Super Son-in-law Chapter 2791-2792

Chapter 2791

“Could he have sensed something?” Qin Yan wondered a little, picked up her phone and dialed a mysterious number.

A hoarse voice came from the other end of the line, “Failed the mission?”

“It’s none of your business whether I failed or not! I’m asking you, is my aunt’s disappearance really related to him or not? Does he really know about my aunt’s news?” Qin Yan asked coldly, not looking kindly at the mysterious man either.

“I am one hundred percent sure that it is completely related to him, and whatever happened to your aunt was caused by him.” The hoarse voice answered Qin Yan with extreme certainty and told her that since there was no way to make progress on her end, then let her find a way to get Lin Hao to their designated location where they could help.

On the other end of the phone, the senior brother of the righteous Old Eight, Tian Laojiu, picked up the threads that had been buried in Jinling before, Qin Yan’s destiny had been toggled, not to mention that he had had the fuses planted early on, and as soon as Tian Laojiu came to Jinling, he immediately took over the pawns.

Now Ling Yun was also in the hands of Tian Lao Jiu, if Qin Yan’s line was ruined, then he could activate Ling Yun’s line.

“I know.” Qin Yan icily would promise a sentence and quickly hang up the phone, frowning, in search of how to ask Lin Hao out and bring him to the designated place?

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

Qin Yuxin has disappeared without any news, looking for her aunt, also known as Qin Yuxin’s father. The same stammering refuses to tell Qin Yan, who knows things are bad and starts looking for Qin Yuxin, but has no clue, and as a result, the only clue is just in Lin Hao.

After all, before Qin Yuxin disappeared, the most contact was between her and Lin Hao. It was also at this time that a disciple from the Heavenly Dao Palace hooked up with Qin Yan and informed her that everything was done by Lin Hao, but this Lin Hao was not simple and the other party was willing to cooperate with Qin Yan.

Coupled with the fact that Qin Yan’s destiny had been rattled, she naturally listened to the other party’s arrangement, and Qin Yan was bent on finding Qin Yuxin, which was also the result of the Heaven’s Path Palace disciple’s calculations.

Qin Yuxin’s gaze began to grow more and more determined: “No matter what, by what means, at what cost, I must find my aunt! And make you pay the price you deserve!”

Just after walking downstairs with Lin Yan, Lin Hao’s eyelids twitched slightly, Lin Hao stopped in place, instinctively feeling that something was wrong, since learning the Six Nonfingers, Lin Hao’s perception of these had become even sharper.

Just for a split second, it felt as if someone was counting on him, and had already started to act!

Lin Hao raised his right hand to deduce something, but could not deduce anything, it seemed that there was another in the underworld? It seemed that there was another? It seemed that there was another?

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Don’t tell me you know this too.” Lin Yan knew that Lin Hao was not simple, after all, the man for whom the gods bent their backs, but Lin Yan did not quite believe that Lin Hao could tell fortunes.

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, “No, my eyelids were jumping a lot just now, I reckoned that someone was trying to calculate me.”

“Brother Lin Hao, you don’t have to do that, do you? Don’t be so accusatory.” Lin Yan was a bit tearful, was she that untrustworthy?

Lin Hao shook his head, “You misunderstood, I wasn’t referring to you, otherwise I wouldn’t have come down with you. Well, this won’t affect other people’s cla*ses anymore, so tell me, what exactly is it that you’ve gone to so much trouble to find me?” Hearing that Lin Hao was not referring to herself, Lin Yan was relieved and was still quite happy in her heart, she had just really thought that Lin Hao was referring to her.

These days Lin Hao was avoiding her, and she knew why, she was afraid of provoking herself, but she just wanted to give Lin Hao an explanation.

But she just wanted to give Lin Hao an explanation, and now there was something she had to ask Lin Hao for help.

Now she is focusing on teaching, although Lin Hao hasn’t given a few PE lessons to Cla*s 6, the students in Cla*s 6 have changed dramatically and are much more serious in cla*s, Lin Yan suddenly realises that these students can still be saved a bit more.


Chapter 2792

With the cooperation of the teachers of other courses, the results did change quite significantly, which made Lin Yan even happier. She also started to become more concerned about her students.

“Actually, I came to you, one is to apologise to you, and the other is to ask you for a favour.” Saying that Lin Yan gave Lin Hao a bow and said sincerely, “I apologize for the trouble I caused you before, I’m really sorry, don’t worry, from now on we will only talk about business matters, in private we will be ordinary colleagues.”

Lin Hao looked at Lin Yan with some surprise, feeling that Lin Yan was telling the truth, her personality had all become different from before.

Lin Hao believed the other party’s words and nodded, “Let’s go by what you said, in fact, you’re quite good like this now aren’t you? Then what do you want me to help you with?”

“Actually, it’s the matter of Chen Yuan.” Lin Yan told Lin Hao the reason for the matter.

Didn’t Chen Yuan take some time off sick some time ago, and then finally came back to cla*s? But her spirit had been somewhat depressed and in a poor state, and from time to time she would suddenly chant about Lin Hao.

Once Lin Yan, also a believer in the Light and Shadow Society, was still able to sense that Chen Yuan was carrying some undissipated Yin Qi, and she used her methods to try to help, but to no great avail.

Especially in the past few days, the situation had become more and more serious, but she refused to take time off work. Lin Yan felt that this little girl was probably also because of Lin Hao, the little girl was thinking of spring ah.

Lin Yan wanted to seek Lin Hao’s help to solve the problem, who knew that Lin Hao had been avoiding her, like avoiding the plague, if not for Lin Hao’s initiative to show up today, she didn’t even know when she could see Lin Hao.

“Let’s go, go and have a look.” Lin Hao frowned up, it shouldn’t be reasonable, Lin Hao was quite impressed with this stupid girl Chen Yuan.

He had already solved Chen Yuan’s trouble before, so it was reasonable to say that he would be fine after a normal rest for a while, how could it last so long? And it had gotten worse?

Lin Hao didn’t know the other party’s birth date and eight characters, so it was no good to give them a calculation, so he had to see what was going on in person first.

Lin Hao had just walked into the cla*sroom and immediately caused the whole cla*s to stir.

“Wow, the handsome Mr. Lin is finally here! Today Mr. Lin is handsome again!”

“My goodness, Devil Lin is here, this is going to ruin PE cla*s again.”

“I’m even more curious about how Mr. Lin, who has been avoiding our cla*s teacher for so long, suddenly popped up today?”

Lin Hao looked at the group of students with tears and laughter and said without good grace, “Looks like I’ll have to take a day off today.”


Everyone instantly withdrew their voices and acted like good babies.

Although taking Lin Hao’s P.E. cla*s was a bit of a headache for them, not as easy as other cla*ses’ P.E. cla*ses anyway, but even if it wasn’t easy, it was still better than nothing.

If it was lost, how could it be?

Lin Yan looked at Lin Hao with admiration, she, the cla*s teacher, did not have such a majestic ah, Lin Hao’s words, let this group of restless master, instantly he settled down.

However, Chen Yuan, who had been longing to see Lin Hao, did not move, and at this moment weakly fell asleep on her desk.

Looking at Chen Yuan’s appearance, Lin Yan was also heartbroken: “This girl is stubborn, she won’t listen to any persuasion, she just won’t take leave, and you know this situation of hers, the effect of taking medicine is basically not effective.”

Lin Hao nodded, he naturally knew this, he observed carefully and found that Chen Yuan did have quite a lot of Yin Qi surging around her body, but not that thing haunting her.

At the same time, Lin Hao also found a subtle intervention of foreign forces in her body, it seemed that those people saw that they disliked this girl quite a lot and were not willing to give up the line yet.

The reason why Chen Yuan was in such a bad state was due to the invasion of Yin Qi. A girl’s Yin Qi was already heavy, and when she was tossed around like this, her mental state naturally deteriorated.

However, the other party obviously did not want her life and deliberately controlled it to a degree.