clearly perceive all the control of his surroundings, as well as the kind of potential that seemed to be there.

This feeling was more like an advance perception, even more terrifying than an Illusionary Spirit Master’s divine perception!

After all, an illusionist’s divine perception is only able to perceive what is already happening, or what has already happened.

But Lin Hao’s perception of the seemingly non-existent and mysterious surroundings? Xi zero er ai ai shan serve zero? But Lin Hao is able to perceive what has not happened!

By using the momentum of everything in heaven and earth, he could judge and project what was about to happen.

It’s really a bit too scary to try!

No wonder very few people are willing to mess with a truly capable master, otherwise the other side would have a million ways to break your family!

This does not happen to learn, Lin Hao felt something, raised his right hand, thumb on the remaining four fingers, different knuckles tap!

He followed the way of the six nonsense fingers to project, reciting the mantra, Lin Hao could clearly feel that the surrounding potential was used for him, although it was subtle and very weak, but it was enough for Lin Hao to deduce a lot of things.

However, if he wanted to be like Wang Sledgehammer, who could use the momentum of everything in heaven and earth and turn a hundred metres of thunder into a long sword, the little momentum he controlled was not worth mentioning!

Lin Hao wasn’t greedy either, this was just enough.

“Oh? Are things starting to turn around?” Lin Hao deduced a bit and concluded that Ling Yun’s situation had improved, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief, although he knew before that Ling Yun’s life wouldn’t be in danger, but a woman falling into the hands of an opponent was always uneasy.

“Lin Hao, outside ……” Chen Hao Bei hurriedly ran in, only to be directly interrupted by Lin Hao before he could finish his sentence.

Lin Hao waved his hand to stop Chen Haobei from continuing, “If my guess is good, it was the other side that brought news of Spirit Rhyme, right?”

Chen Haobei froze for a moment, so he knew?

He was clear as day, Lin Hao had been godly in the backyard all night and hadn’t left the backyard at all.

“Could it be that Zhu Que told you? Did she receive the news?” Chen Haobei looked at Lin Hao suspiciously.

Lin Hao gave the other party a good-natured look and took his phone out and shook it, “My phone is out of battery, so what the hell did I tell you.”

“Then how did you know?” Chen Haobei was even more amazed, could it be that Lin Hao still had the ability to foretell things?

Lin Hao stood up, patted the flower petals and dust on his clothes, and raised his eyebrows proudly, “I counted it out by pinching my fingers.”

Chen Haobei shrugged his shoulders, obviously not believing what Lin Hao said, who knew that the punch in the face would come so quickly …… When he reached the front room, Lin Ruoshi and Shen Xiyan were already up, and the two were busy in the kitchen with breakfast.

“Good morning dad.” Lin Ruoshi greeted adorably when she saw Lin Hao come out.

Lin Hao smiled and nodded as he entered the living room, where a young man, probably about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, with no aura fluctuations on his body, was sitting.

Lin Hao had learnt from Wang Da Hammer, and again, he couldn’t feel any momentum swimming around him, meaning he wasn’t a fortune teller or an illusionary spirit master, just a solid ordinary person.

“Hello, you’re Mr. Lin Hao aren’t you?” The young man saw Lin Hao and hurriedly stood up, “I was told to hand these to you.”

Saying that the man handed Lin Ha a package and a photo of none other than Ling Yun, the background of the photo was a dilapidated warehouse.

“Is there anything else besides these?” Lin Hao knew that this was just an ordinary person, even if he asked the others, or who had given him these things, he wouldn’t be able to ask, so he didn’t bother to waste that breath.

“No more, just these, and the man said that if you get these things to you, you will give me five thousand dollars, which is five thousand dollars you see ……”

What the hell?

Lin Hao cried and laughed, Mud, these guys don’t look like they’re this bad for eight or ten thousand!


Chapter 2784

Not a single dime?

Looking at Lin Hao’s exaggerated expression, the young man looked a little nervous: “No, it’s not a trick, is it? You’ll give me back the stuff if you don’t pay.”

Lin Hao shook his head, “Haobei, you transfer the money to him, I’ll keep the stuff.”

The man was relieved to hear that he had money to take, so he obediently left with Chen Haobei.

Lin Hao will open the package, inside is a mobile phone, the phone has been turned on, Lin Hao open the phone’s video link software, soon, a masked man appeared in front of the camera, the voice has deliberately changed over, can not hear roughly: “Lin Hao, let you see this is? West Yi Wu Shan Xi Fu Zha Wu? Who.”

The masked man switched the camera and was facing Ling Yun, Lin Hao was stunned to see what Ling Yun looked like at this moment.

Sister, are you sure this is a kidnapping?

Those who know are the ones that she was kidnapped, those who don’t know still think that she is the boss of these kidnappers!

At this moment, Ling Yun was crossing her legs and knocking melon seeds, with two kidnappers behind her squeezing her shoulders, with all kinds of washed fruits on the table next to her.

“Hello Lin Hao, what’s up, it’s been so many days, did you miss me?” Ling Yun waved playfully at the camera.

Lin Hao had a black face and scolded with a laugh without good grace, “Were you kidnapped, or did you kidnap someone else?”

“They kidnapped me, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Ling Yun shrugged, she had been kidnapped, but they couldn’t beat her, the key was that they didn’t hurt her, she could hurt them even if they had less strength to hammer them.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t run, she couldn’t run fast enough without her aura, she didn’t get very far before she was caught and brought back.

“Well, it looks like they’ve kidnapped an ancestor back.” Lin Hao was now completely relieved, seeing that Ling Yun was fine and was being served well, what else could he worry about.

“Lin Hao, you’ve seen the person, we won’t hurt her, and you should immediately tell Dragon Sect and Dragon Group to stop pursuing us, otherwise we can’t guarantee that we’ll do anything too drastic next.” The masked man turned the camera back.

Lin Hao also laughed in exasperation, “Then hurt her one for me to see …… you have no deterrent effect with this threat bullsh*t.”

“You ……” the kidnapper was also furious over it, the key special meow Lin Hao said is still the truth, do you say furious?

“Yes, we can’t hurt her, but don’t forget, just because we can’t touch him doesn’t mean the others can’t touch her, she’s just physically strong, but her own strength is simply that of an ordinary person.”

“If we can’t hurt her, we can’t do something else to her?” The masked men stiffened their heads and continued to speak threateningly, they weren’t asking for much, they just didn’t want to continue to be hunted.

After all, in the land of China, the Dragon Sect and the Dragon Team were out at the same time, they couldn’t hide at all, and that was what Water Imperator was desperately asking for, and by now that old eight hadn’t woken up yet.

He was almost caught by the police on several occasions and was struck by lightning, but when he woke up, he was dazed by the lightning and pa*sed out.

He had no choice but to ask the person responsible for watching Ling Yun to risk contacting Lin Hao.

In fact, Shui Wusheng was afraid that Lin Hao would continue to pursue the matter regardless of their threat, for no one could hurt Ling Yun except Old Eight, who was still in a state of living death.

As for draining Ling Yun’s strength, doing something indescribable to Ling Yun, and directly P*ssing Lin Hao off to the point of explosion, none of them would be able to escape!

“Alright, you guys don’t mess around, I’ll have Vermillion Bird give the order to stop the pursuit of you guys later.” Lin Hao agreed to the other party’s request, he had already started to deduce Ling Yun’s location, with this craft, he would be able to uncover these guys without the cooperation of the Dragon Sect and the Dragon Group.

Besides, Lin Hao saw that Ling Yun was in such a leisurely and relaxed situation, he was not anxious to give her first aid, since she was living such a comfortable life, it seemed quite good to let her enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in the bandit’s den.