Super Son-in-law Chapter 2787-2788

Chapter 2787

In order to send Old Buster to the hospital, he himself became a wreck, injured to this state, and lost seven or eight of his elite bodyguards, who either died outright or lost their arms and legs.

Strangely enough, he was still able to send several people away even though he was in such a bad shape.

Firstly, he was struck twice by lightning before he even left the Jinling area, and on the way he was knocked over by a car, breaking two people’s legs and being buried by a pa*sing dump truck that was involved.

The stretcher suddenly collapsed and hit the ground when they were being lifted up.

Even when he arrived at the hospital ward, he didn’t stop, his bed was crushed and broken, and by coincidence, the infusion bottle was shoved into his mouth.

The doctors were so scared that they were afraid that they would kill the patient if they did that.

But it turned out that the patient had a hard life and couldn’t die! They just can’t stop being unlucky!

In the end, the doctors who had experienced this scene were so shocked that they burst into laughter, and the whole ward was as lively as a vegetable market.

The whole ward was as lively as a vegetable market. Shui Wu Chang wanted to die because his situation was no better, and it was a hell of a lot worse.

If it wasn’t for the patriarch’s orders, he would have wanted to run away.

He was unlucky in the hospital for three days, either after his blood flowed back into the bottle during an infusion, or after the needle broke inside, or after he almost choked to death on a gla*s of water.

Three days later the Heaven’s Path Palace sent someone to come.

Only then did Old Buster’s bad luck cease, but he was no longer a human being.

He was in a miserable state.

Old Eight was sent back to the Heavenly Dao Palace, and another disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace stayed behind, Old Eight’s senior brother, Heavenly Old Nine.

The unlucky Shui Wusheng, who had not yet recovered, had just woken up and had been taken away by Tian Lao Jiu’s men to go to Jinling again, to connect with the secret line he had planted before, so as to avenge Old Eight and Old Seven, and to avenge the shame of the Heavenly Dao Palace!

In all its years, the Heaven’s Path Palace had never suffered such a great loss!

Lin Hao’s side, through the six nonsense finger deduction, let Lin Yan looking for three days, froze not to find Lin Hao, whether to Lin Hao’s home or at school, froze not to meet, is also magical, this situation let Lin Hao exclaimed.

Especially the two are in the school ah, even an office, but it just can not meet, even Lin? The two of them are in the same office. The two of them were depressed enough!

The school is only a tiny bit bigger, but the two of them haven’t met once in three days! Even if Lin Yan knew that Lin Hao was avoiding himself, he was not able to do so!

While Lin Yan was furious, Lin Hao was having a great time, even avoiding Qin Yan.

Lin Hao deduced the problem, but he couldn’t deduce anything from Qin Yan, but Qin Yan’s personality had changed so much that she was almost completely different from the old Lin Yan.

The teachers at the school were surprised that Lin Yan, who used to be beautiful and sexy, suddenly became high and cold, while Qin Yan suddenly started to take the sexy and beautiful route, as if the two had swapped souls.

But Lin Hao instinctively had to distance himself from her, there was a very subtle potential flowing around Qin Yan, and it resonated with his potential, instinctively keeping him away from the other side, once too much contact was made, the other side would definitely have to give him trouble.

This skill of Wang Sledgehammer, constantly applied in real life Lin Hao realized, this skill is really bull ah, much more than the illusionary spirit master bull!

No wonder Wang Sledgehammer, a person who was not even an Illusionary Spirit Master, was able to make even an existence like Chen Beixuan owe him a favour.


Chapter 2788

“Lin Hao! You son of a b*tch! Are you hiding from me like that?”

Lin Hao was cooling off under the shade of the campus tree with his legs crossed, it would be his turn to go to cla*s later, but as a result, Lin Hao was taking it easy when Lin Yan’s chirping voice suddenly came from the loud speaker of the school radio.

Lin Hao’s leg jerked, a lingering and a direct flat fall.

Lin Hao forgot to get up, he was really confused, holy sh*t, even this? This is not a trap for me!

The whole school would have to know about this. In the past, everyone used to talk about it in private, but now it’s no longer in private, it’s out in the open!

And it’s not just the teachers’ circle that knows about this anymore, the students know about it too.

“That’s right, you son of a b*tch! Lin Hao, you have the guts to hide from me for the rest of your life!” Qin Yan’s voice came along with it.


Lin Hao’s mouthful of blood: “You’re everywhere! What does this have to do with you? If it wasn’t for your aunt’s sake, I would have smacked you!”

Now it was hard not to be hilarious, Lin Hao was also completely famous, the two prettiest female teachers in the school shouted in public, this was similar to a public confession.

“Mud, quit! Resign!”

“Get Xiao Shi transferred to another school immediately, I’m P*ssed off!” Lin Hao got up from the ground, his teaching aids snapped to the floor, and headed straight for the headmaster’s office.

When the headmaster learned about Lin Hao’s resignation, people were dumbfounded, and even more dumbfounded surprisingly because of the two female teachers blatantly shouting.

If it wasn’t for Zhuque’s relationship, the headmaster would have wanted to beat someone up, something that others couldn’t even beg for, but to Lin Hao was as good as killing him!

To be honest, no matter if either Lin Yan or Qin Yan was willing, the headmaster thought he might be a treasure!

“Principal, I’m just telling you, you know, I’m going to resign and transfer my daughter to another school, that’s a matter of minutes, I’m here to let you know, not to ask for your opinion.” Lin Hao had a real headache today after being messed around with by these two crazy women, and it might even cause an impact on Xiao Shi’s schooling at the time.

“Teacher Lin, won’t you think about it anymore? Those two teachers? Lu Lu dye Wu Ai Wu Shan Yi? If it were anyone else, I guess they would have gone crazy with joy.” The headmaster looked at Lin Hao with tears and laughter, he also knew that what Lin Hao said was the truth, after all, one word and Zhu Qiao would have gotten the matter done.

It was precisely because he valued this relationship that he had tried his best to retain Lin Hao, because of Lin Hao’s arrival, their school had specially approved many projects, and many project applications had become much easier.

The headmaster is not a fool, so he naturally knows what the reason is, so how can the headmaster let Lin Hao go, even if he is muddling through the school and not attending a single cla*s the headmaster won’t give him a hard time, and he even has to serve him like a grandpa.

“Nonsense! Can I not know? I’m not married and I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m happy, the point is I have a daughter-in-law and my daughter is so old, can I get entangled with them?”

“As friends, how serious is that?” The headmaster held up his old-fashioned gla*ses and smiled brightly, the wrinkles on his face seized together like a blooming chrysanthemum.

“Headmaster, are you stupid or am I stupid? You treat someone as a friend and they want to sleep with you, do you dare to take such a person as a friend?” Lin Hao was clear enough to know what was in the hearts of these two people, especially now this Qin Yan, who had problems of her own and got herself into trouble by getting involved.

For someone as salty as him, wasn’t trouble what he feared most?

“Teacher Lin! That’s a bit too narcissistic of you.”

Lin Hao stretched his hand, just consider me narcissistic.

“Alright, let’s put that aside, what about your daughter? You know the child is still young and about to enter puberty, which is the most sensitive period.”

“She’s just getting used to this school environment, familiar with it, and has a group of friends and cla*smates she gets along with, and suddenly she transfers to an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar teachers, unfamiliar learning environment, unfamiliar cla*smates, and with her senior exams coming up, do you think that this really won’t affect your daughter?” The old headmaster was also a man of the cloth, and if it didn’t work out from Lin Hao, then he would look for a solution from Lin Hao’s daughter.